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Is the United States on its way to becoming a third world country?
Austerity measures to cruel, cutting vital services to citizens in the areas of education, transportation, public security and layoffs and budget cuts in 46 states out of fifty US states this year, threatening not only increase unemployment and even the introduction of drastic changes on the lives of Americans for the first time in generations.
Economic and financial measures taken by the Obama administration to pull the country out of the worst economic crisis faced since the thirties of the last century, although she stopped collapse started, but it has not yet succeeded in finding new jobs or stimulate economic growth or increase the volume of trade exchange with the world to reduce the deficit financial. Observers and experts Economists expect that the fiscal deficit for this year of more than $ 430 billion. The federal government loans rose to unprecedented levels in the history of the country where they are expected to arrive by the end of the current year to $ 14 trillion. In the irony it was not possible before imaginable
A quarter of a century, China is the largest "bank" external America.
Indicators and austerity measures bleak and disturbing and amazing together. Officially the unemployment rate is 9.5 percent, but it is actually higher than that because hundreds of thousands of the unemployed have stopped looking for new jobs, and were outside the census lists because they are no longer eligible for financial compensation. Also unemployment rates among minorities, especially the youth, more than 15 percent. So far, it increased financial cost of the war in Iraq for 743 billion dollars, while the cost of the war in Afghanistan has increased from $ 327 billion. After increasing the number of US troops in Afghanistan, it is expected to hit the monthly cost for these forces to more than 7 billion. Cut tax rates approved by former President George W. Bush at the beginning of his reign to the owners of the high-income and other financial procedures and practices, led to obtain and only one percent of Americans more than two-thirds of the profit in the national income. In the period between June 2009 and June 2010, the number of declared bankruptcies (companies or individuals) to 1.57 million.
The fiscal deficit in California for this year totaled $ 19 billion, forcing the state to cut its budget by 14 percent and lay off thousands of employees. Reducing the proportion of funding for services provided to US citizens dropped this year to about 7 percent. The fiscal deficit in the state of Hawaii is not only forced her to close some public schools entirely and lay off teachers, but on the closure of all the schools in the 17 Friday in the past year to save costs, which make the school year in this state in the shortest in the country.
And exposed to public transportation systems in the country (trains and buses) that serve millions of citizens financial pressure led to the tax hike, but the fiscal deficit in Clayton County, Georgia, forced her to stop the transmission lines entirely of buses because they are no longer able to afford the amount of $ 8 million, which more than 8000 citizen status do not have cars and rely on these services in a quandary.
Cuts even affected the vital services in the field of security. In the city of Colorado Springs local authorities decided to restore the heart of the city into an age of darkness through cut power to 24,000 electricity pole to save costs, to reduce the number of local police officers and sale of helicopters used for observation and emergencies. This is not a local phenomenon, because there are other cities in other states from Massachusetts to California have taken similar measures. This phenomenon and other austerity measures, pushed Copy Buffett Software Review known as Paul Krugman to write an article entitled "The darkness hangs over America."
America, a country that has achieved through its schools of advanced and universities greater scientific and technical achievements, which were among the first countries to provide free education for their children, now find that many of the mandates shut down public libraries, which provide a number of services mostly to free millions of citizens, especially from low-income families. Camden City in the state of New Jersey has decided to close public libraries at the end of the year because they are no longer able to finance it. Will be sold or provide books, documents and other gifts, stockpile or ... destroyed, because keeping it in the closed buildings could lead to acts of vandalism and theft or fires. Most American cities experiencing austerity in the provision of public services in libraries, including the reduction of hours of service and the demobilization of personnel actions. Reduce services in public libraries will have an impact on the poor citizens who do not have computers in their homes, the ability, to use these devices for free at libraries including their use as a means to get jobs.
Among the phenomena of austerity and most paradoxically, in the state constructed to hold the fifties of the last century the largest major road network between the US and the most advanced in the world, a phenomenon to stop the paving of roads in rural areas, or transforming the ways that may not states or provinces resurfaced or maintenance periodically to era before the pitch back to the era of gravel and sand. Some districts in some states such as North Dakota, Michigan and others decided, after reducing the budgets of public transport, Thver some paved roads and Vlchha Bseas. In the state of Michigan District 38 out of 83 districts in the state it has the procedures of this kind. Some of paved roads in these states worsened - due to lack of regular maintenance procedures - to the point that the local authorities to turn them ways of gravel and sand because the cost of maintenance and paved become difficult or impossible.

This phenomenon has been the subject of academic seminar at Purdue University, entitled "Back to the Stone Age." These are some examples that illustrate the depth of the financial and economic crisis in the country, and its complications on American society, specifically on the middle class, which is historically the class responsible for the progress and strength of the country and its economy. This middle class find themselves years ago under economic blockade and no longer affiliated with them and are confident they will find the right jobs, or will retire after the sixty-fifth age, or they will get Social Security checks after their retirement due to fears surrounding the future of social security as a whole system, and it's the same It applies to provided health guarantees for elders or the poor.
Is America on its way to becoming a third world country? That's what you think Copy Buffett Review, political outstanding Foundation website "The Huffington Post", which opened a section on its website with the same title to document the difficulties and challenges faced by the middle class in America. These developments austerity measures in the country, deepened the ongoing debate in the country about the decline of the status of the US economy, science and technology in the world, and what does that mean for the ability of Washington to sail in a world where challenges "American leadership" increases in these various areas. Americans who want quick fixes or magic to their problems, including those who voted for President Obama, they began to blame him and his party on this deteriorating situation, undaunted by what the experts say or supporters of Obama that address the historic challenges facing the country require more effort by a US president during less than two years, but a radical change in thinking and action in the entire Washington political class, to a similar change in thinking or influential opinion-makers in the formulation of opinion or the "mood" of the year in the country, academics, intellectuals and journalists.
Perhaps the most important question of all is whether the US citizen is willing to endure sacrifices required, which could include more taxes or austerity measures to the temporary crossing of this dark era, or not? Copy Buffett Review Copy Buffett Social Tech Trader Scam Social Tech Trader Software Social Tech Trader Review Social Tech Trader Review Social Tech Trader Scam


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