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In the early days of this week, the Canadian city of Toronto has seen the Group of Twenty meeting, came to hold the summit after eight adults who warned in its conclusion that the global economic recovery is still fragile and that the global economic crisis have hampered some development objectives in this millennium, and these two summits had come in under the summit if uncertainty experienced by the world because of the great recession is accompanied by unprecedented inflation, increasing the number of poor and unemployed, and a sharp rise in the prices of food commodities ... etc.
On the other Trade Fusion hand, there are issues and files, complex and heated and threatening to erupt, such as the Iranian nuclear issue, North Korea, and the miserable situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and others to become more complicated than the previous century this century.

If the twentieth summit held amid cloudy dense atmosphere
The gloomy hanging over the global economy (globalized), who was still locked into the global financial crisis, which first sparked began on the land of the country Uncle Sam to include all parts of the globe become so unique in its size, diversity and speed of deployment and risks excelled with distinction on the recession in 1929 thanks to the magnitude of today's global economy and the strength of the media machine compared flags recession thirties of the last century.

If the Group of Twenty, held on November 15 summit (in November 2008) and the London Summit on 2 April 2009 and the summit of Pittsburgh on 25 September 2009 Thousand Dollar Days Reviews and the world continues to witness the devastating effects of the largest earthquake in the world economy was starting to destroy the joints of the banking, financial and real estate system in the United States, and spread the disease incurable from there to bang the economies of one country after another, as the US economy is the largest economy, as it accounts for about 27 percent of total global output and 20 percent at revised, we must keep in account the fact that our economies Arab have a direct link to this economy, most of the Arab investments, particularly sovereign funds linked to the Western economy in general and the US in particular, came the blow harsh on those investments amounted to losses skyrocketed estimated at more than $ 450 billion, and this is the result of lack of thoughtful planning that for the present investments and its future.
Came the twentieth group in Canada an extension of the previous three summits, and the global economy is still crawling toward recovery, financial markets are still recorded steeper after the decline, the banking system had not been recorded, along with the global economy only timid improvement, but the banks turned their backs for those interested in loans to advance their projects that stopped. To make matters worse, it collapsed the entire economy, as happened countries of Iceland, which exceeded the debt of 125 percent of the value of its gross domestic product to witness the worst of the economic history, may extend the disease fatal to other European countries and Japan may catch them where exceeded its debt of 200 percent of the total its gross domestic product.
The result that the summit was held and the global economy is still in a ditch self-defense, especially the US economy and the economies of EU countries facing grave challenges need long-term treatment after failed tranquilizers for reform of the same, and even at the disposal of the Bank of England in its last report, the budget deficits General industrial nations and sovereign debt reached the $ 14 trillion, which prompted these countries to the austerity policy approach in spending to prevent their economies fall into the abyss of irreversibility. Those policies have been to reduce public spending and increase taxes despite an outcry from the United States, which believes that the global economy since beating the great earthquake passing through the tip of Washington and London and Pittsburgh summit last twenty aware of the economic disaster that befell the economy of the whole world is aware of the options and complex files developed by Summit its agenda, also realizes the importance of this group, economically and politically, it controls about 90 percent of total world trade and more than 85 percent of the size of the world economy, hence Thousand Dollar Days System audible listen to other countries especially in the economic field.
It is the final statement of the summit is clear that focused on the continuation of the two conferences efforts continued their previous summit to support the process of global economic recovery, as stated in the final statement «that the priority is to protect the economic recovery and its promotion, as well as lay the foundation for strong, sustainable and balanced growth and improved financial systems against risks» . Thousand Dollar Days Scam stressed the importance of cooperation in order to advance sustainable economic growth, because the constructive cooperation would be the global economy comes out of recession, the circle that the deterioration in this intention of the countries include the collection of laws that things shall govern the financial against torrential hazards and develop as the group agreed in the statement to continue measures to strengthen balance sheets that encourage growth and strengthening social safety nets and institutional reform management and development finance and investment markets in the infrastructure (infrastructure), and in order to achieve these goals (pledged economies sporadic countries prepare plans for budgets that the deficit be reduced by at least half by 2013 and stabilize debt ratios year or reduced the GDP by 2016).
There is no doubt that the Group of Twenty in the last summit decided to defend bravely unprecedented for the global economy and the banking system and financial markets and restore confidence in achieving growth and create new job opportunities for Thousand Dollar Days System hundreds of millions of unemployed and billions of the world's poor, and work on the reform of the financial system to promote international trade and investment, therefore, the London summit, for example, has decided to nearly $ 5 trillion to support the growth of the world economy, and more than $ 1.1 trillion to the IMF and other international institutions in order to help countries hit by the credit crunch and help poor countries as the London summit decided to resources by $ 500 billion of those funds.
The Group of Twenty understood the lessons that came out of the womb of the global economic earthquake and made of its economic, financial and banking disasters, and has worked and continues to work to alleviate the negative effects on developed and emerging economies, their effects, and for this and other goals the group decided to hold the fifth summit in Seoul, capital of South Korea November (November) this year, and between Toronto summit next summit a few months pregnant with expectations and the Thousand Dollar Days Review group can monitor the growth of the movement of the world economy and financial markets and the rotation of the wheel and investment banks.
However, the reality today highlights the fact clearly visible says that global economic growth is still at a standstill, but that Europe is under a gale caused the collapse of one of its members economy (Greece) and warns humans metastasizes to other European countries, thus becomes the recovery of the international economy and improve the course and cut unit recession and stimulate lending operations and the reform process of the financial markets and investment support wheel in a state of uncertainty, but that some countries economies may be exposed to serious setbacks in light of the vulnerability of the international economy as a whole for possible setbacks in his career impact may extend to the world economies as a whole at the forefront of the Group of twenty, which it makes the global trade and the international oil market and most of its economy based on the balance sheets of oil revenues in the development of Arab economies may not enviable. Thousand Dollar Days


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