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Is Drexel Code Scam

Drexel Code

At the beginning of the twentieth century and atheist, it appeared a new economy is a knowledge-based economy, which mainly depends on innovation and dissemination of information and investment, accounts for 60 percent of the global economy. It is considered the main source of added value to the product and factor in the growth of the economy, and has become a powerful engine for economic and social transformation because it is based on a combination of contemporary economic and social system, and the successful international experience with national experience to provide value products, and the preparation of qualified personnel. We note here that the knowledge economy has the most important features, the dissemination of knowledge needed by every nation rising, stimulating cognitive sense to it, and its production efficiency and using them in every community activity. The transformation of the economic activity of

The production of goods to the production of knowledge and information services. In addition to helping to accelerate the pace of technological development and higher, which is that information and knowledge is the most important commodity in the community.

There is no doubt that there is a Is Drexel Code A Scam between economic and social structures, and that knowledge affect positively or negatively on the case of economic development. The higher the degree of knowledge achieved high levels of human development and vice versa. It must, for the existence of the knowledge economy, to work on the organization of units macroeconomic to enter the knowledge economy in the various activities in the community, in order to establish an enabling environment to ensure the generation and dissemination of knowledge and using them and benefit from them, and the resettlement of science and building indigenous capability in research and development in all social activities that help turn ideas into innovative and creative works in the field of investment in cognitive information.

On this basis, many countries are trying to progress towards a knowledge economy for use in raising the productivity and innovation of new goods and services. There is no doubt that some Arab countries are in dire need to build a true knowledge society especially in the presence of potential for the development of cognitive ability.

Can not be any country to take advantage of the DrexelCode features and benefits offered by the knowledge economy and get a distinct knowledge of that, but by achieving some necessary things, treatment and care of it, including:

- Address the structural imbalances in the structure of the local economy and the exploitation of human capital, which has not yet been exploited, and give great importance to the element of knowledge through the distribution of science and knowledge and services between the different layers of society and raise awareness among the individual and the institution.

- Achieve the principle of communicating with global Is Drexel Code A Scam centers to shift toward the pattern of knowledge production in the social and economic structure, and to benefit from international expertise in this area, because it is essential to encourage investment in the knowledge of the structure at the national level and the Arab world in cooperation with local, regional and international relevant and competent authorities.

Formation of scientific personnel through cooperation with universities and research centers in developed countries, cognitively, and attention to the involvement of the institutions of civil society and the private sector in providing the necessary advisory studies to contribute to the activation of the transition to the knowledge and to respond to developments in local and international community Is Drexel Code Scam and to work on the exploitation of production capacities in better.

- Correct implementation of government policies and strategies and monitoring, and to develop mechanisms to monitor the achievement of policies and strategies.

- Provide opportunities for innovation in the information-based technology to enhance productivity and provide resources and raising the level of interactivity to meet the current and future to accelerate development and improve the quality of life needs of sectors.

The in some Arab countries are many reasons that hinder the creation of a knowledge society founded, including the difficulty spread to deal with the modern techniques of physical and cultural potentials, Ltd., and the lack of the Drexel Code scam necessary link between knowledge, production, development tools, and the need for trained personnel in the government to deal with the modern techniques, in addition to the existence of structural imbalances in the structure of the local economy.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that knowledge is a gateway for repairs integral human development. We must focus on the importance of keeping up the economic and technical developments in each country and the partnership between the state and civil society to establish a cognitive module in open-minded, and work on the development of contemporary cognitive values ​​and the establishment of partnerships between knowledge institutions operating in various activities for the integration and activation of joint Drexel Code impact and contribution to the achievement of comprehensive human development. The pace of access to achieve integration with all sectors of knowledge there is no doubt that the contribution of all sectors of civil society and its institutions go to ensure the future of the coming generations, because there is no future and development of the country without the knowledge economy development between the public and private institutions. Drexel Code Drexel Code


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