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Been doing a lot of things in Europe on low inflation, which has now become negative, and that it is possible to prove that hinder consumer demand. Explanation behind this concern is that if consumers are aware that the goods will become cheaper in charge within 6 months of the day, they will postpone spending plans until the price goes down. If enough of the people of this act, the argument says that consumer demand will be subdued. Since the main reason for the existence of the European Union is to work as a market and one of the 28 member states, the problem may be significant and cause an obstacle to growth. But this theory ignores the fact that the Western consumer directed largely to the "now" and mostly consumer goods purchases made through credit cards. If the Europeans were more economical, the card companies credit card and personal finance will be a future in front of them black. Western consumer based on instant gratification, and so it is unlikely that people will wait in order to provide some of the percentages on the price of something they need now.

It offers exciting contrast to look relaxed behavior that seems to be the Americans about deflation (short-term). Finally advertised numbers from the Department of Labor show that consumer prices fell 0.7% last month (January). Price now lower by 0.1% than it was a year ago (thus erased inflation, which has witnessed during the year 2014) describes a wise person such prices as stable.

The reason behind the price weakness is bearish for the price of oil costs. Oil prices fell by 18.7% in the United States during the month of January and in this case has been stripped down, then inflation is at 0.1%. Fed expects that inflation is improving in the months with the stability of oil prices. Cheaper energy costs will be good for consumers and the industry. Consumers will have more cash to spend as a result of fuel prices and less energy while production costs for the industry will decline as well.

Live Profits Review Weak or negative inflation means that there is no compelling reason for the central bank to raise interest rates, which is a mechanism to cool inflation. Perhaps it is probable that the narrowing of fiscal policy will be through other ways first.

Taking into account the sheer size of the currency market, and mix that contains it from the odds of between retailers, supporting the industry flourish. New Forex Inaugurates shops daily, and many of them spend most of the time and effort in trying to convince the new traders.

These brokers are trying to convince new traders profit abundant and wonderful, fast and but a fake, and they appoint a full team of marketing and writing to work on this illusion. The brokers have marketing teams of employees are professionals and know the best way to talk with new traders and access to their emotions and Thmishm to the idea of ​​collecting millions in a short time. The result, which occurs in 90% of cases, is that the trader ends up being that close their account in Forks, and lose its investment, while Realtor losing.

So, how to survive brokers away with it? And most importantly, is how to prevent falling into this trap?

The Forex market and undoubtedly Mmtlo brokers, and each of them offers performances to convince the dealer to open an account with him. There are, for example, companies such as Avafx Forex, which presents a huge bonus Forex traders on their deposits primary. Live Profits Review, for example, displays a reward of up to $ 1,200 on new traders, and certainly not everyone who opens an account with Live Profits gets a reward of $ 1,200, but rather only those who deposit of $ 10,000 and above. If you deposit less the amount, you will get great rewards depend on the value of the initial deposit, which I've done.

What we have said is the only example of the rewards offered to traders by Forex cool and very impressive, however, and as we have said previously, the market contains hundreds if not thousands of brokers, many of whom can not be relied upon as reliable the . What the trader to do before opening an account is very simple.

When someone decides to trade in Forex, should it be left to his feelings out. This applies of course to trade Tvsha, But, equally important, the important this is when you choose the right broker. The trader should think and say what he wants to find him in the broker, and then search for a Realtor who these specifications apply to him. The trader should not be fooled by ads resonant promises offered by brokers and others that. If a merchant looking for a good reward trade process starts with a certain capital, the merchant Find a Realtor who can provide this Live Profits Review service for him.

However, the most important thing here, is to know that the reward offered by the broker is a good addition, but it is essential and which already counts is the effectiveness of the broker and the extent of the ability to draw upon, and use. How is the level of customer service has? How is the trading platform has? And is providing all the advantages of trading that was looking for? Do they have a competitive differences? Do they take a commission? These are some of the many questions that should be on traders that before they choose a Realtor.

As should the new merchant that reads the comments on the Forex broker to help them get the answers to the questions that they have.

The free forex bonus that displays by many brokers should help in strengthening your decision, but should not be the only reason to choose a Realtor.

On the other hand, should not be misunderstood, because the rewards can be a wonderful thing. However, it is important that you have the sufficient capital to carry out trafficking in the currency market, and if you can get a 30% bonus on the amount that you check in, for example, this is not to be underestimated.

In conclusion, I recently conducted a referendum among many traders in Forex, you through it by asking, "What is the main type of offers Forex can Ihvzakm for the Opening of an account with a broker of Forex brokers?" And the answer is by everyone, with the exception of one or two, is that the reward offered by the broker comes in the second division after a power broker himself and the infrastructure that has power. And so must be the case, and to engage in the Forex market using reason instead of emotion will be a trader from a scientific decision and take more responsibility when selecting a broker in Forex. >>> GO HERE TO SEE LIVEPROFITS IN ACTION + $1000 BONUS NOW!


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