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There are many traders are demanding services to help them predict the future trading prices in forex trading the forex market so as to achieve the ultimate goal behind investing in a Forex Trading profit.

In the beginning you have to avoid distant view of the market risk of the more distanced timeframe to predict, the greater the likelihood of error in the expectation that you should limit your expectations in the short and medium term, in order to increase the prediction accuracy. And often see the expectations in the currency market trade deal with over the long time between the months or years, but must be dealt with cautiously these expectations, there are many variables, which can appear and replenished constantly. The exchange rates are expected through the use of existing facts and information under certain variables, and analyzing and comparing information and variables that have been collected in the past and predict future movements based on past movements that have been through the same variables.

The prediction in forex trading market is very difficult, and proper expectation of 100% and 100% accurate is pure fantasy is a kind of myth. If you are learning forex so hard you'll see that the expectation remains that there are just as likely to fall into the field of mistakes.

The prediction by analysis

We mean the analysis is to study the price action for the past so that we can conclude the possibility of future direction. The future trend for the price of a currency does not come out all three possibilities (1) either he will rise Up word (2) or drop Down word. (3) will remain as it is or Sideline

Through the study of price movement for a period of the past we can expect for the potential top What if the price of the currency will rise or fall.

So practical experience has shown for decades can be expected movement of the future price of a commodity and a high degree of precision, and over the years and the accumulation of experience and studies in-depth experts Mathematics and Economics, became the analysis techniques on a high degree of reliability and accuracy indispensable for traffickers individuals or large financial institutions.

Forecasting through fundamental analysis

Many traders tend to anticipate events Forex Trading through the facts that they see in the news papers. Where they expect price movements through political and economic news and various events that appear on the world map. In fact, rely on true stories realism, it seems logical and convincing, traders to help predict, but there appear some news that may not taken interpret their impact on price movements accurately, leading to the loss of investor in this market and therefore rely on fundamental analysis alone is not enough because we must rely on other sources to help increase the accuracy of the conclusion and expectation.

Forecasting through Technical Analysis

The prediction from the information contained in the technical analysis, is very common among merchants, and rely on technical analysis in expectation of prices through to invoke certain technical models or certain theories in technical analysis, or by knowing the support and resistance points. But there is room to fall into mistakes It is not necessary that the price moves based on the particular model, it starts to move much like a certain model is expected merchant then that complements the price is driven by building on the form and then the price move may alter not follow the example of the form for the opposite therefore the trader's expectations. As for the support and resistance points are not fixed, but constantly changing.Binary Vault Review

You have to realize he is likely must make profit in light of the terrible loss of others because the plans and expectations vary between one person and another, Expectations are just projections. In the end, and in order to increase the accuracy of your expectations you have to make a combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis for the conclusions of the more sense the more numerous sources that you use in building your conclusion it increased the percentage of accuracy in forecasting and conclusion, always remember that no matter how increased prospect accuracy will remain there the likelihood of occurrence error.

Does not want to risk, he should not be traded originally

As far as the possibility of profit rate risk, currency prices are constantly changing and prices fluctuate all the time, which is highly vulnerable to economic and political conditions and sometimes Binary Vault Review unexpectedly.

This nature in the prices of currencies makes the sign of the price trend is not easy at all, as we have stated, the prices of currency movements daily rate ranges between 100-300 points up or down. If these points converted to physically against which you will find that this means huge sums day can you earn or lose. This depends on the health of your expectations


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