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Raghuram Rajan warned, head of Reserve Bank of India, the facilitator of credit risk and low borrowing costs and consequences of global financial stability, as well as urging the United States to raise the cost of lending, regardless of the tremor, which could topple markets.
It seems that the German central bank head sent a similar letter to Indian message, and expressed concern regarding the so monetary policy. Rajan also criticized the leniency adopted by the International Fund policy, which he described as marginal in view that may lead to the destruction of emerging markets and mess it up.

For your information, and it seems that the World Bank is very tolerate with respect to existing monetary policy in developed countries, which since the global financial crisis sitting on the sidelines and cheering her belief that what is true in some countries implicitly applies to the whole world.

This is a mistake that has emerged, and great ironies, especially between the United States and Japan, and it is certainly the possibility of success in Europe. Add to this that Europe and the European Central specifically, and instead of launchers reform process of the banking sector in order to stimulate the euro-zone economy, it seemed as if they are increasing complexity of the problem, with reduced interest rates to record levels and provide cheap loans.

Certainly, even now that the results were not encouraging, especially that to $ 400 billion European Central placed in the markets, the banks of which consumed 82.6 billion euros just in the last month.

Moreover, banks have avoided lending, especially in southern Europe, distressed debt is still rising in countries such as Spain and Italy years after the collapse of Lehman The whole error is not the banks fault as it even in large economies such as Germany and France, as many companies still refrain from borrowing from banks,

The European Central still following up the process of easy money in this year and next year, knowing that Fitch still expects a slowdown going on in the outcome of this Alamlah- came the (Target Longer-Term refinancing) TLTRO to improve the financial stability and promote lending to companies in order to help revive the economy continent and return to growth. But there are two issues: the lack of bank capital and the lack of demand for lending for investment.

According ALBERT GALLO RBS analysis of the costs of financing is not the case basis. The importance of the Star Wars Binary Bot Review receded before the emergence of quantitative easing since last March, as well as the weakness of the euro and the increase in asset prices. Well, according to Fitch, lending trends are expected to improve in the coming months but the actual impact of the program will remain modest, which means logically limited impact on credit growth and inflation ...

Therefore, the money may be the easiest thing without interest, especially if they are not directed properly and in essential sectors and which help to increase the growth- and fear may be that the banks may use this easy money to get rid of debt, especially since these loans will be for a long time very huge amounts of financial and in a period of slow economic growth and a significant contraction.

The issue may be a matter of trust, as it is even in Ireland, most euro area countries growth and recovery, the lending to companies fell by 11.8 percent in August, the fastest decline in three years. Europe and the status of different reality about America, and small businesses rely on as we mentioned earlier, rather than banks to capital markets,

This means that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy of Europe and depend more than large domestic demand and lending, the banking companies, which means that any disruption in the banking system and its inability to provide loans lead actually to find companies - so we see today that global financial markets are experiencing problems economic and other exceed 2008 challenges. Financial markets and investors in general are still ignoring these risks, and rely almost exclusively on the continuation of the monetary and fiscal stimulus easy.

And met with reduced liquidity initiated by the Federal Reserve lax policies in Japan and Europe injection and China as well as the markets ignored the benefits of low rates of weak economic conditions policy, which means in fact that few of the problems that befell in 2008 and led to the recession, some dissolved in 2015 and the options remain It is limited, which means that the easy availability of money that since 2008 will not contribute to global growth - so it may be the central banks gave the most important part of the role is supposed to be given financial policies in general,

This focus of the Bank for International Settlements in the position outlined in its annual report for the year 2012-2013, when he said that the central banks will not be able to fix the budgets of households and enterprises Financial also can not ensure financial sustainability, and can not enact economic and financial reforms needed to return to the real-growth and always, according to the Bank for International Settlements, the central banks of all what did it borrowed time ...

Towards this topic should be things that the International Monetary Fund play an active role in questioning the easy fiscal policies or the so-called quantitative easing measures adopted by developed economies, rather than sit on that

The remarks came at a time when the US Federal Reserve continued to guess to start increasing interest rates, Rjan Raghuram also called for more coordination between the central banks and the use of monetary policy tools in a world increasingly deflationary his image.

In fact, this process must continue, and can not get between overnight. As well as the central banks must begin the process easy to guess for money, who failed in Japan and succeeded in America, and the frequencies are still unclear in Europe. Star Wars Binary Bot Review


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