Renko Pip Scalper Review Is Renko Pip Scalper Software SCAM?

Renko Pip Scalper Review Is Renko Pip Scalper Software Scam Or Actually Works? Renko Pip Scalper Review & Bonus

Renko Pip Scalper Review Trading futures contracts in the foreign exchange market (forex market) means buying or selling a currency pair is dated in the future on the price to be agreed upon before the operation. Called the closing date of the transaction date of delivery. On this date, are the final settlement and the process is complete.

Sometimes called the date of the delivery value of history (Value Date).

Trading futures contracts differ from trading options ..

At the trading of options, you can decide if you would like to purchase or sell when it comes time specified date. You can also take a decision to complete the process (the deal) if they wish to do so.

- Review During trading futures contracts, you have already agreed to proceed with the completion of the transaction in the future. You can not withdraw.

What is the futures market?

Futures market is very complex work. The market is not limited to specific financial instruments such as currencies. As there are many other goods and products that can be traded future contracts. Trade in goods called "trade in goods".

Using some of the traders in the futures market to make the market opposite the center of the goods they own, and they are the act is aiming to reduce market risk in the event of price change. Called the process of opening the adverse centers to reduce risk by hedging (Hedging).

Some traders do not have the goods traded by futures contracts. The person who buys a future contract and hopes to reap profits at higher prices. While hoping the person who sell the futures contract to reap profits at low prices. Called the purchase and sale of futures contracts by the item does not have a "speculative."

Trading futures contracts as an investment:

It can be use futures contracts as an investment risk. It is important to understand the market before you invest in it. You have to know how much you can lose and decide if you would like to risk.

Does not fit the futures market all investors. Think about your goals and investment Decide if the futures market is best suited for you.

If you have available sources of investment and the right reasons to him, you think if you would like to take advice from a broker, or make decisions about your own investment.

You then compare different ways of trading and the best choice for you. When you decide to proceed, you'll also put some restrictions to control yourself during trading. And always remember, do not trade amounts can not afford to lose.

Day trading is a way of trading in foreign currencies. And usually open daily trading operations and close on the same Day-trading operations you can do as much as you want in the day. That's up to you.

It is possible to process daily trading last more than one day. And when you get this, the process will renew automatically at 10 pm GMT every night until the closing process. Will be charged when the renewal process versus saved for an additional 24 hours, and those fees will be calculated once a day when the renewal process. Fees will be met from the heat balance in your trading account, and in case there is not enough balance will be calculated on your credit card. In the absence of a credit card, it will be calculated from the heat balance when in the process of withdrawing from your account, which will be the amount you owe compared to hold the position of the amount that you are dragging fees deduction.

Day trading has become more common after that people are using the Internet has become more in trading. It is one of the foreign currency instruments (or products) provided by (Easy-Forex).

Make sure also to read the trading strongly leverage after this article.

Daily trading with (Easy-Forex):

Daily trading process include with (Easy-Forex) on four key steps:

Decided that the operation in foreign currency
Any process you want to do and decided to set up in your account, and online
Watch the process in your account
Closed process
Here's an example using the four steps in detail:

The first step: You decide to do in the process of foreign currency:

You think that the value of the US dollar will rise because you followed the market and believes that the rise is likely in the near future. I decided to buy the dollar before the rise and sell after the rise. Will profit in this way in the case of the US dollar has already risen.

Second step: the process decided that you want to do. Currency Renko Pip Scalper Review that you want to trade him. You can choose to trade the EUR / USD, and this means that you buy or sell the US dollar against the euro. Once the US dollar rises to the level you expect, shut down the operation. Then you get the euro against the US dollar over the amount that you have purchased.
Here's an example: Let's put aside the question of the difference: on the assumption that the EUR / USD rate is 1.2600, this would mean that one euro will cost US $ 1.2600. This also means that you will get the US $ 1.2600 if I sold one euro. If the value of the euro rose (rose price), and reached 1.2700, you will pay US $ 1.2700 to buy one euro (US dollar now less), so sale euro 1.2700 against the US dollar will get a US $ 1.2700 a profit of US $ 0.0100. In this example, assuming you bought 10,000 euros, and you've earned US $ 100. Requires the purchase of 10,000 euros US $ 100 only as deposit guarantee in case you are using the power lever 1: 100. So, in this hypothetical case, US $ 100 got a profit of $ 100. But, if the euro depreciated to 1.2500, it will be the US $ 100 has lost deposited.

But in real life, the market maker calculates the difference, which is the difference between the bid and ask price at any moment. The idea, though, is that the change in the exchange rate exceeds the value of the difference (which is between 3 to 5 points in the habit), which stores can make a profit.

Next thing to do is to decide the amount you want to trade him. You do not have to buy the full amount that you can use to trade strongly leverage. The most common is the power of leverage of 1: 100.

Then choose the amount you want to risk it by investment

You can determine the price of stop loss, and is the price at which your transaction will close automatically in case the market went the opposite of what you expect. While your process be open, you can change the price at any time. We are in (Easy-Forex) ask that determines the price of the stop loss is to ensure that you lose more than you'd like it. Not venturing more than they accept to lose.

Progress (Easy-Forex) Install the unique price, which you are installing the price for a short period of time that you need for a few seconds to think about your position in the property. That gives you more time to accept or reject the process provided.

When you have taken those previous decisions, you can press the button and acceptance will open process.

Step Three: Monitor your account

When you log into your account via the Internet at (Easy-Forex), you can look at the progress of your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gives you the opportunity to open and closure of operations or change the process at any time you want.

Step Four: You can choose to process the closure when it so decides.

If you've set the price for the stop loss and the process reached that price, automatically. Find some traders price stop loss as a good way to ensure that lose more than the limit, which. The process could also be closed automatically if you've set the price for a profit. You are not required to determine that price, but that does not mean that you are freed from the control of your positions on an ongoing basis.


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