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Wealth Organization Review Forex market is distinguished from other financial markets, two of two things, one is that it is not used as a vehicle financial traditionally. He was and is still - to the extent more utilitarian goal. In today's globalized economy, the majority of the business to be a kind of global presence, which creates the need for replacement of one currency for another in order to complete transactions.
For example, the Honda manufacturing vehicles in Japan and exported to the United States of America, where the American consumer has replaced petrodollars to buy a new Honda car. Must be that some of these funds back to Japan to pay wages of factory workers who manufacture the car, but must initially convert these dollars into Japanese yen, because this is the currency that earns its factory workers in Japan wages. The conduct of such transactions by international banks and is done by a mechanism known as "foreign exchange market" or "Forex". Since the Wealth Organization banks used to conduct international transactions such as this, it is natural to ask for fees for the service. These payments come in the form of the spread bet / request - where they are offered to buy the required currency at a little less than the asking price, and keep the difference. When taking into consideration that more than $ 3 billion is moved daily in the Forex markets, these fees may seem small combine to become huge sums.
Since the seventies of the last century, the majority of the major currencies in the world are (mostly) on the free-floating exchange method, so as to allow exchange rates to be determined based on market forces, which is supply and demand. We say "mostly" because there were some times where some of some countries, central banks had to intervene in the market to manipulate currency exchange rates through their sale or Wealth Organization purchase of large quantities of the currencies of their country, but it is natural that such things only happen in cases maximum. There are also other central banks choose to manage their currencies more rigorous manner, except that such banks are considered a minority in the contemporary world. Therefore, in most cases, the free-floating exchange in a way that allows the currencies fluctuate against each other more, and this is opening the door to the future for the movement of the currency rate expectations. Strong knowledge of the Forex markets, banks, and big capital level available to them, enabling them to be the first to speculate in the forex market, and increase their profits significantly this way. However, the consequences of non-commendable for this was the lack of liquidity Wealth Organization in some cases, and has not been able to complete some of the necessary transactions.
In order to solve this problem, banks have increased the number of participants in the market through the inclusion of non-bank entities, and thus get a large flow (cash distribution) in order to complete customer transactions, and also in order to make a profit from new participants and non-experts in the market . Was among inexperienced traders in Forex initially large cash funds (such as the famous) Quantum Fund, and include, but today even the local broker Forex.
Another unique feature of the Forex market is that the market directly, "table-top", meaning that there is no central initiative (such as the stock market) transactions take place. Instead, transactions are first class in the "internal interbank market", which is a variety of the largest central banks in the financial world, and that all of them have currency trading among themselves on the prices at which they agree upon. It may be difficult to know the way in this great maze, so intelligent in leading the development of "electronic brokerage system" EBS, to allow participants to see other prices accepted by the banks and other traders. As has been the development of a competitive system by "Reuters" (D2). Today is favoring one over the other often depending on the currency pair you want to trade him, as the Wealth Organization used in the habit with the euro / US dollar pairs, the US dollar / Japanese yen, the US dollar / Swiss franc, the euro / Swiss franc. While "Reuters DVD 2" is used for all other currencies in pairs. In 2006 ICAP acquired on EBS. Must be aware that while these services provide centralized combination of price information, they do not constitute a central exchange. Forex market and the market is still "on the table" dramatically.
The second layer is composed of the market from the smallest of the large global institutions parts. Such that the bank branch in the United States to deal with another branch of the same bank in Japan, for example. When going to the local bank branch and request the currency conversion, they will Wealth Organization price you do not exactly equal to the price of intermediate banks. And you can search for the best prices, and may be considered wise to do so, as the prices can vary dramatically from one bank to another.
The majority of brokers Forex (Forex Broker) Retail of the third layer, where they are usually dealing with a liquidity provider and one of the second layer. But this is not a permanent situation, where some retail brokers and offers direct access to several Fast Money Method liquidity, and in this they are themselves part of the second layer. This applies to "electronic communication networks" (ECNs), which are usually transferred directly to the individual traders banks and brokerage market. For more information on how the impact of these differences on individual traders, please read the Fast Money Method article "How it works and Forex brokers."


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