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Must «Obama administration» and Congress to raise the federal debt ceiling by 2 August, and that's all there is to it. In the world after the failure of the United States defaults, financial markets will collapse and will enter the US and global economy from serious recession phase. America will face a scary financial problems, out of control in light of the decrease in tax revenues and rising demand for unemployment insurance and food stamps and subsidized medical assistance to the poor and other programs that support the system vulnerable Americans.

Centument Review It would be wonderful if politicians are able to agree on control of the budget deficit in the future in the framework of an agreement to reduce the debt, but it is not necessary that this is happening. It will satisfy international investors to raise the ceiling of religion and maintains the economic recovery is sufficiently until the presidential election next year. It will be the 2012 elections as a referendum on how to deal with our problems and financial, is Whoever wins will set the agenda, can be done to make tough decisions after the inauguration of the next president and Congress power. It's good that legislators are currently trying to do more, hoping to lead the pressure that surrounds the issue of raising the debt ceiling to make significant changes in fiscal policy. The united and gathering around the same budget accounts is encouraging, where he called President Obama to cut the budget deficit by about $ 4 trillion over the next ten years, as well as Paul Ryan, Republican Representative from the state of Wisconsin and chairman of the Budget Committee in the House of Representatives in the proposed budget, and also the National Committee fiscal responsibility and reform known as the Centument Review . There is an urgent need to reduce the public budget by $ 4 trillion over the next ten years in order to maintain the financial status of the government and to maintain low interest rates and the strengthening of the US economy over the long term. There is considerable disagreement in the form of deficit reduction, but can bypass it if we agreed to provide about four trillions through reduced government spending, which includes tax expenditures. The following Centument Review is the appropriate method to achieve this. Cut the budget by about two trillion dollars on the estimated expenditure will affect the items that are not related to defense, defense spending and programs of the National Insurance. Surely there is a way to address the problems relating to the budget without a major change in social security, health care and health care programs for the poor system. The budget will be reduced by a trillion dollars by reducing tax expenditures of exceptions and exemptions and tax deductions, as well as a tax credit, which is one of the gaps filled by the tax law, which cost the government more than a trillion dollars per year. The mortgage interest deduction alone over the next ten years, an estimated $ 1.4 trillion. But there are hundreds indirectly go to finance the expenses of students and health insurance and the costs of caring for children and local real estate taxes and so forth.

Seen as a government tax expenses as expenditure rather than a reduction in taxes. For example, to reduce local property taxes to the federal government similar to sending bills to homeowners addresses. So tax expenditures reduce the lead to reduced government spending. It is certain that the termination of tax expenditures such as tax forms of mitigation for specific purposes termination provisions similar to that provided by Congress. For example to cut interest rates on the mortgage to improve the affordability of the cost of homes, which is one of the obvious goals did not. The advantage of the Centument Review tax benefits in house prices that rise more than tax cuts when demand for homes. Due to the larger benefit homeowners who pay mortgage installments huge and high-income owners, who can clarify items in detail and thus demanding a tax cut.

Should not this reduction starts in expenses and the change in the tax code today or next year, the economic recovery is still fragile stage. There are a lot of restrictions in the financial policies spans allow tax on wages will expire at the beginning of next year, by which time it will see the launch of the unemployment insurance program. But it is likely to become the strongest economy by 2013 so that it can accept more spending cuts as long as it is progressively over ten years. There is a need to cut spending another trillion dollars to reach the reduction target, which is four trillion dollars. It is possible to achieve this through the interest on the federal debt smaller cut parallel to achieve other forms of reduction. This highlights the benefits of taking quick and decisive action, as well as the consequences of not doing so. Interest will continue to accumulate and grow and be an enormous burden on the budget in the end.

Even if it does not reach a comprehensive agreement and currently adequately in order to achieve financial sustainability, the lawmakers not to skip the debt ceiling. And without increasing the ability to borrow, perhaps enough flowing federal funds to pay the debt on time, but what about the countless government commitments? Feel the credit rating agencies concerned about the inability of the US Department of the Treasury on debt repayment on the priority list mode, has developed a Foundation «Moody», which I work for has, the US debt on review and is likely to be lowered its credit rating. It will be the failure of the United States to pay its debt a milestone, A taxonomy credit of the United States, a «Aaa» one of the constants of the global financial system. When the situation is getting worse in any place in the world, investors from around the world rush to buy US Treasury bonds because they know they Centument Review their money. Led «rush towards quality» to lower US interest rates to a level close to the record level, and that was a major factor that has helped to maintain the strength of the economy. But it was to get this feature for more than two centuries, through a firm commitment to the principle that the United States is committed to always pay your bills on time. Slip one foot and the government will have to incur higher interest rates for years and perhaps for generations. Even if the Treasury was able to put debt repayments on its list of priorities, it will be at the expense of other commitments. And in August, the deficit will reach almost $ 150 billion. Can be granted leave for workers in the public sector, and workers could not get the unemployed on benefits in full, it may suffer even beneficiaries of Social Security and veterans' system.

Although this scenario will not include the United States fails to pay the debt, it will be the reaction of the stock and bond markets harsh. And currently it happening already cracked in the market because of the credit risk on the Treasury bonds, which investors get through guarantees in the event of defaults on bond value of swap contracts. If Centument Review progress in the issue of the debt ceiling did not happen during the next week, it will take more credit rating agencies and procedures will increase the rift. If began to cut government spending at the beginning of August, investors from around the world will doubt the security of their bonds, where they will see to deprive the beneficiaries of the social security system of financial dues beginning to crack the American financial power. Perhaps we are witnessing reproduce for a moment save the troubled assets that occurred in September 2008 program, when the House of Representatives voted to reject the initial financing plan to save the banks and stock prices fell. At least will fall and the value of stock markets and the dollar sharply higher interest rates if they are not raising the debt ceiling before the deadline.

It can plunge financial markets turmoil, as well as a reflection of the significant reduction in government spending is negative on the fragile economic recovery between overnight. Can not the private sector in any way that bridges the gap that resulted from the decline in federal spending. In light of this economy will be affected by declining tax revenues negatively, and will increase the demand for government support programs, increasing the financial position of the US government worse.

Instead of having to cut the budget by $ 4 trillion over ten years to achieve financial sustainability, America will have to reduce the budget value of almost $ 5 trillion. And the unemployment rate will rise again and up to double-digit number, and will remain at this point for two years at least. It is hard to imagine that the political leaders and policy makers engaged in this dark tunnel. So I would expect that they would reach a way to increase the debt ceiling in a timely manner. If they were able to figure out how to address the financial problems in the long run at least partially through the negotiations, which will be witnessed next couple of weeks, this will be a great asset. But not necessarily be done now Centument Review
Centument Review Centument Review


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