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Million Dollar Months
Million Dollar Months

Syrian investors began to worry that a new financial crisis in the European Union is the third since 2008, its results may be severe and long lasting. To start with, the European exchange markets hit by the weakness of a sudden, then it all began from France and Spain suffers a huge deficit in the public budget, while in some other European countries, such as Italy, experts made a resounding absence of Million Dollar Months APP reforms. There are historical ties between financial Switzerland and neighboring countries, as the neighbor France, for example, the government is trying to repair their balance sheets, while Italy may be the spark that will ignite a new financial crisis in the euro area.

And Greece stand out again in the Swiss investors' agenda as the government is planning to leave the international financial assistance program with the end of the year. There is no doubt that the emergence of a new financial crisis in the euro area, similar to those ravaged by the year 2012, would be a severe blow to Brussels, and that industrial production in the region is going through a sensitive stage, not to mention the «Zaid EW» German, which reflects the expectations of financial and Facts Index the task of the next three months, which is suffering a big drop. Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Review Analysts pointed out in the Zurich stock exchange to return to Greek and Portuguese Treasury bonds rise came back after a long absence. And increased interest rate on Greek bonds, maturing after 10 years, about 7 percent since March (March) the past. And the greater the benefits issued by the governments of southern Europe the proportion of Treasury bonds, including Greece, Portugal, close to the financial crisis of the doors of the European Union.
Secret Millionaires Club Reviews
To escape from European complex and not fully understood financial situation, international investors turn to the Swiss financial scene where yields large-cap stocks listed on the Zurich stock exchange has increased, about 0.3 percent since the end of last month. The record turnout on the purchase of German Treasury bonds, which fell paybacks about 0.84 percent, especially those that mature after 10 years. Analysts say that whenever benefits increased to a state treasury bonds, eroded government budgets and vice versa.

Observers and recorded internationally popular, even from North America, to buy every issue in Swiss francs of bonds and equities. Among the stocks that received a great success for those of the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Scam company for the production of chemicals, it raised part of it deserves after 10 years an annual interest rate of about 2.125 percent. This is another proof that Switzerland is moving on two levels, first in the government sector and particularly the second related to the private sector, have enjoyed an excellent and deep coordinated between them, contrary to what is happening in neighboring countries. Million Dollar Months Review


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