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Lucky 350 Review Below is a list of economic indicators used in the United States of America. But this does not mean that there are many others in the other major economies (such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.). In general, not just for digital index What are the important value, but also what was expected, and the expected impact of the relationship between the numbers and actually issued on the market.
Those huge indicators are being followed up by the majority of traders around the world. Can "quality" published data that vary with time. The index data is an important value that they represent new information, or led to conclusions that can not be reached from the reports or other data. And most importantly, what will be a very large value index that one could use to anticipate better future trend of the market.
Each indicator is given mark (high), (average) or (low) - according to the level of importance, though, that those levels can change with time.
Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) (high):
Issued by the Council of confidence, the last Thursday of each month at 10:00 am Eastern Time the United States, and covers the current month data.
Consumer Confidence Index study is based on a sample of 5,000 families and is considered one of the healthiest confidence indicators. The data behind the consumer confidence index reflects the image of the economy offering of new jobs, higher wages, and lowering interest rates, it increases our confidence in the strength of the economy and spending. Participants answer questions about their income, as they see market conditions and opportunities they see in increase their income. Confidence is scanned accurately by the federal treasury when determining interest rate. This indicator is a big market mover as private sector consumption represents two-thirds of the US economy is.
The consumer price index (CPI), primary (high):
Issued by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, on the 20th of every month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers data from the previous month.
The consumer price index is the most widely used indicators to measure inflation and is an indicator of the effectiveness of the government's economic policies. CPI is a basket of consumer goods (and services) that are followed up from one month to another (non-tax). The index of economic indicators is more follow-up and is a big market mover. High CPI indicates inflation. The main index (CPI except for food and energy, and are expenses that are prone to seasonal fluctuations) gives a more rigorous comparison of the general price index.
Unemployment Report (high):
Issued by the Ministry of Labour, on the first Thursday of each month, at 8:30 am ET, covers previous month data.
Data collected through the study of 375,000 companies and 60,000 for family. Reviewing the report: the number of working places of the newly established or canceled from the economy, Courier and average length of the work week in hours wage rate. This report is one of the most important economic releases, due to the fact that states with new information and as recent as it is, with the report of the new jobs in non-agricultural sector, it gives a good picture of the overall state of the economy. ).
This report also shows separately the different sectors (manufacturing, services, construction, exploration, public sector, etc.
The employment situation report (high):
Issued by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, on the first Friday of every month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
The employment situation is a monthly index report contains two main parts. The first part is the unemployment and new jobs created, where the report points to the unemployment rate and the change in it. The second part of the report indicates things like average weekly working hours and Courier income rate, and that the task of determining the scarcity of data in the labor market, and that are specified primarily for inflation. Office examines the work area 250 in the United States and covers almost all major industries. This indicator is definitely one of the most indicators follow-up by the financial markets, where it is often drives the market. Investors weigh the data published in the employment report. The report gives one of the best pictures about the health of the economy.
Federal Open Market Committee meeting: Announcement of interest rate (high)
Representatives of the US Federal bank meeting, held eight times a year. It publishes decision on key interest rate during each meeting (around 2:15 pm Eastern Time).
Federal (Federal Ministry of the Treasury of America) are responsible for US monetary policy management, control banks, providing services to government bodies and citizens, and to maintain the economic stability of the country. There are 12 federal region in the United States (each one consisting of several states), represented by the federal Committee Bmvudan. The interest rate on the currency is in practice the price of money. Whenever the interest rate on the currency rate rose, the more money to keep people in that currency, to buy them and in that way strengthen the value of the currency. This is a very important indicator affecting the rate of inflation and is a big market mover. There is a great importance to the declaration of the Federal Open Market Committee, the but- trading on the content of the meeting (and that are published two weeks after the meeting) is almost as important for market participants.
Gross domestic product (GDP) - (high):
Issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), on the last day of the quarter, at 8.30 am ET, and covers previous quarter data.
Published US Commerce Department's GDP in three formats: Advanced, preliminary, final. GDP is a measure of the total of the activities of the market, and is representing the cash value of all goods and services produced by the economy during a specific period. This includes consumption, purchases condemnation, investment, and trade balance. Can be a gross domestic product is the biggest indicator of the health of the economy in the country. And it is usually measured on an annual basis, but quarter-annual statistics are published, too. The Ministry of Commerce published "ahead of a report" on the last day of each quarter. And within a month, followed by "preliminary report" and then the "final report", published a month later. The latest figures for GDP have relatively high importance to the market. GDP refers to the speed of growth (or contraction) economy in the country.
Index Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the manufacturing index (high):
Issued by the Institute for Supply Management, on the first business day of the month, at 10:00 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
Built-manufacturing report from the Institute for Supply Management business on the basis of data collected from monthly to the questions that you ask to purchasing managers in more than 400 industrial company answers. And it reflects the complex mediation of five economic areas (new customer orders by 30%, manufacturing 25%, employment by 20%, resource requests by 15%, warehouse inventory by 10%). Any data above the 50-point expansion of economic activities and data under 50 points shows show contraction.
Michigan consumer confidence index (MCSI) - (high):
Issued by the University of Michigan, in the first of every month, and covers previous month data.
And is the study of consumer confidence by the University of Michigan. This indicator becomes more useful to investors, because it gives a picture of whether consumers are interested in spending or not.
New jobs in the non-agricultural sector change (NFP) - (high):
Issued by the Ministry of Labour, on the first Friday of every month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
Of data intended to represent changes in the total number of American wage earners in any field of work, with the exception of the following sectors:
- Civil servants prosecutors
- Employees who work from their homes
- The staff at the charity organizations that provide assistance to individuals
- Agricultural Employees
The new non-farm jobs about 80% of the workers who produce the GDP of the United States and is used to help makers of government and economic policy in determining the current state of the economy and predict future levels of economic activity. It's a big market mover for a reason and is a major deviations in high expectations.
Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) - (high):
Issued by the Institute for Supply Management, on the first business day of each month, at 10:00 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
PMI is based on five indicators include: a composite index of new orders, inventory levels, warehouse, production, supplier delivery, and employment environment. Including the weight of each indicator and various data is adjusted according to seasonal factors. Managers Union is considering purchases 300 Purchasing Manager around the country and representing 20 different industrial sector. PMI number above 50 indicates that the manufacturing expansion, while any number below 50 means that the industry is shrinking. PMI report is very important for financial markets index because the best indicator of the level of production factories. The index contributes to the detection of inflationary pressure in addition to the economic activity of manufacturing. PMI is not as strong PPI in detecting inflation, but because the data and issued the day after the end of the month shall be so relatively recently. If the PMI report showed no change is expected, followed by Fbadh quick reaction in the market. A key area in particular and in the report is the growth of new orders, and which is expected manufacturing activity in future months.
Retail sales data, retail sales without cars (high):
Issued by the Census Bureau, on 12 of each month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
Retail sales are a key driving force for the US economy, and follows the index of goods sold by companies in the retail sector. This indicator measures the total consumer spending on retail sales (excluding service costs). Retail revenues constitute the major part (two-thirds) of the US economy. Census Bureau examines hundreds of companies and multiple sizes institutions that offer some sort of retail. The data in each month version to show the percentage change from the previous month's data. A negative number indicates the decline in sales from the previous month's sales. The index is a big market mover because it is used as a measure of activity and consumer confidence as the high sales refer to an increase in economic activity. Very recent data is because retail sales data are issued within two weeks of the previous month.
Tankan study (high):
Issued by the Central Bank of Japan (BOJ), four times a year in the months of April, July, October and mid-December, at 10:50 at night GMT.
Economic study on Japanese business issued by the Japanese central bank, and who use their then in the formulation of monetary policy. The study covers thousands of Japanese companies with a specified minimum capital, in spite of the introduction of the institutions are considered influential enough also in the study. Is a question about public-oriented companies and the conditions in the business environment and industries as well as their expectations about the business activities in the quarter and the year following the year. A key driver of the market is for currency pairs with the yen.
The head of the international treasury capital (TIC) data on long-term securities (high):
Issued by the Treasury Department, about 12 working day of each month, at 9:00 Eastern Time, and covers the data before the previous month.
Give the head of the international treasury money Data Information about the most important way of the United States funded continuing deficit in the trade balance: and are selling long-term securities of foreign governments, export or religion. It is important to remember that there are other ways to finance the deficit: and is borrowing from foreign banks or attracting net foreign direct investment flows. But as foreign direct investment flows has been negative and bank flows have tended to small, most of the funding needed by the US government had come from the sale of long-term securities of foreign governments. The head of the international treasury money data are a good measure of the extent of the international investment community's confidence as a country. This indicator is a big market mover is.
Trade Balance (high):
Issued by the Ministry of Commerce, in the second week of each month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers the data before the previous month.
It is the largest component of the balance of payments of any country. Trade Balance measures the difference between the value of goods and services produced by a country and the value of goods and services imported. The country has a trade deficit if it imports more than it exported, and the reverse scenario lead to a trade surplus. This indicator is a very big market mover.
Advanced Beige index (gray book) (Low):
Issued by the Federal Reserve, on Wednesday before a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, eight times a year, at 2:15 pm ET.
Beige Facebook user is a general term for the Fed report entitled "Summary comment on current economic conditions from the Federal Reserve Almqataa". Published just before the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on interest rates and is used to inform its members of changes in the economy since the previous meeting. This report is published eight times a year. Facebook is not considered Beige large engine market. It is a measure of the strength of the economy and not the comments of the views of members of the Federal Commission. It can sometimes move markets if the results indicate a big surprise about what analysts had expected.
Employment cost index (ECI) - (Low):
Issued by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the last Thursday of the month in April, July, November and January, at 8:30 Eastern Time, and covers previous quarter data.
Employment cost index tracks the movement of labor costs, which include wages, fringes benefits, and bonuses for employees at all levels of the companies. Taught Labour Office 3000 Foundation in the private sector and 500 local government, schools and other bodies in the public sector. This is not considered a very important indicator, but it is within a select group of indicators that have enough power to move the markets, especially during times of inflation. The idea behind the employment cost index that as long as there was an increase in wage pressure there shall be pressure on inflation. And for the reason that major compensation tends to increase before the companies increase prices for consumers (inflation).
Personal consumption expenditure index (PCE) - (Low):
Issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the last day of each month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
PCE index is a report on changes in the price of consumer goods and services, and a report is easy to expect and has little effect on the markets. The core to the index, ie, without energy and food prices, it is estimated the inflationary trend more precisely.
Monthly Budget Report (average): Ancient Secrets of Kings
Monthly report issued by the US government (Treasury Department), or the inability of the monthly budget surplus appears.
Deficit / surplus affects the level of versions of treasury bonds from the US government, as well as on the level of prices. In addition, this report reflects the tax collected by the government, and are evidence of the level of economic activity level. And on this account, it considered the report of the month of April (the month of the annual transfer of taxes) is more important for the rest of the monthly Ancient Secrets of Kings reports.
The composite index of leading indicators (average):
Issued by the Conference Board, about the history of 20 of every month, at 10:00 ET.
And is an index used to predict the direction of the economy moves in the following months. The index consists of 10 economic vehicles, which tend to variations previously general changes to the economy. These compounds include:
Average weekly working hours for manufacturing workers
The average number of initial applications for unemployment insurance
The value of new orders to manufacturers for consumer goods and materials
Delivery of the new merchandise to vendors from suppliers speed
New applications for key industries linked to the value of non-defense
The value of new building permits for residential buildings
Standard and Poor's 500 index
Money supply (M2) according to the rate of inflation
The difference between short interest rates and long-term
Consumer confidence
Given the composite index of leading indicators in the light of the business cycle and general economic conditions, investors and companies to configure expectations about what will come, and make informed decisions better. Ancient Secrets of Kings The index has medium importance, as the compounds already known at the time of publication.
Current trading account (average):
Issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), quarterly, after about six weeks of the end of the quarter.
Is the difference between total exports of goods, services, and transfers of a country and between total imports of them. The balance of accounts do not include the current account operations in financial assets and liabilities. The current account continues as an indicator of the level of public-oriented foreign trade and therefore is considered a big market mover.
Durable Goods (average):
Issued by the Bureau of Statistics, in the fourth week of each month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month Ancient Secrets of Kings data.
Durable Goods Orders measures new orders that have been developed with domestic manufacturers for immediate and future delivery of durable goods. Know my perennials as a commodity will remain for a long time (more than three years) during which extends its services. Usually associated with rising durable goods orders and strong economic activity that this can lead to a high rate of interest on short-term that is often supportive of the currency, in the short term at least.
Deflation factor in GDP (average):
Issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the last day of the quarter, at 8.30 am ET, and covers previous quarter data.
Price contraction in GDP factor appears as the adoption of the change in the gross domestic product for the year studied the changes in the price level. And also known as "implicit price contraction in gross domestic worker". And because it is not based on a fixed basket of goods and services, be for this indicator feature on the consumer price index (CPI). Ancient Secrets of Kings Changes reflected in consumption patterns or provide goods and new services automatically deflation factor. For this data medium importance in the markets.
Reconstruction began (average):
Issued by the Census Bureau, about the middle of each month, at 8:30 am Eastern Time, and covers previous month data.
This economic indicator tracks the number of houses or buildings for individual families, which were created during the month. For the study every house and every individual apartment is considered as one began reconstruction. This indicator is not a big market mover, but the reports submitted by the US Census Bureau indicate that the reconstruction industry accounts for more than 25% of invested and 5% of the value of the overall economy of dollars. The reconstruction began of the key indicators, which means that it follows the general trend of the future economy. Reconstruction began to decline shows a slowdown in the economy, while growing can start reconstruction that the economy emerges from recession.
Industrial production capacity, utilization of production (average):
Issued by the Federal Reserve, in the middle of each month, at 9:15 am ET, and covers previous month data.
And is a measure of the weight of the likelihood of change in the production of factories, mines and power companies and water for the country as well as to measure the amount of industrial capacity and exploit the available sources (more commonly take advantage of production capacity). It gives the capacity utilization index also estimate the size of the capacity utilization of factories. It is important indicators, where the industrial sector is a quarter of the economy.
Initial jobless claims (average)


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