The Money Matrix Review Is The Money Matrix Scam Or Legit?

The Money Matrix Review Is The Money Matrix Scam Or Legit? Read The Honest Truth in My The Money Matrix Review and Bonus

Hedge or what is known in the hedge order or protection, are all terms have the same meaning in the forex trading market, he commanded the hedge is to open opposite deal open to a deal, whether the process of selling or buying new for the same currency pair, for example, if we had a deal to buy a pair Eurodollar process is Hedge Hedge means to open a new deal to sell the euro dollar pair. In order to protect the deal of the risk of changes in prices and secure from potential losses that may be in circulation

Why resort to hedge ordered (Hedge)?

The hedging opportunity to compensate, if you have a deal and can not determine the direction of the market, you would resort to this process in order to minimize losses and protect profits, has been resorting to hedging also in case you have a deal on a particular currency pair and there are news may affect your position in a negative light, you will open the opposite deal for the same currency pair to safeguard and secure your deal of loss, and after the issuance of the news and the market will move to close the hedging your position and this is not affected by whatever the movement of the market because you will always be in equilibrium.

Hedging is a strategy (Hedge)

The hedging successful strategy for many traders For example, if you have a short position on a pair of $ Alaaurer predicted a strong movement of the market, you will be using a hedging operation for the pair any buy a pair of $ euro, if the pair went to the rise of a certain level, you will close the profitable deal waiting for landing The pair begin to decrease loss in the sale of my first, and will bring total, an increase in the profit of the purchase deal that you made when you use the Hedge because profit more than your loss in the process of the first sale. And this process may be moved away from the risk that you do not expect.

And the process may look easy, but they need to be careful study of the process of closing Winning trades While the process you reduce the losses you are also effectively reduce the process of the profits in the case of market orientation as you want. This process will need to look at the market moves to determine the levels of closure, if the market remained in a certain direction and did not bounce price, the loss will increase and thus worsen these losses.

Micro and macro hedging

Partial hedging means protecting part of the deal or a certain size of which we process any sale or purchase of an inverse part of the deal only for the same currency pair, the total hedging is full protection of the deal to purchase or sell contracts equal to the same currency pair ..

Hedge ordered (Hedge)? Or stop-loss

Hedging is a double-edged sword which is good for those fluent in dealing with him, there are professional people who use it, he needs to good management and accurate study, and is heading rolling to the use of hedging in the absence of the theme of the market trend, but if it turned its direction it turns into a path loss as he tries to rolling achieve overall a good profit to cover the loss. Unlike the stop loss order which stop it at the price at which we identify, and some traders it is that the deal protection comes from the use of hedging a substitute for the stop-loss order, but there is the possibility of more flexible market moves contrary to the expected direction.


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