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Dow Jones Focus Group

It was a fun week! There are three events I refer to them, before I begin to address the main topic in this article. First, while writing this article is struggling euro zone leaders in order to save on their currency, Britain benefit from dual scale with respect to its economy and good news. The positive trade balance Official figures indicate that exporters registered a record high in sales abroad, despite ongoing in the euro zone crisis, while slowed the rise in the delivery of factory prices, any cost of goods coming out of the factories, which is a positive step towards a future look on inflation.

The second event, relates to the euro zone. Former European Commission President has acknowledged, Jacques Delors, that in the nineties of the twentieth century, the European Commission leaders opted to turn a blind eye to the weaknesses in the economy of some Member States, and now, with the emergence of issues on the surface, it was not reactive enough. In one of the articles, Delors pointed to «flaw in the implementation», in the sense that the current crisis in the euro zone was inevitable. He has admitted that he when he warned Dow Jones Focus Group that the existence of one central bank and a single currency without a single state would be a non-permanent «were right».

Another thing I noticed this week is a declaration from the Office for National Statistics in Britain. According to the first official questionnaire by the Dow Jones Focus Group Office as part of the «happiness index», it turns out that in spite of all the worries about the euro zone and worries about jobs and high expenses, the British still have happy, ranked Seventy-six per cent of Britons themselves as happy, she said about Eight out of every ten individuals they believe that the games also work in their lives are worth it. In spite of that, in another article to me, I have to I will repeat that I consider the infrastructure again this week.

Britain beholden in infrastructure for many different groups of people with diverse skills and across the centuries. The ancient Romans has made a strong contribution in this regard.

In Britain, as in other provinces, the Romans established a complete network of paved main roads. The primary function is to allow the rapid movement of Dow Jones Focus Group Reviews supplies, also provided basic infrastructure for trade and transport of goods. What road network Romania continues to affect us as a means of communication, and the system is totalitarian in nature and when the Romans influential. Romans also introduced social infrastructure.

In addition, the successful infrastructure in need of a good government, whether today or the past two centuries ago, and that budgets must comply with it.

Let me quote from a speech delivered on the subject: «must be a balanced budget .. must reduce public debt size .. people should learn to work again instead of relying on government subsidies ...» that phrase sound familiar in this day and can be come from any European country, but the words were the words of the Roman philosopher Marcus in 55 BC.

This correlation seems to say that the infrastructure in the twentieth century atheist and a similar, even today, very fast to the present day. According to the executive summary in the spring statement British Finance Minister on November 29 (November): «the government will permanent cuts in spending, using savings over that period to finance the infrastructure necessary to support the growth of investment and social mobility».

On the same day, November 29 (November), the British government published a national infrastructure for 2011. The plan came in the opening paragraph of them: «represents infrastructure networks modern economy is a key determinant factor of growth and productivity». It's the same State different millennium, but one theory.

In all parts of the world, represents the investment in infrastructure a lucrative aspects of spending, it creates jobs in the short term, contrary to government spending, also help to achieve long-term growth. It is easier to attract other Dow Jones Focus Group investments to a country with good transportation network.

The British government's strategy is to continue to engage the private sector in this regard. This is an excellent example should be followed by a lot of other economies, including many of the emerging economies.

In the past week, it reported that the International Finance Corporation has pointed out that the Middle East and North Africa has less kilometers of infrastructure investments in the world.

Employment partnership agreements between the public and private sectors would be a logical way to deal with this deficit. The private sector can generate sustainable jobs based on high-quality knowledge to the growing numbers of people in a lot of countries with emerging economies in the context of the structure is supported by the public sector, which will develop by extension, its ability to design quality own infrastructure growing social attributes. Partnership between the public and private sectors represent the best opportunities for the development of the economy, along with the increase of jobs and revitalize the private sector. There will be a new local service industries.

Perhaps the appropriate model for partnership between the public and private sectors in creating the design, construction and financing based on annual income, which represents the private finance initiative in Britain, Japan, Malaysia, the operating model. This is the provision of services on a certified financial subsidies or financial support system.

All this was just a vision for some countries that led the inability of the people, and in some cases the government, to pay the cost of public services, and the partnership between the public and private sectors to is difficult. One of the methods to modify the method of providing financial subsidies through the introduction of production-based subsidies system. The system refers to the development benefits that connects the delivery of public services in developing countries, subsidies linked to the targeted level of performance strategy. And it can offer such subsidies in the areas of transportation, education, water, cleaning and disinfection systems, and the provision of health care, in terms of positive externalities exceed the cost recovery of private markets.

As with any financial support system, it is based on the principle of production subsidies in the Dow Jones Focus Group Reviews payment system for service providers in exchange for a certain quality level of a pre-agreed and compared to a pre-agreed price. This method prevents the risk of non-delivery mainly to the service provider or port project, which makes it compatible with the increasing demands for access to subsidies donors; not only more effective in achieving results, but more transparent.

It can be directed subsidies to the poorest members. For example, in the field of health care, will be given receipts to ensure that patients who need medical care but do not have sufficient funds.

Receipts and ensure security for these patients to go to hospitals or clinics, where they are receiving medical care they need. The subsidy will be given to the specialist who provided medical care at the clinic or health care center in exchange for providing the service by a donor.

There will still be a need for specialized consultants on a high degree of skill and experience to make any project a partnership between the public and private sectors applicable. Like the Roman model in Britain, some of the emerging countries of the participation of foreign skilled in the creation of their infrastructure will benefit, but unlike the Roman conquerors, this must be done within the framework of partnership and share information. Achieve good growth and infrastructure development in the longer term, benefiting everyone from growth. Dow Focus Group


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