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The White House said US President Barack Obama discussed with the heads of 12 technology companies ways to work together to encourage investment in technological innovation in America and job growth in the private sector, during a meeting in California on Thursday. Said J. Carney, White House spokesman «President specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and to expand incentives for companies to growth and employment, as well as its goal to double US exports over five years» to create jobs millions of Americans.

On the other hand, New York City plans to lay off thousands of teachers in an attempt to fill the city's budget deficit, according to the budget presented by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday of the first.

The channel «The Wi-1» local news that is scheduled to be lay off 4,700 teachers, while 1500 will be written off because of another job or retired teachers bring to their resignations.
Bloomberg announced already in November (November) that it will lay off about ten thousand of public sector employees in the country's population of 300 thousand employees, in an attempt to bridge the budget $ 2.4 billion deficit. And it will provide the announced reductions in the number of teachers about $ 2.1 billion.

On the other hand, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank announced yesterday that the organizers of the banks will be able to deal with the bankruptcy of major banks today than they were two years ago to better thanks to the Dodd - Frank (Wall Street Reform Act) of the reform of financial legislation, which was adopted in the wake of the crisis that occurred in 2007 and 2008.

According to the «New York Times», emphasized Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the bank the Federal Reserve, before a committee of the Senate Banking, that it may take some time before the adoption of all the provisions of the new law, but the organizers have begun to tighten risk standards «have all learned the lesson from the crisis with all Confirm the".

When asked by committee member Senator Richard Shelby, the top Republican from Alabama, for what these lessons, Bernanke responded «the importance of packages, and not allow banks deviation, especially when working in areas such as risk management».
These statements come at a time when Bernanke and senior regulators being the heated discussions with lawmakers about whether the new legislation is expensive for businesses and consumers or not, and whether it was enough to protect them from another financial crisis.
He explained the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange, the insurance company on the Federal Deposit, and the Committee on Trade in commodity futures, and Acting Labor observer, how to write and implement their agency hundreds of rules and regulations required by the law, which was approved in July of this year. He said Gary Gnssler, Chairman of the goods, the Commission «financial system failed the American people in 2008, but the legislative system also let down the American people». The Committees commodities, securities and Exchange Commission has proposed 64 new law will affect the financial markets sectors, and issued eight final rules and four temporary rules. But officials indicated that they will work hard to meet the deadlines for all the laws of Dodd - Frank to make the final legislation.
For their part, focused a lot of senators in their discussions on the federal proposal, which needed debit card issuers to cut nearly 90 per cent of the fees imposed on merchants for individual purchases.
Fed also proposed rules exempting small Automated Cash APP Review banks that rely on fees to maintain profitability, that have to cut their fees, but Bernanke and Sheila Baer, ​​president of the insurance company on the Federal Deposit, said that the dual-axis system may not fit. Bernanke said «I do not expect that the application of this exception, because merchants may not accept discount cards from smaller institutions if it will have to pay higher fees to do so. Moreover, the transfers debit card networks may not show a desire to create systems that operate on two different types of tariff rates. » However, Bernanke pointed out that the reduced fees, known as interchange fees, remittances will reduce debt expenses, which will enable the transfer of some of the savings to the customer.
For their part, some members supported in the House and Senate, the principle of exchange, a division of the Dodd - Frank usually referred to as the Durbin amendment relative to the proposal of Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois.
During the hearing held by the Committee on Financial Services House of Representatives on Thursday, but the Senate Banking Committee, the organizers of the banks, lawmakers asked whether it was necessary to postpone the application of the law - something Congress should approve it. In the hearing, which was held in the House of Representatives re-Sarah Bloom Raskin, a member of the Board of Governors of the Fed, Congress ball to the court again when she said «We are sticking firmly committed to the desire of Congress».
But Bayer were not clear in her speech at the hearing held by the Senate, she said, «there are discussions taking place on both sides of the board, but it took place very quickly, and I think it's seen a lot of ramifications, who will pay for the meeting why and who will pay more and pay less, and accordingly there are some things that may not have been handled optimally ». John Walsh, Acting Comptroller of the Currency, asked the Senate study reviewing private law part that limits the use of credit ratings to determine whether the institution is able to continue to invest or not. Walsh said «We are aware that the wrong use of credit ratings, especially in the field of structured finance, shares an important role in the financial crisis, but that was not true in the case of evaluating companies and municipalities. After a high Automated Cash APP Review profile study, and opinions contained in, we did not find any practical alternatives to these assessments can be used in the banking sector. »

In spite of the lack of defense of a return to «full reliance» on the credit assessments, he confirmed that the «use within certain limits necessary for the application of capital rules», according to what was said.

The Welch on that financial regulators are considering taking civil enforcement action against some companies that provide mortgages for homes that were marred by «defects and deficiencies dangerous» in the way it dealt with foreclosures Services .. «The majority of the services that were tested last year compatible with the rules. But lawmakers are working on the preparation of changes to deal with some specific problems such as the problems of clients defaulting financially ».
It was a lot of Democrats in Congress, they have made an effort in the clarification of their counterparts in the Congress that the committees of the stock exchange and securities futures and commodities are facing budget pressures have led to cuts in technology spending and the use of travel and implementation team.

Said Mary Shapiro, Chair of the stock exchanges and securities, that the situation things may get worse if the application of Dodd - Frank and oversight responsibilities and new enforcement «because we do not have the ability at the moment to examine hedge funds, for example, or the supervision of the registration and regulation of parts of the Swaps market. »

He repeated the same assessment Gnssler saying «I know that our nation suffers from a large budget deficit requires us unite and adopt the best approach to deal with. It may be difficult at the present time ask for more money for this agency at this time, but I think that this is a good investment for the American people to be able to avoid a crisis like that which occurred in 2008 ». Automated Cash APP Review Automated Cash APP


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