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Presented with the Federal Reserve Bank of attack at home and abroad, the Bank of trying to open an extraordinary to keep himself away from political bickering.
And after being subjected to a torrent of criticism over the past week - by foreign officials Gnapein and economists leaders along with Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Reserve Bank Fed, the Bank of «Fed officials came out» to illustrate their efforts to the rescue by pumping $ 600 billion more into the ailing US economy .

And a matter of concern for the Federal Reserve Bank monitors performance in addition to the defenders with him is that some local criticism may imply objection to the traditional independence of the Federal Reserve Bank in setting monetary policy without political interference.
In a public interview rare, William Dudley, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that the step taken by the Federal Reserve Bank that were not designed to influence the value of the dollar, but it was aimed instead to encourage faster and stronger American economy recovery also help in achieving international growth.

Dudley said: «We do not have any goal with respect to raising the value of the dollar or decrease. Our goal is to improve the financial conditions and stimulate economic expansion stronger and more rapid growth of the recruitment process. »

In an interview with the newspaper «Wall Street Journal», he defended the new vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank, Janet Yellen, the decision in similar terms widely. She said: «I'm having a hard time and I'm studying where strong growth can already comes. I see that inflation will hover around current levels for a long time. » Yellin said they «were not happy to see the Federal Reserve embroiled in political controversy.»

And it went comments Dudley, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Market Committee Federal Open, which sets monetary policy and the comments of unrelenting to the level of response is unusual, the first response provided by senior federal officials on the voices that criticized their decision this month to pump more money into the banking system. The Citidel Investment APP plan aims to boost economic recovery by buying government bonds in order to reduce long-term interest rates.

Said Kenneth grapefruit, professor of international finance at Harvard Business School: «the Federal Reserve Bank needs to issue statements more clearly because of the volatility of the political situation at the moment. This is a very rare case where the object to the basic power that put them in institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank is the largest ever by politicians and economists who are often link between them and the political parties. »

* Worry about bonds:
* The bond markets have been growing wave of concern due to the actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank. During last Monday, bond prices fell and yields jumped as a result of fears that seized investors. The criticisms tend to rely on three axes, where some observers accused the Federal Reserve Bank of deliberately weakening the dollar to make US exports more competitive, and by others feared that the decision «Fed» can be exacerbated by inflation over time. However, there are other observers say the policy «Fed» will be ineffective in the absence of additional fiscal stimulus.
And hair officials «Fed» clearly concerned about the opinion Greenspan, which was published in the newspaper «Financial Times» last Thursday at the beginning of the meetings of the Group of Twenty nations South Korean capital, Seoul. Greenspan said that the United States «was implemented a policy to weaken the process» and increase the risk of economic and trade protectionism.
In an open letter milk Bernanke, chairman of «Fed» on Monday, urged a group of economists and conservative writers and investors to «reconsider the action taken by the (Federal Reserve) and stop the work done», stressing that the bond purchases «threaten to reduce the value of exposure to currency and inflation. »

The group included Michael, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the White House, and historian Ferguson and Douglas, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and economist John Taylor, one of the most prominent critics of Bernanke. Dudley did not specify any critic, but he pointed out that criticism has no basis in truth. Dudley said bis President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Einstein Method Review US data: «There is no long-term conflict between what the United States is trying to accomplish and what other countries are trying to achieve; as the strong economic recovery in the United States serve the interests of the global economy».

Although Dudley's remarks that the impact on the very slight dollar, it admitted that when adjusting interest rates «there will be further consequences for the dollar, we have seen some weakness that affected the dollar exchange rate in the period, but that does not seem exceptional in view of the changes that we have seen in interest rates in the United States compared to the benefit abroad. »
Dudley has refused beliefs which said that the Federal Reserve is an arena for inflation can not be brought under control during the next few years. He said that the Fed has the tools to drain bank reserves placed on the list of his account. He said we are sure that these tools will be effective in maintaining the inflation control, and we are fully prepared to use these tools when you need it, to avoid the inflation problem, pointing out that inflation is not a way out of the current crisis.
Dudley said the Fed's efforts, has achieved the target of its purposes, since August, when the Federal Reserve hinted that it may take further action to support the financial recovery, stock prices rose, fell and long-term interest rates. It makes it easier for customers buy homes or refinance the mortgage and borrowing operations and investment for companies.

He added: «We have seen a more stable financial conditions during that period, and believe that the expectations program a second large-scale purchase of assets was the primary driver of these changes», continued to Dudley: «However, one should not look at this tool as a medicine magical for all ills, or a magic wand will work on the economy recovers very quickly. He said that the move of the Federal Reserve, known as quantitative easing would not be very effective, but they are nonetheless necessary to reduce the risk of the occurrence of a deep recession. »
He said: «will be a long and bumpy road to reach a strong and healthy expansion, but that would be a catalyst rather than a detrimental factor».

And growing doubts about the financial policy of the government, whether to extend the tax cuts introduced in the era of President Bush or not extended. In the long run the questions revolve around how the state will control the deficit, which reached record levels and increased the difficulty of financial recovery.

When Dudley asked if the financial predicament has forced the Federal Reserve to act, he said: about what we can worry about, a fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve is working to implement the orders issued to him. »

And display Dudley, who joined the Federal Reserve in New York in 2007, coming from a bank «Goldman Sachs» where he held the post of chief economist, also offer details about the evolution of the Federal Reserve look. Said Dudley, in an interview last spring: «we will enter next year we hold expectations of improvement in the economy, we have started seeing missionaries that of a healthy rebound in jobs in the private sector, but by the summer began to grow in the stop, and are now estimated growth rate of about 2 per cent annual deficit has declined and will continue to decline in the deficit further », he said:« the economy was vulnerable to a big shake us can claim to a large contraction ».

In recent lectures, he said Dudley and Charles Evans, president of the Chicago Federal possibility of allowing higher inflation in the future to offset the significant decline in inflation, which is known as the target price level. But Dudley said in an interview that he does not approve of this method. Dudley said: «the problem of targeting the price level is that it is hard to explain what are made do not create greater tension on the inflation target in the long run. And then we'd like Americans to realize that we are committed to price stability in the long run. »
Dudley has declined to discuss the consultations on the Finance Committee. But he admitted that the decision was not easy, he said: «rational people can be Akhalfona opinion about the magnitude of the magnitude of the cost versus the benefits. It is quite reasonable to expect that not everyone looks at it the same picture, because these policies were not used in the past ».
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Away from the optimistic future of the global economy at least expectations in the next phase, a specialist global report in wealth management expected to be in 2011 more difficult than had been generally expected in the United Kingdom, calling on investors to reduce their exposure to assets denominated in euros, preferring convertible bonds and cash denominated Euros into shares, expected to lead the recent rally in stocks and bonds witnessed in emerging markets for possible setbacks. Because of that, preferring investments in North Asia markets, warning that gold is not an investment central to hedge against inflation, as many believe and that it «shows tendencies toward what looks like a bubble». These assessments come within the framework of the announced Phoenix Trading Review global wealth management institution of expectations for 2011.
But do you lose the gold to the title as a safe haven for investment ?, That's what it seems at least, in what Kevin Gardner says: «There are still good reasons for investors to be cautious of gold in the long run, because it is not an investment central to hedge against inflation, as many believe . As prices rise, which recently witnessed, the gold showing trends toward what looks like a bubble. »

In return, Gardner did not believe that he should drop the municipal bonds, in spite of the financial problems and the deterioration of credit quality and other fundamental changes indicate the need for investors to deal with a more cautious manner. »

Adds Kevin Gardner said: «centered focus in 2010 is primarily the risk of loss. However, we can imagine in the quiver of 2011 some positive surprises that could have a potential impact to move the market. These include the surprises strong recovery in the advanced economies, and rises more acceleration in interest rates, and superior performance for both Russia and Japan, and the banks distribute a larger proportion of the profits, in addition to the recovery of the real estate market in the United States ».

Said Michael Dicks, chief economist at «Barclays Wealth»: It is with a number of scenarios about the European Monetary Union and the euro, which range from «success without planning» to «break-up of the European Monetary Union», the appropriate disposition for investors depends on the extent of their exposure for the euro, Those who have a high rate of exposure, they must first do to reduce their exposure to assets denominated in that currency, or perhaps exposure conversion of the bonds and cash to euro-denominated stock. »

Chief economist at «Barclays Wealth» refers to the possibility that fiscal austerity in the UK leads to the «double-dip recession» at a time in 2011 «will be a more difficult than expected in general, it is doubtful that fiscal tightening Phoenix Trading Review leads to obstruction of recovery in the UK United fully », likely to end the British pound in 2011 better than it started.

In addition, Michael Dicks believes that quantitative easing the impact of «last resort action resorted to by governments to pump more liquidity by printing more money» will be modest, considering that the importance of «the second quantitative easing» is that they sign reflects the US Federal Reserve's commitment to do everything is necessary to ensure economic growth, but since it is associated with financial ease, it involves the risks of rising long-term interest rates. The drop in the weights you another round of «quantitative mitigation II» in reducing problems in the United Kingdom, compared to America ». Quantitative easing, a measure of last resort does not resort to governments usually only after exhausting other fiscal and monetary measures. And it is to pump more liquidity into the economy by printing more money, but it involves the procedure, which takes when the interest rate close to zero, a big risk is the possibility of out inflation control or the collapse of the local currency of the countries that resort Government exchange rates mechanism.

Did not carry the expectations of «Barclays Wealth», as usual, more optimism emerging markets, and despite the continued growth in the GDP of superiority on the growth of the advanced economies, the recent rise in stocks and bonds witnessed in emerging markets leave it vulnerable to possible setbacks such as high rates of inflation more than expected and political shocks and reversal of financial flows, which is regarded as most correct Kevin Gardiner, head of global investment strategy at «Barclays Wealth», which is recommended, preferably «investments in North Asian markets, because of its diversity and evaluations undemanding and exposure to economic growth in China» .

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The White House said US President Barack Obama discussed with the heads of 12 technology companies ways to work together to encourage investment in technological innovation in America and job growth in the private sector, during a meeting in California on Thursday. Said J. Carney, White House spokesman «President specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and to expand incentives for companies to growth and employment, as well as its goal to double US exports over five years» to create jobs millions of Americans.

On the other hand, New York City plans to lay off thousands of teachers in an attempt to fill the city's budget deficit, according to the budget presented by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday of the first.

The channel «The Wi-1» local news that is scheduled to be lay off 4,700 teachers, while 1500 will be written off because of another job or retired teachers bring to their resignations.
Bloomberg announced already in November (November) that it will lay off about ten thousand of public sector employees in the country's population of 300 thousand employees, in an attempt to bridge the budget $ 2.4 billion deficit. And it will provide the announced reductions in the number of teachers about $ 2.1 billion.

On the other hand, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank announced yesterday that the organizers of the banks will be able to deal with the bankruptcy of major banks today than they were two years ago to better thanks to the Dodd - Frank (Wall Street Reform Act) of the reform of financial legislation, which was adopted in the wake of the crisis that occurred in 2007 and 2008.

According to the «New York Times», emphasized Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the bank the Federal Reserve, before a committee of the Senate Banking, that it may take some time before the adoption of all the provisions of the new law, but the organizers have begun to tighten risk standards «have all learned the lesson from the crisis with all Confirm the".

When asked by committee member Senator Richard Shelby, the top Republican from Alabama, for what these lessons, Bernanke responded «the importance of packages, and not allow banks deviation, especially when working in areas such as risk management».
These statements come at a time when Bernanke and senior regulators being the heated discussions with lawmakers about whether the new legislation is expensive for businesses and consumers or not, and whether it was enough to protect them from another financial crisis.
He explained the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange, the insurance company on the Federal Deposit, and the Committee on Trade in commodity futures, and Acting Labor observer, how to write and implement their agency hundreds of rules and regulations required by the law, which was approved in July of this year. He said Gary Gnssler, Chairman of the goods, the Commission «financial system failed the American people in 2008, but the legislative system also let down the American people». The Committees commodities, securities and Exchange Commission has proposed 64 new law will affect the financial markets sectors, and issued eight final rules and four temporary rules. But officials indicated that they will work hard to meet the deadlines for all the laws of Dodd - Frank to make the final legislation.
For their part, focused a lot of senators in their discussions on the federal proposal, which needed debit card issuers to cut nearly 90 per cent of the fees imposed on merchants for individual purchases.
Fed also proposed rules exempting small Automated Cash APP Review banks that rely on fees to maintain profitability, that have to cut their fees, but Bernanke and Sheila Baer, ​​president of the insurance company on the Federal Deposit, said that the dual-axis system may not fit. Bernanke said «I do not expect that the application of this exception, because merchants may not accept discount cards from smaller institutions if it will have to pay higher fees to do so. Moreover, the transfers debit card networks may not show a desire to create systems that operate on two different types of tariff rates. » However, Bernanke pointed out that the reduced fees, known as interchange fees, remittances will reduce debt expenses, which will enable the transfer of some of the savings to the customer.
For their part, some members supported in the House and Senate, the principle of exchange, a division of the Dodd - Frank usually referred to as the Durbin amendment relative to the proposal of Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois.
During the hearing held by the Committee on Financial Services House of Representatives on Thursday, but the Senate Banking Committee, the organizers of the banks, lawmakers asked whether it was necessary to postpone the application of the law - something Congress should approve it. In the hearing, which was held in the House of Representatives re-Sarah Bloom Raskin, a member of the Board of Governors of the Fed, Congress ball to the court again when she said «We are sticking firmly committed to the desire of Congress».
But Bayer were not clear in her speech at the hearing held by the Senate, she said, «there are discussions taking place on both sides of the board, but it took place very quickly, and I think it's seen a lot of ramifications, who will pay for the meeting why and who will pay more and pay less, and accordingly there are some things that may not have been handled optimally ». John Walsh, Acting Comptroller of the Currency, asked the Senate study reviewing private law part that limits the use of credit ratings to determine whether the institution is able to continue to invest or not. Walsh said «We are aware that the wrong use of credit ratings, especially in the field of structured finance, shares an important role in the financial crisis, but that was not true in the case of evaluating companies and municipalities. After a high Automated Cash APP Review profile study, and opinions contained in, we did not find any practical alternatives to these assessments can be used in the banking sector. »

In spite of the lack of defense of a return to «full reliance» on the credit assessments, he confirmed that the «use within certain limits necessary for the application of capital rules», according to what was said.

The Welch on that financial regulators are considering taking civil enforcement action against some companies that provide mortgages for homes that were marred by «defects and deficiencies dangerous» in the way it dealt with foreclosures Services .. «The majority of the services that were tested last year compatible with the rules. But lawmakers are working on the preparation of changes to deal with some specific problems such as the problems of clients defaulting financially ».
It was a lot of Democrats in Congress, they have made an effort in the clarification of their counterparts in the Congress that the committees of the stock exchange and securities futures and commodities are facing budget pressures have led to cuts in technology spending and the use of travel and implementation team.

Said Mary Shapiro, Chair of the stock exchanges and securities, that the situation things may get worse if the application of Dodd - Frank and oversight responsibilities and new enforcement «because we do not have the ability at the moment to examine hedge funds, for example, or the supervision of the registration and regulation of parts of the Swaps market. »

He repeated the same assessment Gnssler saying «I know that our nation suffers from a large budget deficit requires us unite and adopt the best approach to deal with. It may be difficult at the present time ask for more money for this agency at this time, but I think that this is a good investment for the American people to be able to avoid a crisis like that which occurred in 2008 ». Automated Cash APP Review Automated Cash APP

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Citidel LTD Investment APP

The International Monetary Fund issued a report criticizing the reaction of the United States about the slow rise in the public debt, which he said in the report that American officials should act quickly to control the fiscal deficit or the face of slow growth and difficult choices in the future. The International Monetary Fund warned this conflict after federal officials in the wake of the issuance of Congress a report on the annual deficit, which reached $ 1.5 trillion this year in historical precedent. This was the latest report has raised are concerns that the massive government debt in developed countries could undermine the economic recovery Mr. Carlo Director of Finance at the International Monetary Fund, said during a study conducted by the Fund «United States of America has a lot of credibility. But this does not mean that this credibility will last forever. » The study concluded that the United States has reneged on a promise pledged by other economic countries to reduce the budget deficit by 2013. This, said Mr. Robert Gibbs, the White House Affairs press secretary «that this problem may have arisen over many years, and it will take concerted Democrats and Republicans efforts to find The solution". He also noted that President Obama has called for a freeze on spending during his weekly address. Officials at the International Monetary Fund and welcomed the move, but they reported the need to cut spending in retirement benefits and health programs not the United States the only economic power which have long been criticism of the International Monetary Fund, but also targeted Monetary Japan, according to the International Monetary Fund.
In confirmation of this point, the company «Standard & Poor's» credit rating interest on bonds downgraded Japan on Thursday of «AA to AA-.» And that due to the concern that Japanese SEO conduct will not compromise on the debt of close to about Citidel Investment APP twice the size of the national . Although the interest in Japan is still high, but the reduction was a reminder that even a strong economy and credit worthiness and the existence of currency «with a safe haven« on a large scale, can be exposed to the kind of pressure like the one made countries such as Greece and Ireland fall under the weight of rising costs debt in previous months so it took an international rescue operations.

The study said that the gravity of the case in the US states much less. The economy of the United States lags about 14 trillion dollars for the world's major economies, but the dollar remains the reserve currency preferred, and the large capital markets in the United States enough to absorb investments from various regions of the world. But officials at the International Monetary Fund said that the public debt in the United States is very large - and is continuing to grow - so that American officials should enhance credibility. But it is not likely to cause a lack of debt reduction in the United States or loss of confidence in the government's ability to repay debt and pay creditors blew the case of catastrophic events - to stop the financing of global trade and support credit in the banks Citidel Investment APP and governments bear a large amount of debt the United States relies the cash flow from the United States and the need to maintain a presence.

And not so long ago, it seemed that the United States is on the right track in the commitment to reduce the annual deficit by 2013. But at a meeting of the world's major economies leaders, which was held in Canada last summer, US officials pledged to cut the deficit by 6 per cent of GDP. But now, the expectations have become to achieve this goal are less optimistic. Based on data released by the Congressional Budget Office this week, the recent tax cuts and spending is expected to keep the annual deficit by about 10 per cent of GDP for this year. This seems to be similar to the deficit in European countries like Spain and Britain, which are located under the pressure of global bond markets to reduce expenses and raise taxes and restructure their economies. It is expected that the total size of the debt in the United States about 70 per cent of the national economy in the next year. If combined with debt owed by the US, the public debt will reach 100 percent of gross domestic product. European countries began the dialogue with citizens about what governments can offer and what they can not afford. There are trends to deduct employees' salaries in the public sector and the reduction of services and pension benefits, what led to protests and strikes, according to the International Monetary.

These are the options that the United States free to take, especially since still look to government spending on it is important to support the economic recovery. He headed debate about the deficit to stay away from sensitive political topics such as restoring restructuring of social security and health care, as the International Monetary Fund suggests that the costs of these sectors need to be reset if the United States wanted to make progress in reducing the  economic analysis conducted by the analysts Agency S & P Standard & Poor's last week about the US debt that things unimaginable what officials may occur in the United States did not take the necessary actions. The analysts wrote Agency «Ifters that the US government will soon reveal a credible plan to tighten fiscal policy so that the government be able to achieve stability in the ratio of public debt to gross national product and then reduced to the average limit. In the absence of a credible plan, the interest rates in the United States federal government Strzach under great pressure. » Citadel LTD Investment APP

Centument Review Is Scam Or Legit?

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Must «Obama administration» and Congress to raise the federal debt ceiling by 2 August, and that's all there is to it. In the world after the failure of the United States defaults, financial markets will collapse and will enter the US and global economy from serious recession phase. America will face a scary financial problems, out of control in light of the decrease in tax revenues and rising demand for unemployment insurance and food stamps and subsidized medical assistance to the poor and other programs that support the system vulnerable Americans.

Centument Review It would be wonderful if politicians are able to agree on control of the budget deficit in the future in the framework of an agreement to reduce the debt, but it is not necessary that this is happening. It will satisfy international investors to raise the ceiling of religion and maintains the economic recovery is sufficiently until the presidential election next year. It will be the 2012 elections as a referendum on how to deal with our problems and financial, is Whoever wins will set the agenda, can be done to make tough decisions after the inauguration of the next president and Congress power. It's good that legislators are currently trying to do more, hoping to lead the pressure that surrounds the issue of raising the debt ceiling to make significant changes in fiscal policy. The united and gathering around the same budget accounts is encouraging, where he called President Obama to cut the budget deficit by about $ 4 trillion over the next ten years, as well as Paul Ryan, Republican Representative from the state of Wisconsin and chairman of the Budget Committee in the House of Representatives in the proposed budget, and also the National Committee fiscal responsibility and reform known as the Centument Review . There is an urgent need to reduce the public budget by $ 4 trillion over the next ten years in order to maintain the financial status of the government and to maintain low interest rates and the strengthening of the US economy over the long term. There is considerable disagreement in the form of deficit reduction, but can bypass it if we agreed to provide about four trillions through reduced government spending, which includes tax expenditures. The following Centument Review is the appropriate method to achieve this. Cut the budget by about two trillion dollars on the estimated expenditure will affect the items that are not related to defense, defense spending and programs of the National Insurance. Surely there is a way to address the problems relating to the budget without a major change in social security, health care and health care programs for the poor system. The budget will be reduced by a trillion dollars by reducing tax expenditures of exceptions and exemptions and tax deductions, as well as a tax credit, which is one of the gaps filled by the tax law, which cost the government more than a trillion dollars per year. The mortgage interest deduction alone over the next ten years, an estimated $ 1.4 trillion. But there are hundreds indirectly go to finance the expenses of students and health insurance and the costs of caring for children and local real estate taxes and so forth.

Seen as a government tax expenses as expenditure rather than a reduction in taxes. For example, to reduce local property taxes to the federal government similar to sending bills to homeowners addresses. So tax expenditures reduce the lead to reduced government spending. It is certain that the termination of tax expenditures such as tax forms of mitigation for specific purposes termination provisions similar to that provided by Congress. For example to cut interest rates on the mortgage to improve the affordability of the cost of homes, which is one of the obvious goals did not. The advantage of the Centument Review tax benefits in house prices that rise more than tax cuts when demand for homes. Due to the larger benefit homeowners who pay mortgage installments huge and high-income owners, who can clarify items in detail and thus demanding a tax cut.

Should not this reduction starts in expenses and the change in the tax code today or next year, the economic recovery is still fragile stage. There are a lot of restrictions in the financial policies spans allow tax on wages will expire at the beginning of next year, by which time it will see the launch of the unemployment insurance program. But it is likely to become the strongest economy by 2013 so that it can accept more spending cuts as long as it is progressively over ten years. There is a need to cut spending another trillion dollars to reach the reduction target, which is four trillion dollars. It is possible to achieve this through the interest on the federal debt smaller cut parallel to achieve other forms of reduction. This highlights the benefits of taking quick and decisive action, as well as the consequences of not doing so. Interest will continue to accumulate and grow and be an enormous burden on the budget in the end.

Even if it does not reach a comprehensive agreement and currently adequately in order to achieve financial sustainability, the lawmakers not to skip the debt ceiling. And without increasing the ability to borrow, perhaps enough flowing federal funds to pay the debt on time, but what about the countless government commitments? Feel the credit rating agencies concerned about the inability of the US Department of the Treasury on debt repayment on the priority list mode, has developed a Foundation «Moody», which I work for has, the US debt on review and is likely to be lowered its credit rating. It will be the failure of the United States to pay its debt a milestone, A taxonomy credit of the United States, a «Aaa» one of the constants of the global financial system. When the situation is getting worse in any place in the world, investors from around the world rush to buy US Treasury bonds because they know they Centument Review their money. Led «rush towards quality» to lower US interest rates to a level close to the record level, and that was a major factor that has helped to maintain the strength of the economy. But it was to get this feature for more than two centuries, through a firm commitment to the principle that the United States is committed to always pay your bills on time. Slip one foot and the government will have to incur higher interest rates for years and perhaps for generations. Even if the Treasury was able to put debt repayments on its list of priorities, it will be at the expense of other commitments. And in August, the deficit will reach almost $ 150 billion. Can be granted leave for workers in the public sector, and workers could not get the unemployed on benefits in full, it may suffer even beneficiaries of Social Security and veterans' system.

Although this scenario will not include the United States fails to pay the debt, it will be the reaction of the stock and bond markets harsh. And currently it happening already cracked in the market because of the credit risk on the Treasury bonds, which investors get through guarantees in the event of defaults on bond value of swap contracts. If Centument Review progress in the issue of the debt ceiling did not happen during the next week, it will take more credit rating agencies and procedures will increase the rift. If began to cut government spending at the beginning of August, investors from around the world will doubt the security of their bonds, where they will see to deprive the beneficiaries of the social security system of financial dues beginning to crack the American financial power. Perhaps we are witnessing reproduce for a moment save the troubled assets that occurred in September 2008 program, when the House of Representatives voted to reject the initial financing plan to save the banks and stock prices fell. At least will fall and the value of stock markets and the dollar sharply higher interest rates if they are not raising the debt ceiling before the deadline.

It can plunge financial markets turmoil, as well as a reflection of the significant reduction in government spending is negative on the fragile economic recovery between overnight. Can not the private sector in any way that bridges the gap that resulted from the decline in federal spending. In light of this economy will be affected by declining tax revenues negatively, and will increase the demand for government support programs, increasing the financial position of the US government worse.

Instead of having to cut the budget by $ 4 trillion over ten years to achieve financial sustainability, America will have to reduce the budget value of almost $ 5 trillion. And the unemployment rate will rise again and up to double-digit number, and will remain at this point for two years at least. It is hard to imagine that the political leaders and policy makers engaged in this dark tunnel. So I would expect that they would reach a way to increase the debt ceiling in a timely manner. If they were able to figure out how to address the financial problems in the long run at least partially through the negotiations, which will be witnessed next couple of weeks, this will be a great asset. But not necessarily be done now Centument Review
Centument Review Centument Review

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During a period of economic recession that hit the world two years ago, continued enthusiasts went proposal of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, as a result of the crisis of the US dollar, central banks retain what will be a new international currency backed by gold.

However, gold prices have been rising recently - based on market expectations that central banks begin to add to gold reserves as a buffer against the uncertainties that haunt global markets - Russia and did not abide by the advice provided by.

Instead of hoarding gold, Russia is selling. It continued local gold mining industry sell gold to the world market, as Russia softened its gold trade laws to allow more mining operations in the gold sector and export more in the fastest time.

At the same time, the Russian central bank to buy gold Random pace in an attempt to maintain the total product of their foreign exchange reserves.

In short, Russia sells gold because this is a seller's market - and the state needs the money. After years of fiscal surpluses before the recession Russian federal budget fell into deficit. Economists predicted that Russia could trade deficit management in a few years, something that can be treated through the export of gold.

Gold, which many investors see as the last safe haven, retreated from the highest rate reached in the month of April, but prices are still higher by 62 per cent over the past two years. Gold futures also rose during the week in response to successive doubts about the European debt crisis. It rose on Thursday, gold futures to 1.530.20 an ounce, a rise of 3 per cent during the week so far.

Last year Russia came fourth largest gold producer in the world in the wake of China and Australia and the United States (where China produced in 2010.351 metric of gold tons, and Australia 261 tons, and the United States 234 tons, Russia 203 tons).

When put into question the supposed commitment to Russian officials about holding gold, the Russian Central Bank issued a written responses.

He said the bank: «Bank of Russia is not committed to buying any specific amount of gold, or that there is no official target for the purchase of gold, The bank buys gold at the market price, buy it mainly depends on the market conditions».

Despite successive Russian criticism of the dollar's status as an international currency, the bank statement said that «gold policy based mainly on the rule of their investments to the value of gold as a reserve. It does not result from a desire to diversify away from or out of a specific currency ».

Has more than doubled the share of gold in the Russian Central Bank effectively reserves, from 5.3 in January (January 2010) to 7.8 per cent this year, but these gains belonging mainly to the high value of gold during this period.

The Russian central bank reserves is much lower than global levels, amounting to 12.1 per cent according to the IMF. Russia's share is also low compared to the United States, which owns 74 per cent of its gold reserves, according to the Treasury Department.

Russian Central Bank retains half its reserves in US dollars and still is, as was the case prior to the global crisis. It needs to those assets for daily transactions to intervene in currency markets to reduce volatility in cash flows from Russia's main exports of oil and natural gas, which are priced in dollars.

It seems that the Russian gold in the behavior of the country's own harsh lessons commodity markets. Since the financial crisis in 1998, Russia enacted policies aimed at balancing the historical cycles of Global Millionaires Club Review commodity prices to protect the economy during the recession. For example, Russia imposed, the largest producer of oil in the world is high marginal taxes on oil exports through higher prices, and that the proceeds go to the sovereign wealth funds. During the economic downturn, which saw a decline in oil prices, the Russian government released a portion of these funds in an attempt absorption shock suffered by the internal economy.

But unlike oil, gold comes naturally different cyclical. In times of economic worries investors tend to buy gold, and so for the Russian economy, the time of the economic crisis may be the most appropriate time to sell not to store gold.

In exchange for control of the Court of the State of the lucrative oil industry, the Russian authorities, the liberalization of trade and gold mining in Russia and did not impose export restrictions or tariffs on gold.

On the other hand, Russia has maintained its former Soviet policies impose strict kind of extreme secrecy about its gold reserves. He started opening-up policy in the sale of gold in 1992, when Igor Gaidar, the then prime minister, issued instructions to the Central Bank of the newly created to publicly declare its deposits, which amounted in that period about 300 thousand metric tons. The central bank announced last month for possession of 854 metric tons of gold, at a time when the US Treasury announced as the largest economy, its possession of 8133 metric tons.

The easing of restrictions further in 1996 when the agency has undertaken «Gokran», a subsidiary of the state, which previously had a monopoly in the purchase of gold, this role. This sector, which frees largely flourished and there are now nearly 30 private banks have a license to buy gold.

He says Yuri Kirillov, director of «Ermita Consult», a consulting firm in an interview: «Our leaders do not attach gold of importance they attach to the oil».

The agency «Gokran», amounting to secrecy previously, one of the two warehouses in the state went along with the central bank, and is now publish their balances of gold bullion. Declared in June for possession of 12.3 tons of gold. As is the case with the Central Bank, they are working to increase their balances of gold, it stood at the agency's purchases so far 375 kilograms of gold only, according to the agency «PRIME-TASS».

Agency «Gokran» was founded in 1920 as a repository for jewelry confiscated from the bourgeoisie and the millions of people who were sent to labor camps under Stalin, and embodied the secrecy that enveloped the Soviet and then Russian gold policy later.

In one of the remaining areas of the secret Russian gold policy, it has yet to reveal the gold jewelery from guests prison camps the size of the so-called gold award, which was obtained from Eastern Europe in the aftermath of World War II. Global Millionaires Club

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From in the wind after the French rescue Belgian bank Dexia? Europe's banks have become in the eye of the hurricane with the faltering euro debt rescue operations. Finally, it may have major banks in Europe to recognize its losses. With hesitate to government leaders, bankers and executives in recognition that the hundreds of billions of euro in the form of Greek debt with financial institutions value worth much less than their face value, we find them to accept the grim reality slowly, with the increase in investors, customers and lenders worried.

On the day before yesterday said «Deutsche Bank» It will not bring Msthdvath earnings during the current year, justified doubts among investors that losses in holdings of Greek bonds. Government officials and discuss on dismantling «Dexia», the French Belgian bank, and the development of non-performing assets in a private bank.

This recent pain has led to stimulate the disposal by sale within Europe, and drew a strong blow to the banks in France and Germany in particular. And improved Wall Street, which has suffered from early problems within the continent, at closing time, after reports that European finance officials are studying ways to strengthen the sector.

With the continuing European debt crisis worsening, financial companies exposed face of the sovereign debt troubled harsh repercussions. And approaching the weakest banks from the arms of their governments. The shares collapsed «Dexia» - which received more than 21 billion euros in the form of the end of last year, Greek, Italian and Spanish and Portuguese bonds - in recent days. This situation has prompted the Belgian and French governments to ensure the future financial needs of the Bank, after submitting a rescue for «Dexia» aid three years ago.

For the strongest banks such as «Deutsche Bank», the largest bank in Germany, increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase capital. The day before yesterday the German bank said it no longer it was able to fulfill Centument profits for 2011 and is estimated at 10 billion euros (the equivalent of almost $ 13.3 billion). He added that he will incur a loss of 250 million euros in Greek debt and will eliminate 500 jobs in the investment sector, most of them outside Germany.

According to the figures, the value of Greek debt reduction should be possible, some banks have already begun to reduce the value of its holdings to market prices. But a lot of the owners of the largest holdings, including «Dexia» and «Societe Generale» and «BNP Paribas» and bankers German government, opposed the recognition that Greek bonds are worth at best 50% of the nominal value. And the «Dexia» 3.4 billion euros in its assets, as has «Deutsche Bank» 1.1 billion euros.

It is feared European policy-makers to pay Greece to default. The organizers wanted to wait until it can provide protection for Spanish and Italian debt and the protection of European banks that hold bonds in their budgets close to the nominal value.

Carl Llano, CEO Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, says the newspaper «New York Times». «Once you have to reduce the value of Greek debt for Dexia, this will have consequences for the French and German banks» He said that «Dexia» may be in the worst situation, but «the issue is the same for all the banks - will be on the taxpayers pay for it.»

What policymakers Europeans still largely divided about how to deal with unstable banks. The French government supports swap between Greece and bankers reached in July as part of a second rescue package for Athens. But Germany is increasingly pressuring the banks to contribute a greater share in the growing Greek rescue bill. Officials at the German Ministry of Finance, says that the best way to do so that the banks bear the loss of 50% on Greek bonds.

Since the private sector to reach a deal in July, the Greek bond prices in the secondary market fell to about 36% of the nominal value, instead of 75%. This has put additional pressure on European policy makers to change the terms of the agreement. And on Monday, said Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, who heads a permanent working group of finance ministers of the euro zone, changing circumstances within the market, and pointed out that Europe discussed «Technology Reviews» of the agreement.

Analysts point to the newspaper «New York Times» to that the cost of this private sector initiative have risen significantly. As was first planned, it was assumed that Greece borrow 35 billion euros to buy Centument LTD Software bonds (AAA) required to support the new stock in order to swap the debt. But the global rise in high-quality bonds make the debt more expensive. He says people participants in the deal now that Greece needs to borrow an additional 12 billion euros.

The question remains: Are taxpayers will bear the financial or corporate difference, perhaps moving closer towards European bodies special coordinator effort banks.

Said Olli Rehn, the European commissioner in charge of economic affairs, told «Financial Times» Day before yesterday that the capital position of banks «must be strengthened to provide security margins and thus reduce uncertainty case.» He said that there is «a sense of urgency it», acknowledging that some officials were discussing measures to strengthen banks.

The comments seem contradictory contained Rennes with teammate Michael Barnier, the European Commissioner responsible for financial services. On the day before yesterday and after a meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg, Barnier said that although the capitalization of banks, there is no need for new procedures. He says a growing number of economists, and some voices within the International Monetary Fund, said that the banks need to formally recognize its losses to restore its credibility. A senior official at the International Monetary Fund rejection of anonymity said he was not authorized to speak publicly about this sensitive issue: «hard to see how Greece will come out of this without reducing the value of its debt». Centument LTD Software Centument LTD Review

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It was a fun week! There are three events I refer to them, before I begin to address the main topic in this article. First, while writing this article is struggling euro zone leaders in order to save on their currency, Britain benefit from dual scale with respect to its economy and good news. The positive trade balance Official figures indicate that exporters registered a record high in sales abroad, despite ongoing in the euro zone crisis, while slowed the rise in the delivery of factory prices, any cost of goods coming out of the factories, which is a positive step towards a future look on inflation.

The second event, relates to the euro zone. Former European Commission President has acknowledged, Jacques Delors, that in the nineties of the twentieth century, the European Commission leaders opted to turn a blind eye to the weaknesses in the economy of some Member States, and now, with the emergence of issues on the surface, it was not reactive enough. In one of the articles, Delors pointed to «flaw in the implementation», in the sense that the current crisis in the euro zone was inevitable. He has admitted that he when he warned Dow Jones Focus Group that the existence of one central bank and a single currency without a single state would be a non-permanent «were right».

Another thing I noticed this week is a declaration from the Office for National Statistics in Britain. According to the first official questionnaire by the Dow Jones Focus Group Office as part of the «happiness index», it turns out that in spite of all the worries about the euro zone and worries about jobs and high expenses, the British still have happy, ranked Seventy-six per cent of Britons themselves as happy, she said about Eight out of every ten individuals they believe that the games also work in their lives are worth it. In spite of that, in another article to me, I have to I will repeat that I consider the infrastructure again this week.

Britain beholden in infrastructure for many different groups of people with diverse skills and across the centuries. The ancient Romans has made a strong contribution in this regard.

In Britain, as in other provinces, the Romans established a complete network of paved main roads. The primary function is to allow the rapid movement of Dow Jones Focus Group Reviews supplies, also provided basic infrastructure for trade and transport of goods. What road network Romania continues to affect us as a means of communication, and the system is totalitarian in nature and when the Romans influential. Romans also introduced social infrastructure.

In addition, the successful infrastructure in need of a good government, whether today or the past two centuries ago, and that budgets must comply with it.

Let me quote from a speech delivered on the subject: «must be a balanced budget .. must reduce public debt size .. people should learn to work again instead of relying on government subsidies ...» that phrase sound familiar in this day and can be come from any European country, but the words were the words of the Roman philosopher Marcus in 55 BC.

This correlation seems to say that the infrastructure in the twentieth century atheist and a similar, even today, very fast to the present day. According to the executive summary in the spring statement British Finance Minister on November 29 (November): «the government will permanent cuts in spending, using savings over that period to finance the infrastructure necessary to support the growth of investment and social mobility».

On the same day, November 29 (November), the British government published a national infrastructure for 2011. The plan came in the opening paragraph of them: «represents infrastructure networks modern economy is a key determinant factor of growth and productivity». It's the same State different millennium, but one theory.

In all parts of the world, represents the investment in infrastructure a lucrative aspects of spending, it creates jobs in the short term, contrary to government spending, also help to achieve long-term growth. It is easier to attract other Dow Jones Focus Group investments to a country with good transportation network.

The British government's strategy is to continue to engage the private sector in this regard. This is an excellent example should be followed by a lot of other economies, including many of the emerging economies.

In the past week, it reported that the International Finance Corporation has pointed out that the Middle East and North Africa has less kilometers of infrastructure investments in the world.

Employment partnership agreements between the public and private sectors would be a logical way to deal with this deficit. The private sector can generate sustainable jobs based on high-quality knowledge to the growing numbers of people in a lot of countries with emerging economies in the context of the structure is supported by the public sector, which will develop by extension, its ability to design quality own infrastructure growing social attributes. Partnership between the public and private sectors represent the best opportunities for the development of the economy, along with the increase of jobs and revitalize the private sector. There will be a new local service industries.

Perhaps the appropriate model for partnership between the public and private sectors in creating the design, construction and financing based on annual income, which represents the private finance initiative in Britain, Japan, Malaysia, the operating model. This is the provision of services on a certified financial subsidies or financial support system.

All this was just a vision for some countries that led the inability of the people, and in some cases the government, to pay the cost of public services, and the partnership between the public and private sectors to is difficult. One of the methods to modify the method of providing financial subsidies through the introduction of production-based subsidies system. The system refers to the development benefits that connects the delivery of public services in developing countries, subsidies linked to the targeted level of performance strategy. And it can offer such subsidies in the areas of transportation, education, water, cleaning and disinfection systems, and the provision of health care, in terms of positive externalities exceed the cost recovery of private markets.

As with any financial support system, it is based on the principle of production subsidies in the Dow Jones Focus Group Reviews payment system for service providers in exchange for a certain quality level of a pre-agreed and compared to a pre-agreed price. This method prevents the risk of non-delivery mainly to the service provider or port project, which makes it compatible with the increasing demands for access to subsidies donors; not only more effective in achieving results, but more transparent.

It can be directed subsidies to the poorest members. For example, in the field of health care, will be given receipts to ensure that patients who need medical care but do not have sufficient funds.

Receipts and ensure security for these patients to go to hospitals or clinics, where they are receiving medical care they need. The subsidy will be given to the specialist who provided medical care at the clinic or health care center in exchange for providing the service by a donor.

There will still be a need for specialized consultants on a high degree of skill and experience to make any project a partnership between the public and private sectors applicable. Like the Roman model in Britain, some of the emerging countries of the participation of foreign skilled in the creation of their infrastructure will benefit, but unlike the Roman conquerors, this must be done within the framework of partnership and share information. Achieve good growth and infrastructure development in the longer term, benefiting everyone from growth. Dow Focus Group

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Perhaps the self-term investors, who fear a new global financial crisis shock any more willing than they were before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, but growing concern in itself may increase the fragility of the markets.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent decline of the assets involving high risk around the globe to challenge one of the pillars on which the long-term on the basis that the great diversity of the governor enough to protect savings in total investment over time.

During the dark period of six months that followed the September September 2008 was not remember havens protect against the simultaneous landing of stocks and commodities, emerging markets and high yield debt, hedge funds and others.

There was no shelter can be done only cash and government bonds and high-rating methods such as private hedge volatility indicators.

For many of the dealers in the long term and pension funds and insurance companies that invest-term between 20 and 30 years, the shock probably no more than a short-term obstacle hope that fundamentals over time.

But after less than four years it is still the banking sector crisis that threatens to break up the euro zone and the other looks like the possibility of a Greek exit from the single currency area moment of the collapse of Lehman shock and other markets.

The question that imposes itself on a large number of funds do you close your eyes and hope that the diversity is greater enough to override another collapse or deliberately develop a plan to protect itself while quickly solve the worst.

It seems that the two things go in parallel.

Surveys show the pension funds they withdraw to a large extent and the scale seems wide range of stock markets in part of the proceeds of which close to zero over the past decade as a result of demographic factors, management and regulations obligations.

But with low returns on alternative goes without saying, a half-life of the bond high level is almost guaranteed a negative real return over time lead to get away for the shares of the assets of "alternative" such as hedge funds and direct investment and high yield debt, real estate or infrastructure.

A poll recently announced the results of Mercer Consulting this week and included 1,200 European pension funds assets up to 650 billion euros to get out of the stock markets did not hesitate during the past year and that more than a third planned to hold further reductions over the coming 12 months.

This shift is very remarkable for British pension funds loving shares. In 2012 allocations stocks fell to 43 percent from 58 percent in 2008 and had reached 68 percent in 2003. This is repeated out by a large number of institutions surveyed.

At the level of Europe it lowered the larger funds, which manages assets worth 2.5 billion euros or more investment allocations in stocks to 24 percent and up its investments in the local market to currently only six percent.

Instead of a large increase in holdings of severe yield of government bonds currently declining share of the so-called "alternatives" rose to 15 percent of the size of their portfolios from 4 percent in 2008.

And it reinforces the trend to move away from stocks and debt High-rating survey conducted by Barings Foundation for a number 99 of the British pension funds this month showed that most managers raise the volume of investment in alternatives with the specific aim is to reduce the risk of fluctuations in the conservative and are conducting a review of investment portfolios periodically.

But if another shock resulted in the market along the lines of Lehman to undermine diversification at least temporarily as a result of abandonment of all assets that involve risk across the border again .. What can we do?

It is believed BNP Paribas, for example, that the majority of its customers are seeking now to kind of protection from these storms by reforming security engines or provide greater flexibility for managers to purify conservative risk in the event of another major crisis.

Instead of granting portfolio managers narrow space to move to increase or decrease the relative weight in portfolios by ten percent according to pre-defined standard investors are showing increasing willingness to allow swift action to liquidate assets to protect the capital in exceptional circumstances.
He said Georgina Wilton expert investment in Global Simple Profits Review "Customers are increasingly vary guidance and focus on more risk to get off of the upside - and reduce reliance on official standards act with greater freedom to managers."

One of the potential problems of all these behavioral changes in market sectors that resides on the longer term and was a factor in the stability of the market in the short climb and landing Times-term risk of stoking instability, who wants to avoid in the market.

Disposal of assets involving high risk of the whole conservative and more periodic reviews of the strategies or the participation of the largest hedge funds in the portfolios of a broader combined into a violent jolt secondary markets, even if those plans were marginal activities of these investors may lead.

The problem is that marginal shifts global sector size to $ 35 trillion a very huge amount already.

He said Patrick Jordan fund manager at Alliance Bernstein "Many investors discover that they do not deal on some long-term as they thought before. Simple Profits Review

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Syrian investors began to worry that a new financial crisis in the European Union is the third since 2008, its results may be severe and long lasting. To start with, the European exchange markets hit by the weakness of a sudden, then it all began from France and Spain suffers a huge deficit in the public budget, while in some other European countries, such as Italy, experts made a resounding absence of Million Dollar Months APP reforms. There are historical ties between financial Switzerland and neighboring countries, as the neighbor France, for example, the government is trying to repair their balance sheets, while Italy may be the spark that will ignite a new financial crisis in the euro area.

And Greece stand out again in the Swiss investors' agenda as the government is planning to leave the international financial assistance program with the end of the year. There is no doubt that the emergence of a new financial crisis in the euro area, similar to those ravaged by the year 2012, would be a severe blow to Brussels, and that industrial production in the region is going through a sensitive stage, not to mention the «Zaid EW» German, which reflects the expectations of financial and Facts Index the task of the next three months, which is suffering a big drop. Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Review Analysts pointed out in the Zurich stock exchange to return to Greek and Portuguese Treasury bonds rise came back after a long absence. And increased interest rate on Greek bonds, maturing after 10 years, about 7 percent since March (March) the past. And the greater the benefits issued by the governments of southern Europe the proportion of Treasury bonds, including Greece, Portugal, close to the financial crisis of the doors of the European Union.
Secret Millionaires Club Reviews
To escape from European complex and not fully understood financial situation, international investors turn to the Swiss financial scene where yields large-cap stocks listed on the Zurich stock exchange has increased, about 0.3 percent since the end of last month. The record turnout on the purchase of German Treasury bonds, which fell paybacks about 0.84 percent, especially those that mature after 10 years. Analysts say that whenever benefits increased to a state treasury bonds, eroded government budgets and vice versa.

Observers and recorded internationally popular, even from North America, to buy every issue in Swiss francs of bonds and equities. Among the stocks that received a great success for those of the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Scam company for the production of chemicals, it raised part of it deserves after 10 years an annual interest rate of about 2.125 percent. This is another proof that Switzerland is moving on two levels, first in the government sector and particularly the second related to the private sector, have enjoyed an excellent and deep coordinated between them, contrary to what is happening in neighboring countries. Million Dollar Months Review

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After nine years to keep the Federal Reserve the US low-interest between zero and a quarter percentage points, still faces difficulty in trying to raise interest rates without causing slowing economic or disability growth, and that despite absorbed $ 4.5 trillion of local government US debt to pump the equivalent of cash, and after economic growth improves and the unemployment rate fell by 50 percent from 10.2 percent in the first half of 2009 to 5.1 percent in the second half of this year.
Theoretically, the United States enjoys economic performance well continuously over the past two years, as the world's largest economy grew ILFC more than $ 18 trillion or 24 percent of the global economy and the value of 73.5 trillion, 2.5 percent, which is acceptable if it does not live up to be strong enough.

The good performance of the US central stumbled most of the global economies ranging from China's second-largest economy in the world, whose economy grew more than 6 percent, but the _h small compared to China's growth of ten percent over the past decade. And raises further doubts about the future of the Chinese economy, Beijing is continuing to record negative results in successive reports about foreign import and export trade, and consumption of energy and raw materials.

And accompanied the decline of China's faltering financial markets, and made cuts to local value of its currency to improve exports, as well as other incentive measures, formed a consensus among economists, that the «decline is inevitable Chinese economy, and the only question is whether the Chinese decline will come in the form of a sudden decrease or gradually.

With the decline in China, the economies known as the «Asian tiger» countries landed, at the top of South Korea, which reaches its officials to Washington this week, to discuss the activation of the free trade agreement between the two, in the light of the decline in Korea's trade with China is crumbling and the need for Korea to markets and commercial exchange with alternative economies.
As China Europe in a period of a lack of economic balance, as seen most of the major economies, especially the German and the French, little growth and a decline in trade and economic activity generally. Decline in global economies means that the global growth rate, estimated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank estimated at 2.5 percent for this year, will depend mostly on US growth, which in turn apparently influenced to some extent the slowdown in global economies, and the high price of the dollar compared to international currencies.

But the reasons are still paying US growth, according to Medallion APP Review Foundation, is the strong consumer spending driven by increases in incomes and a reduction in the energy bill because of low oil and gas prices worldwide. Also, pay attainable expected 2.5 percent this year, US growth, an increase in the construction sector, including the construction of houses. As the US housing market live according to the institution itself, «a good year supported a stronger market and rising incomes in work and delay in supply over demand, and an increase in the formation of families.»
Perhaps the primary indicators push the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, even in the form of a slight, to curb any expected inflation. But it's not that easy from the standpoint of the US central bank leaders, who believe that the rate hike is necessary because the country may be exposed to recession at any moment, after more than seven years after the last recession, especially as the rising dollar and privately America growth among adults, pay with capital to arriving to the United States, as in previous economic cycles, where he was global vibration associated with the US recovery and relapse American.

In the case of America's recession hit, the reserve needs to be set «Tools» through which to combat the recession, which cut interest rates again. To restore weapon «cut interest» as well as weapon «quantitative easing» Federal Reserve needs to be filed, a performance requires a strong American economy. But the US economy, despite the lead at the growth among the big economies of the world, it is growing shyly forcing the Federal Reserve to maintain low interest rates so as not to hinder the already slow US growth.

As an alternative to raising interest which would cause a setback in the financial markets and possibly in the US economy as a whole, the central bank leaders consistently waving filed in order to prepare the market structure, which does not seem ready at all. And possibly conflicting signals left investors puzzled manipulate markets negatively, and prompted investors to refrain from investing deliberation pending the final decision about interest rates. Conflicting statements about interest prompted some experts to say, the Federal Reserve either interest or stop the chatter around public lift, which has become the economy and keep markets on alert and tension.

Whatever happened, it does not seem that federal leaders know more than others date the interest rate on US bonds to raise. And look improvised and contradictory statements, they are until the next in December (December), perhaps the public will continue to chatter, but interest rates will remain low in the mostly unchanged until further notice. Medallion APP Review