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Verified Trader Review Violent movement last Thursday, which resulted from the Swiss franc, which led to the loss of a lot of traders in the binary options trading who have had a short position on the currency. But, there are 3 things it was possible for these traders out and that could guarantee their survival deliberative accounts.

We need to start to make it clear what a modern, actually, and that caused the loss of a lot of money in order to identify potential treatments: the market is rapidly moving to the point that points stop losses have not been applied, and "slipped" in huge quantities, which resulted in the exit of trading conditions worse much anticipated . Traders who do not use stop loss points and found themselves unable to get out of the session for several minutes, at a loss of about 14% multiplied by lifting strongly that they were using. The majority of binary traders from individuals using the power of a real lift at 8 for at least 1, and that was to be sufficient to eliminate the full accounts.

What you could have done differently is held to prevent these losses? How can traders can do now to protect themselves from sudden losses and huge fluctuations in the market?

Use the points stopped guaranteed
We offer some of the Forex stopping points guaranteed. These points are offered for a fee, which means that you if you want to get the points guaranteed, you have to pay higher spreads or higher commission on trading. Usually, even at intervals of several years, the traders who use the points guaranteed to stop all trading will be their worst traders who use regular stop and points that may suffer a relapse. But, secured breakpoints provide protection annexation move "Black Swan" in the market.

There are no ads scheduled today for any high-impact on the euro or the dollar data. Day holiday in the United States, and thus is expected to be a relatively quiet day for the pair, especially around 13:00 London time.

Reduce Risk: reduce leverage
Provide the majority of Forex very high lifting power, but you do not use them. There brokers allow the size of positions by 1 penny per point. Professional traders tend to use the leverage of no more than 3: 1 and that at least avoid the loss of full accounts.

Wondered if the currency were at a huge surprise move
I must say, even if after the event, that there have been some warning against the Swiss franc will rise dramatically sudden sounds. This was the currency artificially weak by the Swiss central bank, and it was certainly that becomes a significantly strong immediately after the Verified Trader Review announcement abandoning the ceiling Pkhl clear policy.

Trading all the time points and a guaranteed stop raising rates too low may be difficult to individual traders. But it is possible to identify currencies that are prone to big moves after a few words from the central bank, and trading in these currencies, in particular with the points secured or very low lifting force stopped.

The only major global currency that is likely to coincide with this standard at the time of writing this article is the Japanese yen. The Japanese yen fell with the encouragement of the Japanese central bank. In the case of the Japanese yen suddenly announce that due to the fact that the decline has been far exceeded the limit and you should not continue, it is possible to become suddenly Qoayas and a very large size, although it certainly will not rise up to 14% by the Swiss franc.

It is possible that traders decide cautious trading currencies only with certain points guaranteed or very low lifting force stop, or even completely overcome these currencies. Unfortunately, the process of terrorist sudden and devastating in any major city if they are in a global financial Verified Trader Review center, with a weapon of mass destruction, is one of the things that can not be avoided cleverly. In any case, such events could have closed the Global Trading.


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