Centument LTD Review Is Centument LTD Software Scam Or Legit?

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Centument LTD

From in the wind after the French rescue Belgian bank Dexia? Europe's banks have become in the eye of the hurricane with the faltering euro debt rescue operations. Finally, it may have major banks in Europe to recognize its losses. With hesitate to government leaders, bankers and executives in recognition that the hundreds of billions of euro in the form of Greek debt with financial institutions value worth much less than their face value, we find them to accept the grim reality slowly, with the increase in investors, customers and lenders worried.

On the day before yesterday said «Deutsche Bank» It will not bring Msthdvath earnings during the current year, justified doubts among investors that losses in holdings of Greek bonds. http://www.centumentltd.com/centument-ltd-reviews Government officials and discuss on dismantling «Dexia», the French Belgian bank, and the development of non-performing assets in a private bank.

This recent pain has led to stimulate the disposal by sale within Europe, and drew a strong blow to the banks in France and Germany in particular. And improved Wall Street, which has suffered from early problems within the continent, at closing time, after reports that European finance officials are studying ways to strengthen the sector.

With the continuing European debt crisis worsening, financial companies exposed face of the sovereign debt troubled harsh repercussions. And approaching the weakest banks from the arms of their governments. The shares collapsed «Dexia» - which received more than 21 billion euros in the form of the end of last year, Greek, Italian and Spanish and Portuguese bonds - in recent days. This situation has prompted the Belgian and French governments to ensure the future financial needs of the Bank, after submitting a rescue for «Dexia» aid three years ago.

For the strongest banks such as «Deutsche Bank», the largest bank in Germany, increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase capital. The day before yesterday the German bank said it no longer it was able to fulfill Centument profits for 2011 and is estimated at 10 billion euros (the equivalent of almost $ 13.3 billion). He added that he will incur a loss of 250 million euros in Greek debt and will eliminate 500 jobs in the investment sector, most of them outside Germany.

According to the figures, the value of Greek debt reduction should be possible, some banks have already begun to reduce the value of its holdings to market prices. But a lot of the owners of the largest holdings, including «Dexia» and «Societe Generale» and «BNP Paribas» and bankers German government, opposed the recognition that Greek bonds are worth at best 50% of the nominal value. And the «Dexia» 3.4 billion euros in its assets, as has «Deutsche Bank» 1.1 billion euros.

It is feared European policy-makers to pay Greece to default. The organizers wanted to wait until it can provide protection for Spanish and Italian debt and the protection of European banks that hold bonds in their budgets close to the nominal value.

Carl Llano, CEO Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, says the newspaper «New York Times». «Once you have to reduce the value of Greek debt for Dexia, this will have consequences for the French and German banks» He said that «Dexia» may be in the worst situation, but «the issue is the same for all the banks - will be on the taxpayers pay for it.»

What policymakers Europeans still largely divided about how to deal with unstable banks. The French government supports swap between Greece and bankers reached in July as part of a second rescue package for Athens. But Germany is increasingly pressuring the banks to contribute a greater share in the growing Greek rescue bill. Officials at the German Ministry of Finance, says that the best way to do so that the banks bear the loss of 50% on Greek bonds.

Since the private sector to reach a deal in July, the Greek bond prices in the secondary market fell to about 36% of the nominal value, instead of 75%. This has put additional pressure on European policy makers to change the terms of the agreement. And on Monday, said Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, who heads a permanent working group of finance ministers of the euro zone, changing circumstances within the market, and pointed out that Europe discussed «Technology Reviews» of the agreement.

Analysts point to the newspaper «New York Times» to that the cost of this private sector initiative have risen significantly. As was first planned, it was assumed that Greece borrow 35 billion euros to buy Centument LTD Software bonds (AAA) required to support the new stock in order to swap the debt. But the global rise in high-quality bonds make the debt more expensive. He says people participants in the deal now that Greece needs to borrow an additional 12 billion euros.

The question remains: Are taxpayers will bear the financial or corporate difference, perhaps moving closer towards European bodies special coordinator effort banks.

Said Olli Rehn, the European commissioner in charge of economic affairs, told «Financial Times» Day before yesterday that the capital position of banks «must be strengthened to provide security margins and thus reduce uncertainty case.» He said that there is «a sense of urgency it», acknowledging that some officials were discussing measures to strengthen banks.

The comments seem contradictory contained Rennes with teammate Michael Barnier, the European Commissioner responsible for financial services. On the day before yesterday and after a meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg, Barnier said that although the capitalization of banks, there is no need for new procedures. He says a growing number of economists, and some voices within the International Monetary Fund, said that the banks need to formally recognize its losses to restore its credibility. A senior official at the International Monetary Fund rejection of anonymity said he was not authorized to speak publicly about this sensitive issue: «hard to see how Greece will come out of this without reducing the value of its debt». http://itdecs.com/reviews/centument-ltd-review-is-centument-ltd-software-scam-or-not Centument LTD Software Centument LTD Review


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