Citidel LTD Investment APP Review Is Citidel LTD APP Scam Or Legit?

Citidel LTD Investment APP Review Is Citidel Investment APP Scam Or Legit? Is Citidel LTD Investment APP Software Works? My Citidel LTD Investment APP Review and £1000 Bonus

Citidel LTD Investment APP

The International Monetary Fund issued a report criticizing the reaction of the United States about the slow rise in the public debt, which he said in the report that American officials should act quickly to control the fiscal deficit or the face of slow growth and difficult choices in the future. The International Monetary Fund warned this conflict after federal officials in the wake of the issuance of Congress a report on the annual deficit, which reached $ 1.5 trillion this year in historical precedent. This was the latest report has raised are concerns that the massive government debt in developed countries could undermine the economic recovery Mr. Carlo Director of Finance at the International Monetary Fund, said during a study conducted by the Fund «United States of America has a lot of credibility. But this does not mean that this credibility will last forever. » The study concluded that the United States has reneged on a promise pledged by other economic countries to reduce the budget deficit by 2013. This, said Mr. Robert Gibbs, the White House Affairs press secretary «that this problem may have arisen over many years, and it will take concerted Democrats and Republicans efforts to find The solution". He also noted that President Obama has called for a freeze on spending during his weekly address. Officials at the International Monetary Fund and welcomed the move, but they reported the need to cut spending in retirement benefits and health programs not the United States the only economic power which have long been criticism of the International Monetary Fund, but also targeted Monetary Japan, according to the International Monetary Fund.
In confirmation of this point, the company «Standard & Poor's» credit rating interest on bonds downgraded Japan on Thursday of «AA to AA-.» And that due to the concern that Japanese SEO conduct will not compromise on the debt of close to about Citidel Investment APP twice the size of the national . Although the interest in Japan is still high, but the reduction was a reminder that even a strong economy and credit worthiness and the existence of currency «with a safe haven« on a large scale, can be exposed to the kind of pressure like the one made countries such as Greece and Ireland fall under the weight of rising costs debt in previous months so it took an international rescue operations.

The study said that the gravity of the case in the US states much less. The economy of the United States lags about 14 trillion dollars for the world's major economies, but the dollar remains the reserve currency preferred, and the large capital markets in the United States enough to absorb investments from various regions of the world. But officials at the International Monetary Fund said that the public debt in the United States is very large - and is continuing to grow - so that American officials should enhance credibility. But it is not likely to cause a lack of debt reduction in the United States or loss of confidence in the government's ability to repay debt and pay creditors blew the case of catastrophic events - to stop the financing of global trade and support credit in the banks Citidel Investment APP and governments bear a large amount of debt the United States relies the cash flow from the United States and the need to maintain a presence.

And not so long ago, it seemed that the United States is on the right track in the commitment to reduce the annual deficit by 2013. But at a meeting of the world's major economies leaders, which was held in Canada last summer, US officials pledged to cut the deficit by 6 per cent of GDP. But now, the expectations have become to achieve this goal are less optimistic. Based on data released by the Congressional Budget Office this week, the recent tax cuts and spending is expected to keep the annual deficit by about 10 per cent of GDP for this year. This seems to be similar to the deficit in European countries like Spain and Britain, which are located under the pressure of global bond markets to reduce expenses and raise taxes and restructure their economies. It is expected that the total size of the debt in the United States about 70 per cent of the national economy in the next year. If combined with debt owed by the US, the public debt will reach 100 percent of gross domestic product. European countries began the dialogue with citizens about what governments can offer and what they can not afford. There are trends to deduct employees' salaries in the public sector and the reduction of services and pension benefits, what led to protests and strikes, according to the International Monetary.

These are the options that the United States free to take, especially since still look to government spending on it is important to support the economic recovery. He headed debate about the deficit to stay away from sensitive political topics such as restoring restructuring of social security and health care, as the International Monetary Fund suggests that the costs of these sectors need to be reset if the United States wanted to make progress in reducing the  economic analysis conducted by the analysts Agency S & P Standard & Poor's last week about the US debt that things unimaginable what officials may occur in the United States did not take the necessary actions. The analysts wrote Agency «Ifters that the US government will soon reveal a credible plan to tighten fiscal policy so that the government be able to achieve stability in the ratio of public debt to gross national product and then reduced to the average limit. In the absence of a credible plan, the interest rates in the United States federal government Strzach under great pressure. » Citadel LTD Investment APP


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