Auto Profits Trades Review Is Auto Profits Trades Software Scam Or Legit?

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Back Forex history (the currency market foreign) to 1944 m; where the world has seen economic decline is unprecedented as a result of the Second World War, which led to the recession markets and reduce trade movement, have these events and the results have contributed to the movement of the international economic community to rescue the global economy, has These moves represented in a conference in Bretton Woods in the United States, which resulted in the conclusion of the so-called "Bretton Woods Agreement".
Bretton Woods agreement .. The first chapter of the history of Forex
Written down the Bretton Woods agreement the first chapter of the history of Forex; where represent the first nucleus of the Forex market, which then grew to become one of the largest and most global markets. As a result of this Convention three results played an important role in the genesis of the forex market, are:
1. Install the US dollar's exchange rate against gold equal to $ 35 per ounce of gold.
2. Install currency rates against the US dollar, while allowing for the value of the currency change to rise or fall by no more than 1% of the fixed value, in the case exceeded this percentage, are entitled to the state - represented by the central bank - to intervene to restore the currency to its natural scope.
3. Establishment of the International Monetary Fund in order to regulate the purchase and sale of currencies and to facilitate the payment of foreign currency operations between countries.
The collapse of the Bretton Woods system and a new chapter in the history of Forex
1971 saw the collapse of the Bretton Woods system that occurred because of fluctuations in the dollar exchange resulting from the financing of the US president, "Johnson" to the Vietnam War price; resulting in a lack of confidence in the dollar and the injury of the US economy in the killing. Has been generated by this crisis, a sharp wave of negative reactions Convention, direction, and began to think of an alternative to the system of fixed exchange rates to be able to cope with the different economic conditions. After US President "Nixon" victory in 1971 has uninstall the dollar against gold system, and therefore canceled the install exchange rates against the dollar, which led to the collapse of the Bretton Woods system.
Float the currency rate and the evolution of the forex market
After the collapse of Auto Profits Trades Software system of many countries resorted to floating exchange rate regime (ie exchange rate is subject to rates of supply and demand), but with the possibility of retaining the intervention of central banks to rescue the currency in the case against the state-driven economy.
As a result, the currency value determined according to supply and demand and become dependent on the state and the level of economic growth based her. These actions have led to the emergence of a new type of investors in the eighties called "speculative investors"; where they benefit from changes in foreign exchange rate against the other in the speculative name, and at that time the trade was limited to the business, banks and funds major investment, but by the In 1996 it appeared the so-called "retail brokers" in the forex market and they are buying the currency in large amounts and then are dividing them to customers. These intermediaries be displayed on the occurrence of a historic shift in the forex market has contributed; where this shift has contributed to the emergence of small investment firms and speculators individuals and enrich the global trading activity; where he found these new arrivals in the currency market for the safe and appropriate Auto Profits Trades Review resort.
This was About Forex history and its origins and evolution, and how it has become in a few years from the world's largest and most profitable markets for investors.


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