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Trade Fusion

Fold the first half of the year, the global economic indicators contradictory, progress in absolute positive image of private sector growth, and the state of disruption to the economy of the state, officials with him, trying to «polished» searching for the causes of decline of growth rates in the second quarter or the rigidity of the impact in the overall rates or the first half compared to the year-round.

Starting from the source of the global economic crisis, the United States, coincided advertising growth for the second quarter of the year results, with the publication of the IMF document on the US economy, reflecting the less optimistic outlook, calling for next US administration to take new measures decisive, he was president of the Federal Reserve, the US House of Ben Bernanke expressed a week ago, in preparation for the Trade Fusion Scam ideals in order to supply the economy growing at a dose when the need arises.

If the IMF suggests that the US measures are inadequate, and confined only in the public sector support for the economy, the US administration, which saw in Chapter Growth II rates, and the lowest ones in Chapter I., pros economy move, linking the decline of its economy growing European crisis, do not particularly the crisis in Greece and the actions that forced the eurozone to adopt them.

And to warn Monetary Fund, can not be overlooked that the US administration enacted during the second quarter the laws of economic and financial reforms and a social mission, not seen in decades, the least of the health reform and the reform of the law governing organizations, financial markets and institutions. However, the results of these reforms and reflection positives will not be achieved two or three years ago, by virtue of the economic cycle, absorbing cadres controlled controls laws, new regulations.

In any case remain the basis for the US consumer confidence to achieve growth, which declined in July for the first time nine months ago. As a result of this decline shrinking consumer index during the second quarter to 1.6 instead of 1.9 points in the first quarter. As showed results of a survey of the Center for «Angus Reid Public Opinion» US, optimistic limited prospects for economic recovery.

And otherwise affected by the US economy Trade Fusion Review Europe's crisis, the euro area prone than others, has made a variety of positive indicators, as improved investor sentiment regarding the economy, reaching a level not expected by experts, and a similar sentiment in the European Union. But the region where public budget austerity in member states, including Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Italy, its own institutions have seen in the overall growth and profits quarterly unexpected, unlike the gross domestic product is estimated at less than one percent growth over this year.

It is the two shores of the Atlantic to Asia, with the exception of the two economies are developing giants China and India, Japan is experiencing deflation and suffering from the high price of its currency against the dollar, threatening exports, announces industrial institutions, particularly the auto companies and electronics for quarterly profit higher than planned, or the heat of the moment budgets set.

Paradoxes? Maybe. But economic trends run counter to the winds of public concerns. It does not rule out that the private institutions have benefited from the extraordinary situation of crisis, and curtailed the burdens of branches and institutions associated with them, to check popular marketing in domestic and foreign markets. In this area, it laid off a large part of the human element and, consequently, of banking credits and credits Trade Fusion Scam elements of expansion. And it is in its ability to achieve moderate spending budgets and plentiful profits. And other institutions have benefited from tax breaks in return for the reservation of their employees, some of which allowed him to lower wages or allowances for partial unemployment programs depends, or

 Grant unpaid leave, allowing each of these institutions to alleviate the expenditures are useless to them, and check gains.
Also no secret what has been achieved capital markets rises in the shares of international companies shares the first phase of the crisis losses, and restored the values ​​of their assets to what they were, recorded a profit in their balance sheets.

In exchange for these contradictory indicators and similarities between the countries, remains the confrontation between «Sultan» Politics and «Sultan» money, after beating the latter force, especially in the financial and banking institutions, the banking business concepts that were prevalent in the United States since 1933 under the law who was prohibited from commercial banks to merge with President companies operating in underwriting and dealing in money leaves. Law was exceeded between 1980 and 1990 and then abolished in 1999, and allowed the construction of a mixed abolished money and banks institutions exceeded the norms of the banking business to cross-check the severe risk operations, astronomical profits almost fraudulent, what fells into the trap of the world crisis.

If financial institutions began to be dismantled in the specialized institutions reform, moving the investment institutions on the long-term stays. These institutions were the end of 2006 has about 32 trillion dollars distributed among insurance companies (18.5 trillion), sovereign funds and general reserves (2.5 trillion), pension funds and specific benefits (10.8) trillion, and funds scholarships. And when moved these investments pay private sector towards integrated growth, political institutions on the results of reforms and procedures, and restored the unemployed to work to their jobs. TradeFusion Trade Fusion Review


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