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After nine years to keep the Federal Reserve the US low-interest between zero and a quarter percentage points, still faces difficulty in trying to raise interest rates without causing slowing economic or disability growth, and that despite absorbed $ 4.5 trillion of local government US debt to pump the equivalent of cash, and after economic growth improves and the unemployment rate fell by 50 percent from 10.2 percent in the first half of 2009 to 5.1 percent in the second half of this year.
Theoretically, the United States enjoys economic performance well continuously over the past two years, as the world's largest economy grew ILFC more than $ 18 trillion or 24 percent of the global economy and the value of 73.5 trillion, 2.5 percent, which is acceptable if it does not live up to be strong enough.

The good performance of the US central stumbled most of the global economies ranging from China's second-largest economy in the world, whose economy grew more than 6 percent, but the _h small compared to China's growth of ten percent over the past decade. And raises further doubts about the future of the Chinese economy, Beijing is continuing to record negative results in successive reports about foreign import and export trade, and consumption of energy and raw materials.

And accompanied the decline of China's faltering financial markets, and made cuts to local value of its currency to improve exports, as well as other incentive measures, formed a consensus among economists, that the «decline is inevitable Chinese economy, and the only question is whether the Chinese decline will come in the form of a sudden decrease or gradually.

With the decline in China, the economies known as the «Asian tiger» countries landed, at the top of South Korea, which reaches its officials to Washington this week, to discuss the activation of the free trade agreement between the two, in the light of the decline in Korea's trade with China is crumbling and the need for Korea to markets and commercial exchange with alternative economies.
As China Europe in a period of a lack of economic balance, as seen most of the major economies, especially the German and the French, little growth and a decline in trade and economic activity generally. Decline in global economies means that the global growth rate, estimated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank estimated at 2.5 percent for this year, will depend mostly on US growth, which in turn apparently influenced to some extent the slowdown in global economies, and the high price of the dollar compared to international currencies.

But the reasons are still paying US growth, according to Medallion APP Review Foundation, is the strong consumer spending driven by increases in incomes and a reduction in the energy bill because of low oil and gas prices worldwide. Also, pay attainable expected 2.5 percent this year, US growth, an increase in the construction sector, including the construction of houses. As the US housing market live according to the institution itself, «a good year supported a stronger market and rising incomes in work and delay in supply over demand, and an increase in the formation of families.»
Perhaps the primary indicators push the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, even in the form of a slight, to curb any expected inflation. But it's not that easy from the standpoint of the US central bank leaders, who believe that the rate hike is necessary because the country may be exposed to recession at any moment, after more than seven years after the last recession, especially as the rising dollar and privately America growth among adults, pay with capital to arriving to the United States, as in previous economic cycles, where he was global vibration associated with the US recovery and relapse American.

In the case of America's recession hit, the reserve needs to be set «Tools» through which to combat the recession, which cut interest rates again. To restore weapon «cut interest» as well as weapon «quantitative easing» Federal Reserve needs to be filed, a performance requires a strong American economy. But the US economy, despite the lead at the growth among the big economies of the world, it is growing shyly forcing the Federal Reserve to maintain low interest rates so as not to hinder the already slow US growth.

As an alternative to raising interest which would cause a setback in the financial markets and possibly in the US economy as a whole, the central bank leaders consistently waving filed in order to prepare the market structure, which does not seem ready at all. And possibly conflicting signals left investors puzzled manipulate markets negatively, and prompted investors to refrain from investing deliberation pending the final decision about interest rates. Conflicting statements about interest prompted some experts to say, the Federal Reserve either interest or stop the chatter around public lift, which has become the economy and keep markets on alert and tension.

Whatever happened, it does not seem that federal leaders know more than others date the interest rate on US bonds to raise. And look improvised and contradictory statements, they are until the next in December (December), perhaps the public will continue to chatter, but interest rates will remain low in the mostly unchanged until further notice. Medallion APP Review


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