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Confirmed the body of statistics and the Ministry of the Americas to work in the final statistics for the movement of trade in 2009, the United States emerged from the worst recession and the crisis in money huge gains unexpected, having trimmed the trade deficit, along with external balance of payments deficit to below the level considered by economists minimum sustainable. On the other hand saw a record surplus achieved by the Arab states in their business dealings with the United States in the 2008 contraction harsh representing about 75 percent. He attributed the Minister of Commerce Gary Locke gains at the level of last year, the trade deficit to an increase in US exports in December (December) 3.3 percent for the eighth month in a row, stressing in a statement after the trade report issued Wednesday on «America needs to redouble its competitive goods to enhance and Is Cloud Trader A Scam services in order to achieve the goal announced by President Barack Obama in his first state of the Union to double its exports in the next five years. »
Not spared the goal of doubling Cloud Trader Scam exports, what he called «National Export Initiative,» uncertainties and caveats, he drew an economic analyst at the American Research Center «Council on Foreign Relations» that «key» Obama's initiative and business of export growth rate of 15 percent per year actually achieved in two mid-seventies of the last century and Cloud Trader Scam explaining that this high growth pace was «mirage» it was caused by a rise in the inflation rate in the first period and the decline in the purchasing power of the dollar in the second period.
And trimmed the recession and the crisis of money the US trade deficit to $ 380 billion in 2009 from 696 billion in 2008 and 760 billion in 2006. As a percentage of gross domestic product deficit fell from 6 percent in 2006 to 4.8 percent in 2008 and then to 2.7 percent in 2009 . and what this means to the US balance of payments deficit fell to below the sustainable Cloud Trader Review level in need of America fell to borrow to cover the trade deficit in half, after more than two trillion dollars a day before the crisis.
The star of the decline of the dangers of the current account deficit, in most cases, a sharp decline in imports of America and the decline is less severe in exports and varied drop sizes even in the event of major trading partners, as the deficit with Canada last year fell by almost $ 60 billion to $ 20 billion, and played imports most important role in the deficit with China is shrinking by 40 billion to 227 billion while the deficit fell with the European Union about 30 billion stable at 60 billion.
But oil contributed about half of the total decline in the US trade deficit plunged after the value of imports of US crude oil bill to $ 189 billion, compared with 342 billion in 2008, the buffer exceeds $ 150 billion. It did not reflect negatively on the trade surplus for the Arab States of the Petroleum Exporting but spanned affects trade Cloud Trader System surplus for the Arab States that are related to trade relations with the United States.
And it dropped the total value of the American-Arab trade 25 in the low percent from a record $ 165 billion in 2008 to 123 billion in 2009. Saudi exports recorded a contraction sharply the exact opposite of Arab imports, while exports declined from 116 to 55 billion and 53 percent imports jumped from 49 billion to 67 billion and 38 percent. In total Arab trade surplus fell 74 percent from 45 billion to 12 billion.
And reverse the decline of the Arab trade surplus decline in the surplus oil-exporting Arab countries from $ 67 billion in 2008 to 31 billion in 2009. The decline in the Saudi trade surplus more severe, with rising imports of Saudi Arabia by 13 percent contributed (to 11 billion) and declining exports by 60 percent (to 22 billion) in the lower surplus of 42 billion to 11 billion, and by a large hit 74 percent. Cloud Trader System Cloud Trader Cloud Trader


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