Simple Profits Review Is Scam Or Legit?

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Perhaps the self-term investors, who fear a new global financial crisis shock any more willing than they were before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, but growing concern in itself may increase the fragility of the markets.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent decline of the assets involving high risk around the globe to challenge one of the pillars on which the long-term on the basis that the great diversity of the governor enough to protect savings in total investment over time.

During the dark period of six months that followed the September September 2008 was not remember havens protect against the simultaneous landing of stocks and commodities, emerging markets and high yield debt, hedge funds and others.

There was no shelter can be done only cash and government bonds and high-rating methods such as private hedge volatility indicators.

For many of the dealers in the long term and pension funds and insurance companies that invest-term between 20 and 30 years, the shock probably no more than a short-term obstacle hope that fundamentals over time.

But after less than four years it is still the banking sector crisis that threatens to break up the euro zone and the other looks like the possibility of a Greek exit from the single currency area moment of the collapse of Lehman shock and other markets.

The question that imposes itself on a large number of funds do you close your eyes and hope that the diversity is greater enough to override another collapse or deliberately develop a plan to protect itself while quickly solve the worst.

It seems that the two things go in parallel.

Surveys show the pension funds they withdraw to a large extent and the scale seems wide range of stock markets in part of the proceeds of which close to zero over the past decade as a result of demographic factors, management and regulations obligations.

But with low returns on alternative goes without saying, a half-life of the bond high level is almost guaranteed a negative real return over time lead to get away for the shares of the assets of "alternative" such as hedge funds and direct investment and high yield debt, real estate or infrastructure.

A poll recently announced the results of Mercer Consulting this week and included 1,200 European pension funds assets up to 650 billion euros to get out of the stock markets did not hesitate during the past year and that more than a third planned to hold further reductions over the coming 12 months.

This shift is very remarkable for British pension funds loving shares. In 2012 allocations stocks fell to 43 percent from 58 percent in 2008 and had reached 68 percent in 2003. This is repeated out by a large number of institutions surveyed.

At the level of Europe it lowered the larger funds, which manages assets worth 2.5 billion euros or more investment allocations in stocks to 24 percent and up its investments in the local market to currently only six percent.

Instead of a large increase in holdings of severe yield of government bonds currently declining share of the so-called "alternatives" rose to 15 percent of the size of their portfolios from 4 percent in 2008.

And it reinforces the trend to move away from stocks and debt High-rating survey conducted by Barings Foundation for a number 99 of the British pension funds this month showed that most managers raise the volume of investment in alternatives with the specific aim is to reduce the risk of fluctuations in the conservative and are conducting a review of investment portfolios periodically.

But if another shock resulted in the market along the lines of Lehman to undermine diversification at least temporarily as a result of abandonment of all assets that involve risk across the border again .. What can we do?

It is believed BNP Paribas, for example, that the majority of its customers are seeking now to kind of protection from these storms by reforming security engines or provide greater flexibility for managers to purify conservative risk in the event of another major crisis.

Instead of granting portfolio managers narrow space to move to increase or decrease the relative weight in portfolios by ten percent according to pre-defined standard investors are showing increasing willingness to allow swift action to liquidate assets to protect the capital in exceptional circumstances.
He said Georgina Wilton expert investment in Global Simple Profits Review "Customers are increasingly vary guidance and focus on more risk to get off of the upside - and reduce reliance on official standards act with greater freedom to managers."

One of the potential problems of all these behavioral changes in market sectors that resides on the longer term and was a factor in the stability of the market in the short climb and landing Times-term risk of stoking instability, who wants to avoid in the market.

Disposal of assets involving high risk of the whole conservative and more periodic reviews of the strategies or the participation of the largest hedge funds in the portfolios of a broader combined into a violent jolt secondary markets, even if those plans were marginal activities of these investors may lead.

The problem is that marginal shifts global sector size to $ 35 trillion a very huge amount already.

He said Patrick Jordan fund manager at Alliance Bernstein "Many investors discover that they do not deal on some long-term as they thought before. Simple Profits Review


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