Verified Profits System Reviews Is Scam Or Legit?

Verified Profits System Reviews Is Scam Or Legit? Is Verified Profits System A Scam? Read My Verified Profits System Reviews Before Invest in It /
Since most of the forex market traders use fundamental analysis in their trading strategies planning, the good news about the housing index, which is being developed now find an echo widely in the industry. So far, the most widely used indicator of housing by Forex traders to predict future movements in the currency exchange rate is the home S & P / Case-Stiller price index. This indicator is monitoring price movements and changes in the housing market in about 20 metropolitan areas across the country. The index measures the average price change in a property re-sold in these regions involved in the index calculation. These indicators are published, but with a time lag of two months. New housing index (IAS360) was developed by a company based in the state of Denver to give a different image and for more extensive changes in house prices in the US market.
IAS360 index details

IAS360 housing index addresses some of the weaknesses inherent in the homes S & P / Case-Stiller price index. This new index will analyze changes in housing trends deeper and broader level (360 Province with 30 index are reporting them). This extended from the real situation picture becomes very useful, especially in times of recession because they give clues about the interview moves in emerging markets. For example, when you use a housing index Verified Profits, some markets that have not been analyzed by other indicators along the lines of S & P / Case-Stiller actually growing, which may in turn indicates the renewed growth may support the market in general may appear something that would have been ignored by housing indicators, which are limited.

Average selling price

IAS360 index analyzes the data based on the average selling price while other indicators to analyze the data based on the average selling prices. Way medium selling prices (take East price between the upper and lower prices), which gives a more realistic way than the average sales price image because they do not care about the upper and lower values ​​for the prices of homes sold.

Release of the report in a timely manner

Issue reports in a timely manner is crucial in identifying trends and then inform investors of when they can invest in these markets. Unlike the time retardation who is two months with the S & P / Case-Stiller index (eg numbers May be issued in the last of July week), the Verified Profits index numbers are released with a time lag of one month (for example numbers May be issued at the beginning of July). With the release of the report in early, it will be more appropriate and gives the opportunity for the investor to make better trading decisions.

Fundamental analysis or market analysis based on economic indicators, is a big part of the process of the development of the forex market strategies. Most Forex trading systems on the Internet platforms provide data on economic indicators through their sites on the Internet, which is usually without paying any fees. One of the most important economic indicators is the economic cost index (ECI), which is one of the key players in the formation and to identify the forex market strategies.

What specifically measured the economic cost index (ECI)?

Economic cost index measures the cost of implementing the mainly business. Which measures monthly changes in some of the crucial variables staff wages and employment benefits and rewards work. ECI also has the very great importance of the angle it helps in determining the monetary decisions and policies of the Federal Reserve Board.

Tie up with inflation

Compared to the rate of inflation with monthly changes in the labor wages is crucial in determining whether the salaries keep pace with the current price levels. For example, if the current rate of inflation is 3% annually, and the workers' wages are increasing at a rate of 2% per annee, then it despite the salary increase in general but it in fact fall when compared with the cost of living truth. This adversely affects the economy (meaning a reduction in consumer spending), and in the long run, will affect the country's currency exchange rate. On the other hand, if the salaries are increasing at a rate of 3% per year, in parallel with good increases in employee Verified Profits benefits and rewards associated with work (total compensation ), and the inflation rate at just 2% per year, this would mean that the economy will benefit overall and the same thing for the country's currency exchange rate.

It may be too late indicator, but it remains an important!

Although the ECI is a lagging indicator (comes after the economic changes), but one of the important factors that underlie the market strategies remain. ECI (either increased or decreased) shall primarily be sure of a particular economic environment and therefore can assist the investor in establishing the overall trading strategy. Let's assume that the economy is showing some signs of weakness during the past few months, but there have been conflicting reports of the College. ECI report issued when the validates the economic results that point to the weakness of the economy (ie decline in workers' salaries), which in turn could adversely affect the country's currency exchange rate. Using this information, the investor can to take the necessary strategic decisions when investing in the forex market.


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