Millionaire Dream Review Is Millionaire Dream Software Scam Or Legit?

Millionaire Dream Review Is Millionaire Dream Software Scam Or Legit? Stop Read My Honest Millionaire Dream Review Until Download It

Millionaire Dream While price rises and falls on the charts, it faces "barriers" along the way. If you work as a platform barrier and keeping the price of landing more, it is known in trading terms as the support. When running a ceiling and stands in the way of moves up, it is called resistance

What causes support and resistance?

When the price moves up, it means that the number of people who buy more than those who sell. These bulls eventually need to take their profits. Similarly, the bears who are waiting on the wings and looking for an opportunity to enter a short position, it is likely to do so when the price rises more. When overcomes in the end the number of buyers to sellers, resistance level is formed (as shown in the illustration above when Reserve price 1.4862).

Similarly, when the price falls, there are more resellers than buyers. Vendors will need in the end to cover short positions and take profit. Similarly, if there are bulls waiting to buy, the more the price dropped, it became more tempting for them to enter into new long positions. In the end, the number of buyers will overcome the number of sellers, creating a Millionaire Dream support level.

Because many traders use pending orders set at a certain level, it is likely that the same level works as a support or resistance many times even be exceeded in the end (as shown in the example above with the approach of 1.4848 for the second time, to test it now as a support).

There could be different support and resistance at any given time levels, and rolling Hakim trying to be familiar with as many of them as possible so as not to fall into the trap sudden reversal. As the price for each of these levels, it will either overtake and move to the next level, or it will backfire and reflects the same.

Moving Averages (MAs)

You can specify additional levels of support and resistance potential by drawing moving averages. The moving average is simply a line chart reflects the average value of a series of periods.

There are many different types of moving averages. Most of the average closing price, although it may sometimes be calculated based on the rise or decline in the current account averaging periods.

When being planned value is a direct medium without any amendments, we are referring to simple moving average. A blue line in the chart above simple moving average for the period of 21 (21 SMA). In any specific period, reflect the value of the average closing prices of the previous 21 candles.

Because the blue line is the average, it is inherently slow to respond to sudden movements in price. The red line in the chart above is an exponential moving average for the same periods of 21 (21 EMA). Here, there is a greater value placed on the most recent candles. As you can see, it responds a little faster for each of the sudden drop in price, as well as the rise that followed. It may be for each of the types advantages and disadvantages, according to the situation.

As shown in the example above, it can moving averages such as levels of support and resistance work when approaching the price of them. But unlike the usual support and resistance levels, they do not remain at a constant level and one may also move on your chart.

Moving Averages common strategies

People use moving averages in many ways. Traders will often come to see if what price is trading above the moving average or below to determine whether they were bulls or bears (especially in the longer time frame).

While approaching the Millionaire Dream price of moving average, traders are looking closely to see whether the rebound away from him or beyond that barrier, as is the case with any level of support and resistance to another. While the price moves away from the moving average, trading becomes more serious where it is believed that the price at the "contrast" (as the moving average is still an average, logic suggests that it will meet in the end with the price at the same level).

Some people also used various excesses moving averages repeatedly over each other to refer to the entry and exit.

Moving forward

It includes advanced tools that may help us identify other potential Millionaire Dream support coaxial declines and Fibonacci extensions points and resistance levels. The common factor among all support and resistance levels is the possibility of overtaking or bounce when price to reach them, and this explains the feasibility of awareness.

Trends and trendlines

There are three points can move in directions: up, down and to the sides. And knows the upside that includes more high prices rise and more low-price rise. Similarly, the bearishness is defined as to include more high prices decline and more low-price decline. When the moving direction on both sides, is said to be in the price range.

Trends are creating lines draw lines up support levels higher prices, along with lower prices decline or resistance levels. As described in the examples of the bullishness and bearishness above, the high and low prices are used to determine support and resistance.

It is through the delivery of higher prices and extending the previous line, traders can get an idea about where you are likely to be the resistance in the future. You can estimate future levels of support by connecting the previous low prices.

As long as the price continued to adhere to these levels, we can trade within a range. This is subject to the condition that we remain aware of the levels of support and other resistance that may be present within the range. The same trends lines become additional support and resistance levels.

When the price exceeds the support and resistance specified by the trend line Millionaire Dream levels, we do look for trading in the same direction as the overtaking. Even so, it is because 81% of all the excesses of abuses are false, there is a need to be cautious and to take an additional step is required to confirm it.

Avoid false excesses: the retest

When the price drops below the trend line was working as support, it will usually be back again to test the same level again - which is at this time the resistance level. The best short entries are not carried out the initial overtaking, but in the second to move to the downside, after "re-test" of the level in question.

Successful re-test known as body candle closing outside that level. In the example below, we can see that the price exceeded below the support, and the failure in the first re-test as resistance, then continued success in the second attempt. This pattern is also known as the "farewell kiss".

The same scenario can be reversed when price breaks above the trend line of what he had previously worked as resistance. In this case, we look for the same trend line, which will be re-tested as support prior to entering into a long position.

Exceeded the trend line system

It can be formed simply a simpler trading systems through the use of lines directions. On the upside, we deliver lower levels of objects candles. If we were in the center of long ago, we are looking for the exit of the trading price exceeded once in the direction of the landing. If we were at this time absent from certain trading, we may think about entering into a short position at this point.

Similarly, we are in the downward trend we deliver the highest levels objects candles. If we were in a short position before, we are looking for the exit of the trading price exceeded once in the direction of climb. If we did not have entered a trading post, they think about entering into a long position at this point.


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