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At a time when the second largest economy in the world a significant slowdown witness, Agency issued Xinhua news "(Xinhua) video clip humorous and funky in English, to highlight the" Five-Year Plan "(Shi San Wu) 13 of the party" Communist "ruling the country, which economic and social policies to be taken by the State in this important juncture of its history include.

The video explains the cartoon simplified manner and the rhythm guitar and the voices of the singers, Americans process of preparing the plan, pointing out that it pass through several stages of the upper bodies until the local bodies, with the participation of specialists in several areas before reaching a finalized.

The newspaper "Wall Street Journal" and indicate that the video is part of the soft power used by the government to raise its popularity internal and external policy, pointing out that Xi Jinping Chinese president's visit to the United States in September (last September), were accompanied by similar a video included testimonies of young Americans They showed loved it.

And it acknowledged the country last week, the 13th five-year plan, which is the first under the supervision of Jinping, China aims through which to accelerate the urbanization process, and to encourage citizens to get to the consumption growth rate "relatively high" following the significant decline experienced by the Chinese economy finally.

This is the 7 Figure Challenge System plan, which will not come out into the open, but after he voted on by China's parliament in March (March), as a "road map" Communist China in economic, political and social areas, at a time when the party should "Communist" China, which is gaining legitimacy of achieve output growth has led to hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty, looking for solutions to the current economic crisis raises fears among investors worried about.

And it brought the recent economic indicators, from GDP to foreign trade and industrial activity, to give rise to "a growing interest among observers, both inside and outside China," according to the agency "Xinhua".

China's central bank reported that the interest rate liberalization in China is a key element in financial reform. He added that lowering borrowing costs and reduce the money that the bank must keep in reserve is not the size of quantitative easing. The statements come after the bank cut interest rates several times in less than a year, in addition to lower it again compulsory reserve ratio for banks, in an attempt to stimulate growth in the Chinese economy faltering.

 In a related context, the Government is going to be flexibility in the reduction of deliveries that have already been eased at the end of 2013 policy, to allow both the husband and wife begetting two children, after he called experts in many government agencies, the aim of reducing the aging of the population and filling large and worrying gap in the balance between the sexes (116 males per 110 females).


7 Figure Challenge Review


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