Peak Profits Formula Review Is Software Scam Or Legit?

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There is a close relationship between the price of oil and the value of the US dollar, this relationship is characterized as being counterproductive; that is, the greater the price of oil fell US dollar, and returns the mystery of this thorny relationship to the US dollar oil pricing and the full reliance on this currency in the import and export of oil, and therefore generated this relevant. Thus, we have demonstrated the reasons for the collapse of the US dollar in some cases are those periods in which US oil imports rise, leading to the injury of the balance of payments deficit as a natural result of higher imports and lower exports value to them.
There is no solution for the abolition of this close link between the price of oil and the value of the US dollar, but by following the two actions are both next to impossible, namely: the adoption of another currency is the US dollar for pricing oil or a decline in US oil consumption rate, where any possible methods to mitigate this interdependence, however very difficult to implement it on the ground.
The reasons for the relationship between oil and the US dollar
There are some facts that led to the adoption of this relationship, the first of these facts - as we mentioned before - is the US dollar pricing of oil, although there are some states that require dealing in euros with respect to the oil transactions, but that does not mean that the official pricing has been Euro. One of the important factors that confirm this relationship is that the US dollar is the currency used in each industry, such as oil refining and the cost of the tools and all the supplies needed for the industry's own administrative processes and then also be treated in the same currency trading. And thus become our intuitive result is that the US dollar to fall exhibition at times when the trade balance deficit infected.
What happens if the US dollar fell against the oil?
The obvious consequence of this is the high price of oil due to higher demand for it, because the height of the demand to the devaluation of the dollar and its availability easily in the hands of the oil investors, so this Peak Profits Formula dollar liquidity to allow the maximum amount of oil purchased and thus demand for oil rises, but that this effect manifested at two levels: short-term and long-term impact effect.
The impact of depreciation of the dollar in the short term
Value of the dollar lower in the short term lead to increased speculation in the oil markets due to the high demand for the commodity (oil), and the most important reasons for this increase in demand is the lower interest rate resulting from the depreciation of the dollar, in addition to some reasons such as the financial crisis that occurred in Late in 2008, which led to the Peak Profits Formula famous real estate bet crisis which led to the reluctance of investors for real estate, banks, real estate markets and the trend strongly to speculation in the oil markets blockbuster.
Peak Profits Formula
The impact of depreciation of the dollar over the long term
The depreciation of the US dollar's value over the long term is a new economic behaviors in the world; where this decline leads to the production capacity declined due to reduced investment and weak purchasing power. On the other hand, the availability of dollar liquidity leads to higher oil prices in the countries that surpass the value of its currency rates on the US dollar because of the cheap oil for these countries in this case, for example, if the euro is equal to one dollar, and oil was $ 100 price, the required Here is 100 euros, but if the dollar fell and the euro became the equivalent of $ 2 with the installation of the Peak Profits Formula price of oil, the only required then 50 euros. In another context, the falling dollar has increased the cost of foreign tourism to the American citizen which led him to spend vacations in America, leading to more consumption of gasoline, and thus also lead to a decline in the dollar increased demand for oil indirectly.
Thus it is clear the strong relationship between the price of oil and the value of the US dollar, he said, referring to one of the most important control over the US dollar price of the factors which is an important indicator of the Forex trader who is keen on continuing dollar price control, and thus also shows him the importance of monitoring oil prices as a behavior indicative help him easy to predict the future value of the dollar.


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