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Presented with the Federal Reserve Bank of attack at home and abroad, the Bank of trying to open an extraordinary to keep himself away from political bickering.
And after being subjected to a torrent of criticism over the past week - by foreign officials Gnapein and economists leaders along with Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Reserve Bank Fed, the Bank of «Fed officials came out» to illustrate their efforts to the rescue by pumping $ 600 billion more into the ailing US economy .

And a matter of concern for the Federal Reserve Bank monitors performance in addition to the defenders with him is that some local criticism may imply objection to the traditional independence of the Federal Reserve Bank in setting monetary policy without political interference.
In a public interview rare, William Dudley, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that the step taken by the Federal Reserve Bank that were not designed to influence the value of the dollar, but it was aimed instead to encourage faster and stronger American economy recovery also help in achieving international growth.

Dudley said: «We do not have any goal with respect to raising the value of the dollar or decrease. Our goal is to improve the financial conditions and stimulate economic expansion stronger and more rapid growth of the recruitment process. »

In an interview with the newspaper «Wall Street Journal», he defended the new vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank, Janet Yellen, the decision in similar terms widely. She said: «I'm having a hard time and I'm studying where strong growth can already comes. I see that inflation will hover around current levels for a long time. » Yellin said they «were not happy to see the Federal Reserve embroiled in political controversy.»

And it went comments Dudley, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Market Committee Federal Open, which sets monetary policy and the comments of unrelenting to the level of response is unusual, the first response provided by senior federal officials on the voices that criticized their decision this month to pump more money into the banking system. The Citidel Investment APP plan aims to boost economic recovery by buying government bonds in order to reduce long-term interest rates. http://binaryapp-810.co/citadel-ltd-review-is-citidel-investment-app-scam-or-not

Said Kenneth grapefruit, professor of international finance at Harvard Business School: «the Federal Reserve Bank needs to issue statements more clearly because of the volatility of the political situation at the moment. This is a very rare case where the object to the basic power that put them in institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank is the largest ever by politicians and economists who are often link between them and the political parties. »

* Worry about bonds:
* The bond markets have been growing wave of concern due to the actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank. During last Monday, bond prices fell and yields jumped as a result of fears that seized investors. The criticisms tend to rely on three axes, where some observers accused the Federal Reserve Bank of deliberately weakening the dollar to make US exports more competitive, and by others feared that the decision «Fed» can be exacerbated by inflation over time. However, there are other observers say the policy «Fed» will be ineffective in the absence of additional fiscal stimulus.
And hair officials «Fed» clearly concerned about the opinion Greenspan, which was published in the newspaper «Financial Times» last Thursday at the beginning of the meetings of the Group of Twenty nations South Korean capital, Seoul. Greenspan said that the United States «was implemented a policy to weaken the process» and increase the risk of economic and trade protectionism.
In an open letter milk Bernanke, chairman of «Fed» on Monday, urged a group of economists and conservative writers and investors to «reconsider the action taken by the (Federal Reserve) and stop the work done», stressing that the bond purchases «threaten to reduce the value of exposure to currency and inflation. »

The group included Michael, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the White House, and historian Ferguson and Douglas, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and economist John Taylor, one of the most prominent critics of Bernanke. Dudley did not specify any critic, but he pointed out that criticism has no basis in truth. Dudley said bis President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Einstein Method Review US data: «There is no long-term conflict between what the United States is trying to accomplish and what other countries are trying to achieve; as the strong economic recovery in the United States serve the interests of the global economy».

Although Dudley's remarks that the impact on the very slight dollar, it admitted that when adjusting interest rates «there will be further consequences for the dollar, we have seen some weakness that affected the dollar exchange rate in the period, but that does not seem exceptional in view of the changes that we have seen in interest rates in the United States compared to the benefit abroad. »
Dudley has refused beliefs which said that the Federal Reserve is an arena for inflation can not be brought under control during the next few years. He said that the Fed has the tools to drain bank reserves placed on the list of his account. He said we are sure that these tools will be effective in maintaining the inflation control, and we are fully prepared to use these tools when you need it, to avoid the inflation problem, pointing out that inflation is not a way out of the current crisis.
Dudley said the Fed's efforts, has achieved the target of its purposes, since August, when the Federal Reserve hinted that it may take further action to support the financial recovery, stock prices rose, fell and long-term interest rates. It makes it easier for customers buy homes or refinance the mortgage and borrowing operations and investment for companies.

He added: «We have seen a more stable financial conditions during that period, and believe that the expectations program a second large-scale purchase of assets was the primary driver of these changes», continued to Dudley: «However, one should not look at this tool as a medicine magical for all ills, or a magic wand will work on the economy recovers very quickly. He said that the move of the Federal Reserve, known as quantitative easing would not be very effective, but they are nonetheless necessary to reduce the risk of the occurrence of a deep recession. »
He said: «will be a long and bumpy road to reach a strong and healthy expansion, but that would be a catalyst rather than a detrimental factor».

And growing doubts about the financial policy of the government, whether to extend the tax cuts introduced in the era of President Bush or not extended. In the long run the questions revolve around how the state will control the deficit, which reached record levels and increased the difficulty of financial recovery.

When Dudley asked if the financial predicament has forced the Federal Reserve to act, he said: about what we can worry about, a fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve is working to implement the orders issued to him. »

And display Dudley, who joined the Federal Reserve in New York in 2007, coming from a bank «Goldman Sachs» where he held the post of chief economist, also offer details about the evolution of the Federal Reserve look. Said Dudley, in an interview last spring: «we will enter next year we hold expectations of improvement in the economy, we have started seeing missionaries that of a healthy rebound in jobs in the private sector, but by the summer began to grow in the stop, and are now estimated growth rate of about 2 per cent annual deficit has declined and will continue to decline in the deficit further », he said:« the economy was vulnerable to a big shake us can claim to a large contraction ».

In recent lectures, he said Dudley and Charles Evans, president of the Chicago Federal possibility of allowing higher inflation in the future to offset the significant decline in inflation, which is known as the target price level. But Dudley said in an interview that he does not approve of this method. Dudley said: «the problem of targeting the price level is that it is hard to explain what are made do not create greater tension on the inflation target in the long run. And then we'd like Americans to realize that we are committed to price stability in the long run. »
Dudley has declined to discuss the consultations on the Finance Committee. But he admitted that the decision was not easy, he said: «rational people can be Akhalfona opinion about the magnitude of the magnitude of the cost versus the benefits. It is quite reasonable to expect that not everyone looks at it the same picture, because these policies were not used in the past ».

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