Guaranteed Payouts Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Guaranteed Payouts Review Is Scam Or Legit? Is Guaranteed Payouts System Actually Works? Learn My Guaranteed Payouts Reviews Before Invest in Guaranteed Payouts Binary Options Trading Software

Guaranteed Payouts

Guaranteed Payouts is a relatively newly broker in binary options trading, but still managed to keep up with the market at the time currently one of the top 10 brokerage firms well-deserved. Thanks to this development to focus on traders, which is clear from the ease of use of the site and trading platform. It has a customer service at the highest level, and the service is available in many languages ​​too! Guaranteed Payouts is one of the few brokerage firms, which allows a demo account does not require use of the deposit of any amount! In addition, there are other reasons she pushes you to register with the company.

Guaranteed Payouts account activation
Trading platform and website

The trading platform Certified Income is certainly one of the best platforms in the market, it is available in different languages. They rank very well so it's hard to imagine that you would face any difficulty in finding your way here. The company is trying to Guaranteed Payouts Software as little as possible from the information supplied, but it is enough to carry out a successful trading.

Facts about Guaranteed Payouts System

Yield: Up to 81% in the case of a profit, and there is no compensation in case of loss

Core assets: currencies, stocks, commodities and indices

Number of underlying assets: 27

And trading functions: Digital, Touch and scope

Minimum deposit: $ 100

The minimum value of the options: US $ 10

Demo account: Yes, the benefit of time until 1:00 after Date

Yield and options

As far as the revenue, the Guaranteed Payouts is not necessarily the best brokerage firm in the market. The reason for this is the lack of compensation for the options in case of loss. On the other hand, yield options in the case of profit is very good. Ranging from 75% to 81%. Even for the famous EUR / USD currency, the yield is 81%, which is a very reasonable thing.

In terms of the types of options, there are three traditional options Guaranteed Payouts company: High / Low, Touch and scope. In upper / lower case (also called digital option), rolling must decide whether the underlying asset will go up or down from the current price. In the case of touch he has to decide whether the asset will touch the exact rate in advance or not. In the case of scale, should the price to fluctuate in a certain range and should not be touched within range. But of course, it is possible to bet on that, too.

Deposit bonus

Guaranteed Payouts System The company it is also kept pace with the latest offers rewards in terms of deposit and offered widely. Where you can get traditional deposit bonus of up to 40%. But at least the deposit of 500 euros, while you can still get a bonus of 20%.

While the spectacular and tangible rewards offers but on the other hand can be constantly changing, you should inquire about their value before each deposit through technical support (for example, via the live chat) in.

Trial Account

Guaranteed Payouts has to offer once on demo accounts. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find a binary options brokerage firm which offers a demo account does not require an additional deposit. Guaranteed Payouts are examples. On the other hand, the demo account provided by the Guaranteed Payouts Systemcompany available without a deposit. The only shortfall is that this account is only available until 1:00 pm. For example, if you sign up on 06/25 demo account is not available in 26.6 at 1:00. However, it is not that bad, all you need is to take advantage of these hours and you trade actively through the existing money in the demo account during that time period.

You can request a demo account by registering at Guaranteed Payouts Software, and you can then use the live chat. This chat is available in different languages ​​and also works very quickly. During the conversation, you only need to indicate that you want to have a demo account and you will be immediately added the amount manually.

Photogallery trading applications

In terms of trading Photogallery, Guaranteed Payouts APP is disappointing a little bit. Currently, there is no application or a copy of the trading platform is optimized for use by mobile.

payment methods

Guaranteed Payouts need to improve the payment methods, on the other hand, and in comparison with other brokerage firms, it is one of my favorite companies already. Where they offer traditional payment methods, like credit cards, bank transfer and Skrill. Certified Income is particularly good way to pay, because it is one of the largest e-wallets quite appropriate for trading binary options. Guaranteed Payouts Certified Income Certified Income


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