The Trade Power Review

The Trade Power Review Now that you trade in the Binary options trading nature using the account by default for several months, for example, has become a have a minimum of experience and having developed a method in trading depends on the particular method in the analysis of price movement and proved to you this way effectiveness of the results of a good process in the default account and for a relatively long period. It's now ready in principle to the actual trade in forex but you considered until now a new investor and still you lack the experience of expert investors, for this we dedicate this article to the most important tips and basic rules in forex, where the whole Investors are experts in the market that these basic rules in Forex help your success as a new investor and prolong your life in the forex market.

Applying the previous rules you specify the amount of money to trade him and you choose the brokerage firm and opened an account with them since the start of the microcosm now the real journey in the world of speculative stock exchange of international currencies.

Through practice that you have made in the previous period to become familiar with the good nature of the movement of exchange rates and thus became familiar with the nature of the risks in working in this field, how you can reduce these risks to the maximum extent possible?

There are a lot of The Trade Power Review rules that must be followed before and during the log in a transaction, including:

The first rule: Use a limit order of the loss.

The second rule: Do not lose more than 2 - 2.5% of your account in one transaction.

The third rule: relied on the analysis of entry and exit.

The fourth rule is: do not fall in a deal unlike mi price.

The fifth rule: do not trade at such times and conditions are not appropriate.

And we will explain in some detail the rules of extreme importance.

The first rule

Is used to reduce the loss

One of the main rules in the shops Ataraxia 7 Review alwayes trade with stops. We've talked on the page about the types of commands is to reduce the loss stop order and Pena basic rules in dealing with him, in fact, among all kinds of commands is ordered reduction of the loss is the most important and most necessary.


Because of the loss limit order is in the main line of defense to protect you.

Do not expect a true all the time. Has made ​​the effort required in the analysis, but the going is what makes the price movement begins in Maakcetk where you start to confront the loss teases you with every point by the price. This is nothing unexpected in a severe market volatility as a market currencies.

Here comes the role of the loss limit order, which will close the deal before they multiply your loss to a great extent.

Placing an order to reduce the loss before entering into a deal is one of the qualities shops professional, after analyzing the shops the price movement of a currency and decide on the basis of this analysis is to enter into a deal selling the mother of Hraoua will determine in advance the point that will close then the deal in case of loss prior to entering into the deal. that says, for example: "I think that the price of the euro will rise shortly after so Ataraxia 7 price as well, but if you did not rise as I expect, I Saglq the deal at a loss when the price as well", because the predetermination of the exit point loss Taqi stores from falling under the influence of psychological "in the hope of" Back Price later. And commitment so often is the difference between the stores successful and unsuccessful.

Ataraxia 7 Decipline and strict adherence with data analysis and ignore the psychological impact is one of the most important success factors in the speculative stock market and therefore one of the main reasons for the high income the material that comes with this success.

The second rule

Do not lose more than 5% of your account in a single transaction

When you decide to enter into a deal will determine the point at which it will enter a buyer or a seller of a currency. And will determine the point at which then emerge in the case of Axk price and suffered the loss.

The amount you can afford to lose in a transaction must be no more than 5% of your overall total.

What does this mean?

Suppose that you have a regular The Binary Redemption account by $10,000 and decided to enter into a deal, it means that you should be calculated price that will emerge in the case of loss will not exceed the loss that occurred for $ 500 which is equivalent to 5% of your overall total.

For example: if you have purchased a lot of £ 1 at a price of GBP / USD = 1.4500 on the basis that the price will rise shortly after Fine ordered will reduce the loss?

Will put him at a price of GBP / USD = 1.4450.

Thus, you define your loss at $ 500 USD which is equivalent to 5% of your account.

What if you bought 2 Lott?

If the price reaches GBP / USD = 1.4450 be your loss here $ 100 because you have 2 Lott and not 1 lot and this amount is equivalent to 10% of your account so you have two options: either closer to the point of exit in case of loss rate: GBP / USD = 1.4475 and either do not originally buy only one lot.

I have mentioned when talking about is the The Binary Redemption reduction of the loss that you can not put it very close to the rate logged in and 25 points are considered very close to the point of entry is not permissible if the put is the reduction of the loss at a price of 1.4475 is not left in front of you but do not buy more than Lott one.

If you find it difficult to understand the ideals former remember the following:

You know that the size of the loss depends on the number of points and lose on the size of contracts (croaker), who enters it. The greater the number of points you lose more than the amount that you lose $ 0.10 for every point in a regular account and $ 1 for every point in a mini account.

The greater the number of contracts purchased in a deal the greater the profit in the case of increased profit and loss in the case of loss. When you enter a deal that you put point loss so you will not lose in this deal more than 5% of your account.

On this basis, choose the number of The Binary Redemption contracts and the price at which something will reduce the loss of him. If your purchase for 2 Lott will make you lose more than 5% of your account do not buy the lot, but 2 Buy one lot. Though it would put the price at which he has ordered the reduction of the loss will make you lose more than 5% of your account - that occurred - you bring the price of the entry point more.

To be not less than the difference between the entry price and the price reduction of loss for 30 points as mentioned.

Why should I do that?

If you comply with this rule to force you not to rush in to buy large amounts of the contracts anticipation of a significant profit.

Yes, the purchase for 10 Lott will give you enormous profits that have ratified expectations, but in return you will cause serious losses that have not ratified expectations.

If you entered the large size of contracts has not ratified the expectations you lose all of your money will then be able to even get a chance to make up for what I lost.

But if he has committed not to lose more than 5% of your account, it means that he will remain in front of you the opportunity and wide to make up lost money and will protect your account in case suffered several successive losses.

The third rule

Do not enter in a deal unlike mi Price

Price mi friend shops The Binary Redemption Trend is your friend I mentioned in a page mi price that these rules a key Stsamaha much in the analysis of all financial markets.

It is often adhered to a significant cause of success.

How restrictive upon this rule?

That there is no interference in the deal, unlike the general trend of the price tendency.

How so?

When you analyze the chart for one of the currencies will be one of the most important goals is to identify the tendency for the price of this currency any general direction of the price movement of the currency.

Is the price of the currency is heading towards boarding up trend? Or downward down trend? Or that the price hardly changed side away?

When reached to answer this question by analyzing the chart in multiple time frames must be put in as a deal to enter in the direction of price and interfere reversed.

For example: if we assume that you reached that mile pound tends to rise. Ought to be all your transactions on the pound is buying the pound and not sell it. This is because the general trend is the rise of the pound even if the price per pound is currently declining at any moment will return to the height. So always make sure to enter a buyer for the fairy and not him as a salesman.

You if you sell the pound would be in your best interest to drop the price more and this tendency opposite to the price, which is in high probability of occurrence is less likelihood of ascension.

When the price of a currency mile rising tendency Uptrend sure to be a buyer for this currency.

When the price of a currency mile inclined downward Down trend sure to be a salesman for this currency.

Because the likelihood of continued price movement with the general trend is greater than the probability the general trend.

The obligation to enter into the direction of inclination trend is liable to make your trades more successful losers of your transactions, but said that this tendency is a friend of shops.

And what if the price mile either side of any side away is not bullish nor bearish?

Do not trade the currency in which you can not know whether upward or downward tendency.

If the currency in which the sequencing of a mile both sides wait to begin to determine the direction of the price movement up or down because the tendency Lateral means that the market is reluctant to raise or lower the value of the currency and demand equal supply, and usually it is because Aistmr long soon will determine the market trend is the movement currency.

And even determines the market trend, and do not wait to trade in the lateral inclination.

The fourth rule

Relied on the analysis of entry and exit

As we said, it is essential that they have reached in the analysis method has proven successful in the trading account and the default before the actual trading.

Van rely on "intuition" in your decisions when buying and selling will not only lead to loss after loss, even though the sincerity of this intuition in some cases.

Human nature imposed on shops falling prey to the psychological effects before and during the entry in the deal.

The most prominent psychological feelings facing shops are: Fear Fear and Greed Greed.

They are the enemies of most shops Agreement everyone!

Greed has paid shops to enter into a deal before they have studied the market in a rational manner and before analysis to prove the safety of the decision.

It may be a successful merchant in the deal, but it does not close the deal and get the profit greed for more profit, although the analysis alerts you to the need to close the deal immediately, what will be the result?

The result is that after becoming a loser that you are a winner. So simply!

The shops pays fear of entering into a deal despite the fact that all evidence indicates that her chart analysis confirms the integrity of the decision to enter.

May enter stores in the deal after a long analysis, but what even begin to enter price in fear to increase the loss to close the deal early on despite the loss of that analysis does not refer to the need to get out, what will be the result?

The result is that the price back in the direction of profit, even if a little bit of patience shops to become a winner instead of a loser to come out without unnecessary.

This is what we mean when we say that the need to rely on the analysis of entry and exit.

This is because the psychological effects are demonized enemies shops at all and that makes these feelings basis for buying and selling decisions for you is suicide in the field of speculation in the financial markets in general and in the currency market in particular.

What should I do?

Commit analysis when assure you technical analysis chart by knowing mi price support and resistance levels and through follow you for the data indicators and you compare all of this on more than one time frame, if concluded that the currency will rise do purchase it and if found it will fall then sell them apart from the "feelings" about it.

Do not run behind the hope of profit opportunities, but Mark opportunity come to you and let the analysis is to confirm that you do so.

And when they are logged in the deal and began indicators suggest to you that the price movement began to walk in the opposite direction you get out immediately, even if you "feel" that the price will return and walking in the direction profitable for you, as this feeling often is the result of conflicting feelings of fear and greed, not beaten Cruel grasp the future! .

In fact, the strict adherence to al Qaeda prior is not easy at all, we are human beings and we have difficulty separating feelings of fear and greed during the course of the deal, so we say the need to practice for the maximum amount of time because the practice is only able to train shops that focuses heard on what he says analysis and what not to say his own feelings.

The fifth rule

Do not trade in the circumstances and the times are not appropriate

Chart analysis and follow-up exchange rates require a lot of time and intellectual effort and patience.

If you were not fit physically, psychologically and intellectually, it is better for trading that do not trade on that day.

Do not trade and you sick or in the case of psychological or intellectual unnatural it may leads to incorrect decisions and hasty.

If you close the deal and losing it is better to leave the trade for a few hours so you can restore calm psychological and intellectual does not resort to the method "will not leave the trading day even redeem the lost!"

That may bring you more from the loss!

Because it may push you to enter into deals incautiously and impulsive.

Loss in trading in the stock market is a reality inevitably regardless of your abilities and experience.

No one can be expected to believe all the time.

And when you realize that the loss in trading is normal and is not inevitable price to be paid between now and then it helps you to accept this loss.

Lost today? You can not quite compensate for this loss tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Indeed, trading in currencies, full of opportunities and all we want is to take advantage of the one chance only.

Do not forget that this applies to all areas of the business as it applies to the stock market speculation, although his appearance was most prominent in the field of stock market and more obvious than others.

Yes .. You are not forced to open dealership in every day.

If you were not fit to trading, it is better to not offer to trade until you find the appropriate time and circumstance.

A final word

High volatility of the price movement of the currency market makes many opportunities and very dangerous at the same time.

The higher level of risk than the possibility of profit.

And dealing with a very sensitive market as a market currencies requires a lot of effort shops intellectual, psychological and requires patience and discipline to the fullest extent possible.

And to abide by the previous rules before entering into the field of actual trading and after entering it will enable you to be a winner most of the time and this is a very all traders seeking to profit in the financial markets work.


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