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Amissio Formula Review

The Amissio Formula

The first time this year belong to the Arab world «Water» Day which stops in front of the many dilemmas faced by the scarcity of «blue gold» on the abundance of «black» him. And discusses the implications of the intersection of normalcy and resources between countries upstream and downstream states, within the scope of constant military threat increases the processing fortify water streams and the construction of dams and the creation of storage tanks failure.
Apart from the fact that the Middle East is a sharp contrast, in terms of resources of the water as opposed to population growth, the sharpest irony is the Israeli threat on the one hand and the Turkish control on the other hand, and Egypt has the right of veto to the request of the Nile Basin countries to reconsider the water sharing agreement. But in Africa it is linked to GDP growth, as in Morocco rain that feeds the springs of Troy agricultural areas important source in the formation of the annual gross domestic The Amissio Formula Software product.
The share of the Middle East of the world's water and one percent, while the population make up 6 percent of the world's population, making the region experiencing water pressure. Despite the decline in the share of water relative to the population, the situation does not prevent water wastage on backward agriculture. The countries of the region consume entirely own reserves, often at the expense of the surrounding countries, due to the fact that the water streams and aquatic classes pass the limits of more than one country.
Considered «Moyen Oorian» magazine (Middle East Modern breasts), in the number «conflict between water scarcity», agriculture consumes greater amounts of water in the region. It «blotting paper» sacred «being supplied act should lead to food independence». In the facts that agriculture in the Arab region, backward agriculture, consume more water than they use modern crops in the world, yielding much lower.
And to agriculture exacerbate population growth rate of 3 percent per year problem, it leads the increased demand for water, as the leading growth - even the humble him - the standard of living to request more important for water.
And stand out in the region, and within this area, migration to the «Jewish state» (usurped the right of Palestine), from rich countries to water resources, which presses heavily on local water resources. Since 1949 the population of «usurper entity», the irrigated area has doubled it six times, what reduces the field of water locked occupied Palestine and Jordan from the Jordan River. In Jordan, the most severe problem because it is drier, and then after that he received 350 thousand Palestinian refugees additional Gulf War. The Amissio Formula water on agriculture and requests «Israeli entity» more water, makes water demand in the region is getting greater than the rate of population growth quickly.
But on the other hand, countries in the region are dealing with water problems, quietly. As more and more perched on «geopolitical surface» problems «military» internal or / and external, what hinders their administrations for surveying secure «water security» in parallel «food security», and makes minor and confined water policies in solving the immediate problems of potential.
Years ago, Saudi Arabia halted wheat planting, because it was emptied of its reserves to water wells in the desert, despite the positive harvest, almost consumes reserve the Kingdom of water. Egypt encourages financially to build new cities east of the country and the Sinai, where their standard of living is higher than in the country, which means consuming the highest water level of the year. In Jordan, an average evade water supply systems of 60 percent.

The resulting deforestation and hyperbole in grazing and drop leaves and pumping condenser, to heavy deterioration of the soil, The Amissio Formula Review salinity in Gaza with surface water, and advancing desertification in the Nile Delta.

Also added pollution of rivers such as the River in Lebanon and the Euphrates in Syria, which cast an additional burden on the sewerage potable water. Note that the exploitation of water resources is higher than the pace of renewal rate reduces the size of its stock over the long term, thus causing problems to secure water. There is no way to compensate for the shortfall only desalinate sea water, or import, or squatters on water reserves force. Therefore, the water formed a bet and a goal in the Israeli wars against Arabs, Israel destroyed dams and water reservoirs in Syria and Jordan during the Six-Day War (1967) and destroyed a Syrian dam on the course of Jordan. And raped Banias River (the Golan Heights). And allowed its occupation of southern Lebanon until 2000, to monitor the Wazzani and Hasbani rivers. The gathering of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories over the aquifers along the Jordan River.

In the north, Turkey has asked Syria not to support the Kurds to ensure her well Anspapa of the water of the Euphrates. And put themselves in a position of strength against Syria and Iraq triggered when the rights of the exporting country, but they were selling water to Israel is a. It protested Syria and Iraq, to ​​avoid what The Amissio Formula of damage. But last September, Turkey released water from Ataturk Dam.
In the south, Egypt benefiting from its location to impose «historical rights» in the waters of the Nile, which calls for Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea to amend the Water shares, noting that Egypt's state of the estuary.
So is «Today the Arab Water», gate problems «Water scarcity overlooking them», imposes find quick solutions. Vtbdl climate, the necessary and the need for irrigation and to secure the Oz population, necessitate the protection and conservation of resources and increase .... just like the exploration of oil resources. Amissio Formula Software The Amissio Formula Software Amissio Formula Amissio Formula


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