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The German economy has shown resilience and immunity arguing, despite the continuing global financial crisis and the euro quasi-bankruptcy of Greece, the deficit registered by countries in the euro zone.

Federal Statistical Office in scored in a preliminary estimate, «a growth rate of 0.2 percent in the first quarter of the year, an increase from the fourth quarter of last year, with growth of 2 percent reached». While most experts predicted for «recession in the two periods, but negative growth», according to the poll conducted by the Economic Section at the agency «Reuters».

Economists do not rule out such an expert group «Citigroup» Jurgen Michels, high growth in the first quarter to 4 percent at a later estimate of the Census Bureau. The likely economic research «iDEN in» Institute, achieving a growth rate of 0.75 percent in the second quarter of the year, the Federation of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry «announced Sentry 1.2 percent rate.»
In the area of ​​the labor market, it drew the monthly economic bulletin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - German (room), not to Lithuanian Some even talking about «the continuation of Marvel jobs», especially after continued unemployment decline (from 3.4 to 3.24 million people », instead of rising, or at least stagnation in the light of the continuing crises of the money, Greece and others. the unemployment fell in March for the same, or about 162 thousand, and the rate fell from 8.5 two months ago to 7.8 percent ».

The head of the Federal Agency for the work of Frank-Jurgen Faiza, that the demand for labor «increased in tangible form in the country in the sectors of restaurants, hotels, retail and health». He explained that the market is «able to decode Rabatha with the economic situation Almbulbul». In spite of this, head of the agency warned as Minister of Labour Ursula Altronix APP , «excessive optimism» that features year-oriented financial and economic developments «still not clear».
And Izzat Chancellor Angela Merkel, the positive development in the labor market «to part-time mechanism that had proved effective during the crisis», while expert opinion Foundation «Post Bank» Heinrich Bayer, continued «Marvel believes German jobs, which is a very exciting development after all that happened to the economy» . He predicted the financial expert Lothar Hessler, the unemployment level drops this year in a remarkable form from its level in 2009 ».
A senior experts «Commerzbank» Jorg Kramer, that «the big German companies, such as« Siemens »and« IPS F »and« Bayer »and others recorded in the« Dax »the Frankfurt stock exchange, announced a higher-than-expected profits», explained that «gave hope in the ability of the German economy on a recovery similar to the peak of the previous recovery faster than expected».
He attributed the reason to the expert «business with the giant emerging countries such as China, India and Brazil». He noted that German companies «benefit from the high growth rates achieved by these countries and allow them to buy high-quality German products more than the previous cost».
It is noteworthy that many German companies rushed through the international crisis to practice austerity approach and reduce the cost of production side, making it currently achieve higher profits, despite a slow rise in sales. Kramer emphasized that growth in Germany «is rising slowly, but the pace faster than in the euro zone countries.» Among the positive indicators in this area, a growing confidence in the return to form of lending and credit market in the banking sector, tumbled complaint companies that still suffer from handicaps to borrow, from 42 to 36 percent last month.
In the area of ​​German exports, the Federal Statistics Office announced increase in March compared Bchaabat (February) before him, the first time in 18 years time. While analysts Ertqubon increase of 2.6 percent only. The value of German exports reached in March, 85.6 billion euros compared to 68.4 billion in imports, a surplus of 17.2 billion euros for the benefit of Germany. Employees did not rule in the sector «recorded a further improvement in exports in the coming months.» Manufacturing and achieved in Germany in the same month, after a harsh winter, a jump in production amounted to 4 percent, according to the Declaration and the Ministry of Economy, knowing that observers were waiting for an increase of 1.7 percent only.
He arrived Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, the newly elected and faces a huge deficit in the budget, to Brussels on his first meeting with leaders of European, in December (December) last year, and with it a few cards that can maneuver on the negotiating table. He could try to win some time, but instead, said everything pointed out that the Greek budget deficit does not reach twice as much as previously only declared, but added that the financial situation of his country convulsed by chaos, where the reign of corruption and tax evasion.
Speaking about the meeting, Papandreou said as he sat in his room at his home: «I told them, listened to me and let's stop twisting and turning. We have a problem, I'll tell you my point of view and what I'm trying to work ». In spite of the possibilities was to the contrary, his strategy has succeeded. Within months, he succeeded in ensuring access to financial aid, which was needed with the continuation of retaining good relations with other European leaders, which many observers saw as a heroic act.
Said Joseph E.. Stiglitz, economist and Nobel laureate, who provides advice to constantly Papandreou: «There is a lot of tension between elements within the current EU. If there had been someone other than Papandreou, to those differences cropped up ».
The list came Papandreou strategy on the real words as they are, with positive results in his favor on the domestic front as well. Although it imposed a series of austerity measures and the Greeks tell him that a large part of the blame falls on their shoulders in terms of the problems they face, still unpopular with voters who questioned just a few years ago whether he was strong enough to carrying out this job. It is worth mentioning that the Greek leaders usually dispositions very sharply and hardening of opinion, with a tendency to the national discourse.
And despite the fact that Papandreou and heir to the socialist political group known, it broke this stereotype. Sometimes, talking quietly adults - both in English dialect spoken by the people of California or three other languages ​​spoken - to the point that it is impossible for others to hear.
Once he assumed his new position, he abandoned the luxury car of model «BMW», which was traveling with his predecessor and picked using the model «Toyota Prius» among the cars owned by the state to become the official car of his car. Thereafter, the guidance issued to the ministers by reducing their expenses as well, to the point that some of them were forced to share cars. And this, Papandreou said: «I think they realized that this was an important». But in fact it did not leave them room for choice.
Such concessions helped persuade Germany, most major European countries hesitant about providing financial assistance to Greece, supported by the provision of a financial rescue package for Greece, which is more euro-zone countries wasteful.
In the midst of the crisis in the spring, Altronix APP Scam involved the International Monetary Fund in the negotiations, which some saw as an implicit challenge to the ability of Europe to handle its financial affairs, but the move served as a wake-up call that Greece needed to help all countries in the region. It does not appear that there is more eager to reform Papandreou himself.
Papandreou belongs to a political family in Greece enjoys the status similar to that enjoyed by Al Kennedy in the United States. Papandreou was born in the United States and was educated there. During the elections, Papandreou launched a campaign similar to those that led US President Barack Obama during which he promised change and transparency. Now, Papandreou faces tasks of dismantling the Greek welfare system wide, who helped his father, Andreas, in the building when he was prime minister in the eighties of the last century.
Although it does not carry the gifts that qualify him to be a preacher, is Papandreou familiar faces in academic conferences and discussions of foreign policy. And reflected his sense of confidence when addressing the issue of how the impact of globalization on the decision-making. And for that matter, he said: «There is a paradox in that people are now much more aware of common problems, but at the same time there is the realization that no one can do a lot by itself».
For his part, described by Richard Parker, an economist with «F. Kennedy School of Government» of Harvard, who linked it to know the family since he worked with his father Papandreou, as «tends to keep a low profile, which is a democratic person. It lacks ostentation or affectation. However, no difficulty in dealing with the world of Davos where others familiar with the world of hierarchical structures. »
In fact, the hosts Papandreou, his own mini Davos on a different Greek island every year. The result has been enjoying an extensive network of experts, including Parker and Stiglitz, consult with them regularly, often through e-mail messages sent by the evening. His aides and joking on this by saying that it concerns the consulting department «Friends of George.»
Papandreou and proceeded to move the meetings of the Council of Ministers openly on television and publicly denounced Palmthrbin from taxes and initiated the investigations on non-senior officials in the Ministry of Finance have houses worth more than $ 1.3 million, although they receive modest salaries.
At the same time, March Papandreou under pressure to pass a law aimed at redrafting the government structure in the country, reducing the number of states to 13 from 76, the number of counties to 370 instead of 1034. However, Papandreou does not show happiness to prove heuristic health of his mind.
And recent events, Papandreou said: «It was painful, and even unjust sometimes, because there are segments of the society does not assume responsibility for this crisis, but they will bear the consequences».
So far not yet whether Altronix APP Scam will be able to keep the country away from the abyss of bankruptcy unclear. Papandreou admitted that the austerity measures could push Greece into a state of depression. Is still in the repertoire of some lacking popular sharply procedures, such as the reform of the pension system, it has not yet passed through parliament.

In the meantime, continued strikes and demonstrations in recent weeks, and rising criticism of the performance of the Minister Papandreou. The Papandreou grew up during the period of political tensions in Greece and inspected the prison and exiled his grandfather and his father, and spent a large part of the first period of his life abroad, in California. And belongs to the mother, Margarita, an American, he took over his father taught economics at Berkeley, United States. He graduated Altronix Trading Bot at Amherst College and speaks French, Swedish, Greek and English side.
Papandreou came reluctantly, the political arena in 1967, at first turned into seven years of military dictatorship, when they broke into his home in Greece soldiers in search of his father, after he failed to find it, put the barrel of a gun to the head of Papandreou.

Even when he took over his father's prime minister in 1981, he did not appear at first an interest in running for parliament. However, one of his brothers asked him a convincing argument, he said: «Listen to me, it's only four years. It's like penile and other scientific degrees. And you can leave if you did not like it. » Later, Altronix APP Review the work of the Council of Ministers and his father, where he held education bag, but the relationship between father and son have been strained at times.
When the earthquake hit Turkey in 1999, George Papandreou, was quick to offer a helping hand, in spite of a young relationship between the two neighbors of tension during that period. And played a mediating role in the melt the ice between the two sides, and friends described this period as having been decisive. And so, Parker said: «I think it became clear in his mind at that time that it was not the son of the prime minister, but he can single-handedly take on this matter».

His critics have mocked him sometimes stumble in modern Greek, which is clearly bothers him. However, his aides stressed that it holds a deep understanding of his homeland, and extremely adept at dealing with political issues. AltronixAPP


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