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Cash Software Review The balance of payments is the way used by the States in order to monitor all of the global financial operations during a certain period of time. Usually, the balance of payments is calculated in every quarter and every year. All trades are held by both the public and private sectors, are accounted for in the balance of payments in order to know the amount of money that enter and go out of the country. If the state had received money, this is considered an asset, and if the state paid money or gave money, the currency is considered an adversary. Technically, it should be the balance of payments is zero, meaning that the assets (balance) and liabilities (the opponent) must But in reality, this rarely happens, and so the balance of payments can tell the observer whether the state has a deficit or a surplus, and from any part of the economy that produces the difference.
Division of the balance of payments
The balance of payments is divided into three main categories: the current account and the capital account and the financial account. Among these three categories, there are sub-sections, each one responsible for a different type of international financial transactions.
Current Account
The current Cash Software account, which is a section of the balance of payments is used to determine the inflow and outflow of goods and service in the country. Returns on investments in both the public and private sectors, are the other intervention in the current account.
There is a current-account balances and discounts on trading goods, which include goods such as raw materials and manufactured goods that are purchased or sold or given in the form of aid. Services means the returns from tourism and transportation (such as taxes levied in Egypt when a ship crossing of the Suez Canal), and engineering services fees and business services (lawyers or management consulting, for example) and property of the copyright and property rights. When gathered together, the Cash Software Review and services constitute the trade balance of the country. The balance of trade in the country is the largest part of the balance of payments the state, where it constitutes the total exports and imports. If the state had a deficit in the trade balance, imports are greater than exports, and while it had a surplus in the trade balance, exports are greater than imports.
Returns from productive assets to enter any balance in the balance of payments such as shares (in the form of derivatives) are being recorded in other current account. The last element component of the current account is unilateral transfers, which are stocks that are mostly workers' remittances, which is a salary that is sent to the country by citizens who work abroad, in addition to foreign aid, which is obtained directly.
Capital account
Section II capital account of the balance of payments sections is the account that is registered with all the global capital transfers. And include the acquisition or disposal of non-financial assets (for example, physical assets such as land), and non-productive assets, which are needed for production, but they have not been produced, such as the mine used in the extraction of diamonds.
Capital account is divided into financial flow branching from exemptions on debt, and the transport of goods and financial assets by migrants leaving or entering the country, and fixed asset ownership transfer (assets, such as equipment used in the production process for the production of income) and the transfer of funds received from the sales or possession of fixed assets, and taxes on gifts or inheritance, death and taxes, in the end, non-insured damage to the fixed Cash Software assets.

Financial Account
In the financial account third and final section of the balance of payments, which are of documentation related to financial flows to invest in the business and real estate and stocks and bonds.
It also includes state-owned assets, such as the reserve of foreign currency and gold and special drawing rights owned by the State at the International Monetary Fund, and private assets held by the State abroad and foreign direct investments. Assets owned by foreigners, whether private or Cash Software official, are also recorded in the financial account.
Budget Law
Must be weighed against the current account and the capital and financial accounts together. To it, and as we mentioned earlier, this rarely happens. It also must be noted that, and with the volatile exchange rate, the change in the value of the funds it is possible to add to the difference in the balance of payments. When there is a deficit in the current account, which is the balance of trade deficit, the difference may be borrowed or financed by the capital account. If the Cash Software state owns fixed assets abroad, these amounts borrowed are recorded outflow on the capital account. However, the sale of such fixed assets is an internal flow on the current account (investment returns). And are thus financing the deficit in the current account.
When the state deficit in the current account, which is funded by the capital account, the state is already abandoning the fixed assets in return for more goods and services as much as possible to maintain the balance of payments equilibrium. If the state borrows money to finance its current account deficit, this internal such as the flow of foreign capital in the balance of payments will appear.
  Modifying the balance of payments is the liberalization of accounts
Height of the global financial transactions and trades in the late twentieth century, spurred by liberalization of the overall economy in many emerging countries. With the advent of the prosperity of the emerging market economy - and in which the flow of capital to these three times from US $ 50 million market to US $ 150 million from the end of the eighties to the crisis Cash Software doubled emerging countries have urged the lifting of restrictions on capital accounts and financial transactions of to take advantage of these capital flows, and this was the assistant to modify the balance of assets in the balance of payments.
Had a lot of these countries restrictive macroeconomic policies, which prevented foreign ownership legislation for financial and non-financial assets. As this legislation also limited the transfer of funds abroad. But liberalization of capital and financial Cash Software, led to the beginning of the growth markets, which has led to a more transparent and sophisticated market for investors, in addition to raising the foreign direct investments.
For example, investments in the form of new power plants will come back to the country greater openness to new technology and efficiency, and in the end will increase the gross national product of the country during the hearing of the largest Cash Software production rates. It is possible to edit that also reduces risk by allowing greater diversity in the different markets. Auto Mobile Code


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