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Binary Wealth System Review By David Williams Is Binary Wealth System Software Scam Or Legit? Discover The Full Truth in My Honest Binary Wealth System Review.

The purpose behind Binary Wealth System is to simplify internal work in the foreign exchange market, and perhaps shed some light on the current situation, the Binary market in general, as well as to explain why there is a need for mediation Currency companies and how does these companies achieve their profits. More importantly, this article aims to provide some understanding of why we are speculators and traders in the forex market, we can and we must continue to speculation, despite the fact that the market is very volatile.


Let's start with the basic explanation, why the currency market originated and how they are used by its participants the key? And then we will continue to market structure, and how to interpret his work. In conclusion, we'll look at the implications of this and how the impact on speculators.

The foreign exchange market is not normally used as a means of investment, unlike other markets, such as those that trade stocks and bonds. While speculative play a smaller role, however important, the vast majority of Binary Wealth System trading offers primarily as a means to facilitate international trade transactions.
It can for example help to shed a little light on this matter. Suppose that there is a man in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, decided to buy a new car imported beautiful and shiny. Having decided that buys "Mitsubishi Eclipse", so it goes to the agent, "Mitsubishi" local, where it would be natural to pay for his car in Saudi Riyals or US Dollars. This is all well and good, but the Japanese workers in the factory, "Mitsubishi" in Japan, it is natural to want to be paid in local wages own currency, the Japanese yen. Somewhere along this process, it is necessary to transfer money from the Saudi riyal (or US dollar) from buying a car to the Japanese yen to pay the salaries of these workers.

If you think about this situation, multinational huge companies such as "HP", and the "Exxon Mobile" for chemicals, and "Microsoft" and "Quick Cash System" and "Sony" and "General Electric", and tens of thousands of other global smaller entities diffusion move almost every US dollar, Japanese Wayne, and euros, and pounds, SR and Brazilian, Russian rubles in addition to dozens of foreign currency that may not have heard about them, through foreign capital markets in one day. More than $ 2.3 trillion of currencies are traded, and this figure is expected to rise to $ 3 trillion in two years from now. It is not difficult then to understand to what extent does not constitute presence of speculators individuals make any sense in this fray.

The truth is that companies do not care (much) the differences and complexities in foreign currency exchange rates. Understanding in the business sector are interested primarily in providing products and sell them and make a profit through it.

Bank, as a central place to deposit cash company, is naturally an admin for companies trading in the foreign exchange market. Decades ago, it was just a phone call from a bank in one country to another bank in a different country. Banks that have an international presence is simply able to do the conversion from branch to branch.

Remember, the banks aim is to make money, just like any other business. So when the bank bought foreign currencies at a price, it is, of course, added a profit margin before selling it to another customer. He called margin (spread). For all intents and purposes, was and still is, a reasonable cost to some extent.

From the previous example, you get the Japanese company Mitsubishi Binary Wealth System payment for Eclipse, which is now able to pay for their workers who made the car. Said the owner of the car also, Mitsubishi happy and their workers happy as well. Banks that facilitated the transactions in foreign currency is also happy, because they got some little profit (spread) to complete this transaction, and for accepting the risks involved in dealing in foreign currencies.

One of the consequences of dealing in foreign exchange is that traders in the bank quickly developed the ability to predict the direction of exchange rates in the future. With a better understanding of how the market operates, the bank can give the customer a price adds to the (spread) the current, but it is actually waiting until he gets the best exchange rate. Thus, banks are able to increase net income significantly. There is one unfortunate result, however, is that the re-distribution method of liquidity made it impossible to complete some Insider John trades.

For this reason alone, the foreign exchange market needs to be available to non-bank participants. Of course, the banks want to be able to execute more orders in the foreign exchange market, which allows it to take advantage of inexperienced participants (who provided a better distribution of liquidity) which allowed them to carry out international exchange Pending orders to their Google Sniper 3.0 customers.

The structure of the forex market

We know now why there is the foreign exchange market, so let's look at how to complete the actual foreign exchange transactions.

At the top of the foreign exchange market positioned transactions dating to call transactions between the bank. "Dealings between the bank" (Anterbank) is not, as some might think, exchange operations only. It is a collection or compilation of the agreements between the major financial centers of the banks in the world.

For example (yes, another one) can make it easy to understand this thing that we call "transactions between banking market." In most major office or business, and maybe even in your own home, there may be many computers connected by a simple cable network. Now, every computer that is running independently until the moment comes where resources need to be, a program or a file from other computers. When this happens, the computer will (a) connect to your computer (b) or (c) or (d), etc., will be required to obtain a permit to access the required resources. If the owner or operator computer (b) authorizes it, and if your computer (b) works as it should, the desired file or program will be available for PC (a). Within minutes, the computer will request (a) have been met. The foreign exchange market works the same way; only replace the computer (a) and (b) the bank (a) and (b), and replaced the currency resources. You now have the perception of the relationships that exist within the interbank system.

Through the same vein, if you've tried one day to find the resources of the computer that is not connected to a computer network, you might know exactly what this process takes a long time, and the extent of inefficiency and how much can be stressful. Must look at every stand-alone computer until you find the resources you want, and then copied and downloaded to your computer. Currency Rates on private foreign exchange and inventory, the same issue exists within the interbank market system. If a bank in Taiwan trade deal with a company in Sao Paulo, they require to exchange. In this case, it can be difficult to determine the appropriate exchange rate between the New Taiwan dollar and Brazilian real. Because of such cases, the basis of all brokers Electronic Services (EBS) and Reuters services. For simplicity we'll reference to this service b (EBS).

Somehow, the EBS service acts as a lid over the links connected interbank. Through EBS service, joint User can see the extent of the currency availability, and price (prices) that other participants in preparing interbank system to pay. It is important to understand that the EBS does not in itself constitute a market as it is not a market maker. EBS mere application allows members to see the bank offers and bids from other members of the system.

The second level of the foreign exchange market is mainly within each bank. If you have connected to the branch of Citibank in your country, they can take steps to change your US dollar to any of the foreign currency of choice arrangements. In all likelihood, they will probably simply moving the desired currency from a bank branch to another branch. This is known as the microscopic exchange within the same party, so you're pretty much at their mercy in terms of match their price given to you with the foreign exchange rate. You can either accept their offer "generous" or shopping for the best price offer. Everyone working in the foreign exchange market should it consider visiting his bank, once at least, to get an idea of his shares of exchange operations. Certainly, it would be "useful" extremely, if not completely awful to see how these deals are profitable ... to your bank.

The third level is the retail market. Age-old exchange offices such as Binary Options, Oanda and FXCM, etc., or any broker wants a retail operation, first needs to find a liquidity provider. The vast majority of these forex brokers sign an agreement with one bank. The Bank hereby agrees to provide liquidity only under certain conditions: This is only if they can delay it at the same time at EBS, including the (spread) desired by them.

This is the (spread) will be highly competitive, because this size will be much larger than deal with any sponsor bank. Keep in mind, that the commercial banks aim to make money, and providers about the third level will never be able to keep up what is in the interbank system completely. Banks have the (spread) can not be because the agreement between them and any retailer to change the priorities.

Take it as a kind of retail Forex casino. Most of the participants have little information (or do not know anything) from trading in an effective and successful, and as expected, they are firm losers. To rackets forex feature that "playing at home" given that the system (spread) is inherent, and has the possibility of a normal distribution of the proceeds. What is produced is one system where the loser plays one against one winner and collects the (spread). If there is a lack of balance within the limits of the rules of procedure they have, the mediator may delay the deal with the liquidity provider of their second level.

Although this may not seem good, but there are significant advantages to speculators who work with them. Given that trading "internal", it offers many advantages, such as high volume margin on the small account, and the size of the contract is traditional, in addition to the transactions is withholdings (without charge), which can be made available, which may not be available through any other means.

ECN or electronic communications network works the same way banks of the second level, but they exist, though in the third level. Overall, the ECN will establish a liquidity agreement with the bank more than second-class banks. Instead of matching internal booking orders, they just pass through banks prices, because the latter in circulation waiting. You can consider it as EBS, of sorts, dedicated to young players. While there may be many advantages to this model, it is still not the interbank.

Understand this, banks will either reap the (spread) desired, or they will not even try to inconvenience themselves. Depending on market conditions and banks, this may take the form of shading or prices (spread) on a larger scale. For its efforts, ECN know each transaction pool.

Besides Tariff factor, there are other disadvantages need to be seen speculator before using ECN. For example, most of the exposure margin less and allow only the full trading units (Lott). Under special market conditions, the bank may withdraw liquidity, which may not allow speculators out of or access to sites Selected prices.

Mechanical Trade

Given that there are more than $ 2 trillion per day are being traded in the foreign exchange market, it's easy to believe that there will always be enough liquidity in the market to do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, the belief does not negate the fact that it should be for every Mstrfa market, there must be a seller, but it can not be any deal that occur. If there was a very large order to deal with the current prices, the prices should be passed on to the point where there is enough interest to cover the transaction. Every time you see them, even if the price moves one step, this is a sign that something has been handled or implementation, which was "consumed" interest located at the current price. Prices can not move in any other way.

As we discussed earlier, each bank included on the lists of e-service brokers (EBS) the amount of the price that is willing to perform certain transactions in a currency it. It is important to note that interbank subscribers do not have to enter into a deal if they feel it is not in their interest to do so. Remember, it is not any interbank "market makers" but only speculators and investors.

You may notice that there is a general open interests of different sizes at different prices. All of these units represents an end to one of the commands, and in this example, each unit represents a million dollars of currency.

Knowing this information, to move to a market sell order placed $ 38.4 million for, then the the (spread) immediately expand from 2.5 to 4.5 points, just as there are no orders between the price and the price of 1.56300 1.56345. The (spread) has not increased by any broker, bank or market maker, but a byproduct of normal, which is selling mode. Provided no additional orders, the the (spread) will continue to be so great. Fortunately, sometime, someone will see the price point between these two figures the perfect opportunity to incorporate it. Such an order either to consume (eliminates) interest or aggravated, the direction that will be taken will depend largely on whether this market is or is to determine, respectively.

You may wonder what might happen if the sale is $ 2 million after setting fraction of a second from placing an order recognize the $ 38.4 million is? This will be met at a price of 1.5630. You may ask why this is the "Undo"? Because no one was willing to take the other side of the transaction (1.56320). Not that there was a merchant who tries to cheat; again, it was just a byproduct of the flow of orders.

The most interesting question is what would happen if all the commands listed suddenly canceled? In this case, the (spread) to increase the degree to which will be available offers and bids. May be 5.8, 10, or even, for example, 100 points. And will expand to match whatever the difference between the purchase price and the offer price. No one comes to determine the (spread), but they just refused to engage in any transaction between the prices.

You can not impose the presence of something by force if he simply does not exist. Regardless of the market under examination, any broker is trying to create a transaction, it is almost impossible for both to avoid skidding and (spread), they are in the world of commerce is simply a fact of life.

The effects of speculators

Almottagarh often been justifiably described as a kind of zero-sum games. If the dealer "alpha" sell a commodity or an investment dealer "beta" then the price rises, the trader "Alpha" have just lost some money in the process. Nevertheless, if the investment rate has fallen, the trader "alpha" may profit from a trader error "beta."

Even in a large market such as the foreign exchange market, each transaction must be both buyer and seller, without exception, one of the participants lose money. Overall, this has nothing to do with respect to the participants in the world of forex trading. But there are certain situations can become important to a large extent, and one of these cases is a media event.

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about how, in some of the events exciting, it (or so it should be at least) be illegal, unethical, or even in some cases inherently evil mediator or the bank or any provider liquidity last to cancel or withdraw orders (which is more than the (spread)), or to the order of sliding to be implemented (as if this was what he wanted from the beginning) more than normal.
Cancellation of orders and gaffes occur for certain reasons unrelated at all with anyone trying to deceive everyone. Let's look at an example will help explain why these things occur.

Ahead of the release of the economic report, some traders usually enter in a deal (in any direction) in anticipation of the news. When it becomes imminent, the banks in the interbank market will pull or remove the speculation of their own orders for fear of significant losses. Technical traders also withdrawing orders, including that this is a common practice to avoid the news entirely. Big dealers, investment funds will already be placed in the direction of what the news or they would wait to decide who will depend on the outcome.

Where, then, will come liquidity necessary to keep the (spread) tight?

To move to the second level, the Bank will be ready to provide liquidity to retail brokers or ECN only if they can invest in the interbank site with the (spread) is required. If expansion (spread) interbank as a result of the low level of liquidity, the Bank will be forced to expand the (spread) to the players at a low price as well.

In the third level, the ECN barely pass on the bank offers, so Val (spread) will continue to expand for their customers. The retailer, which guarantees (spread) between 2 and 5 points only have created a large gap being can not convertibles total investment deals. In contrast, the fragmentation of the Mtagro (spread) variable can expand the (spread) to suit their own with banks, otherwise they will continue in this kind of fixed the problems experienced by the brokers (spread) hard.

Now, let's think about all of this for just a moment. What will happen if the number of what to what is expected of him that up did not arrive? Km from the merchants entrants in these locations to choose wrong, and who Christtajo out of this situation as soon as possible? How big dealers or investment funds will cancel at the same moment the big orders? How many retailers issued a "ride" orders (straddle)? How many of them will be waiting to hear about a mistake and do the implementation of their orders Capitalization?

However technical traders sitting on the parties, according to their mind would be foolish right place so that it will take the opposite direction of each of these commands?

The simple answer is that no one will be this foolish. Within 5 seconds out of the news, will be the market in one direction only, one way or another. This long strip that you see in the graphs is the cumulative total of the two prices - one just before the announcement of the news and the one after it. But there are many points in the gap between them.

So it should not be a surprise that the Glide happen at this particular time.


Each level of the foreign exchange market in terms of levels of distinct advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your priorities, you have to choose between the restrictions and limitations that can be accepted and those that can not. Although this goes without saying, but you can not always get everything you want.

If you only focus on the Glide and (spread), byproducts of the natural flow of commands, you are, for example, sterile track and miss out on yourself tremendous opportunities to take advantage of lapses real market. News, events and the media is not only one of the times when it sits a large number of participants in the direction is wrong, and then easy to achieve profits of stupidity.

If the Forex trader really wants to take profits to the next level, he should spend the time to focus on the best ways to determine these positions, and speculation objectively to exploit price which Sewoldouna inevitably move.

There is no argue that brokers foreign currency exchange offices are best friends speculators, but still can not do and provide an invaluable service, and their efforts need to compensate appropriately. By accepting broker forex as it is, and what it can provide, and learn how to work with him, and given the limits of the relationship between them, the trader can get a wealth of opportunities that can never imagine without them.


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