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At a time when debt problems in Greece hit the euro, Britain made every effort to remain away from the crisis.
So far, this is the case. And surprisingly, investors have begun to question whether it was possible to face Britain in the near future sovereign debt crisis if the government failed to reduce the growing budget deficit fast enough to avoid widespread fears of financial markets.
The pound fell against the US dollar to its lowest level in nearly ten months to reach 1.4954 on Tuesday. The decline in the yield on government bonds with a duration of ten years, which are known as premium bonds, at a time when investors were concerned that the parliament will be disassembled very Following the crucial elections to be held in the month of May (May) next year, so you will not be able to improve the situation financial-ridden mess. According to this decline in the value of the pound sterling following the decline more sharply on Monday after Opinion polls conducted this weekend that the Conservatives have lost their superiority is obvious in the electoral race.
Without a strong political majority to tackle the financial problems lumbering in Britain, investors can begin to make the more expensive it is largely for the government to raise Midas Touch APP funds, which set the stage for the possibility of a recession, which comes after a short period of recovery, or perhaps worse than that .
Said Mark Schofield, a strategist at fixed income in «Citigroup»: «If you really want to see a financial problem, see to the UK. In Europe, the average deficit around 6 per cent of GDP, and in the United Kingdom, this average of 12 per cent. This is just just the beginning ».
Since the condensed financial intervention carried out by the Labour government in 2008 and 2009, revenue rose on religion British government to become among the highest yields in Europe. More broadly includes borrowing of households and companies, the overall level of debt in Britain is the second largest level in the world after Japan, with an 380 per cent of gross domestic product in the country, according to a report released recently «McKinsey Consulting.»
In recent weeks, the focus was on the usual states to violate the laws in Europe, such as Greece, Portugal and Spain, which states that the cost of borrowing rose in light of the growing deficits as investors demanded higher prices to compensate for the added risk of lending to governments.
But the recent decline in the value of the pound sterling against the dollar to less than $ 1.50 and move the gradual upward trend for the price of basic borrowing for 10 years on the senior notes to higher than 4 per cent indicates that investors are preparing for the time to re-evaluate the financial situation in the country.
Britain is not in the euro zone, which includes 16 countries, on the contrary Greece's troubled countries that use the currency, they maintain control over monetary policy. As a result, Britain has benefited so far from the huge program of bond purchases, carried out by the Bank of England, a relatively largest bank in the world, which maintained a mortgage loan rates and yields on outstanding bonds in exceptionally low levels.
This means that the government and its citizens were able to continue borrowing at interest rates that do not reflect the true financial situation.
In fact, there is a sharp contrast between the increase in private and government debt in Britain and debt operations that were taking place in the United States pay. The debt of households in the UK now 170 per cent of their gross annual income, compared to about 130 per cent in the United States. In an echo of the rush of the United States to low credit rating mortgage loans at low interest rates to attract customers, piled millions of homeowners in the UK on a variable interest rate linked to the price minimum core mortgage loans.
As for the British government, he has been able to finance a budget deficit of 12.5 percent of GDP - which is equal to the budget deficit in Greece - at an interest rate decrease of more than two percentage points two complete, because the Bank of England bought the majority of bonds issued last year .
Said Simon White of the research «Variant Percybhn» Centre in London, which is taking its activity on the hedge and wealthy funds: «It's not just a state of total paralysis, such as Greece, which could be seen as candidates to suffer from crises of sovereignty. It will continue the excellent bonds and the pound sterling to suffer from the pressure at the time to have authority over more light on the financial situation in the United Kingdom ».
Added to this concern the unstable situation of the British consumer. At a time when interest rates dropped to new lows, it has grown popular with variable interest rate loans. At the end of the month of December (December) last year, 40 per cent of new mortgage loans follow the basic price for the government.
In spite of the comments made by Bank of England governor Mervyn King that he may re-start quantitative easing Midas Touch APP Scam program in the current economic weakness, the opinion prevails among investors is that interest rates in London will rise more, with high risks increasing inflation rates in Britain.
It was Andrew Haldane, executive director for financial stability at the Bank of England, warned in a speech this year that Britain vulnerable to an increase in the interest rate, pointing out that any increase of a percentage point would cause a doubling of the cost of the debt service ratio of income to reach 13 per cent .
Said Nick Hopkinson of the company «Property Portfolio Rescue» evaluating debt-ridden homeowners: «It's like a ticking time bomb. There are more than 400 thousand people behind in paying their debts due to the prices of mortgage loans, which is the cheapest price at all. When prices rise, it will become a lot of people pay large sums of money ».
As a result, those who are counting on the British consumer to take a leading role in the improvement of the situation if a slowdown due to contraction in government borrowing, could be about to face a shock. For example, make Sheridan King, a sales manager, a great effort to pay off debts of non-mortgage loans of up to 32 thousand pounds sterling (US $ 47,075). Far from thinking that the shopping, the first priority has is to avoid creditors.
And despite the fact that the private variable mortgage loan by that of 100 thousand pounds sterling carries interest rate is too low, the interest costs already eat up a large part of his income, and is deeply concerned about the future.
King said: «If prices go up, we will be very dangerous for me. It has lead me to Midas Touch APP Scam months. »
At the moment, at least, the British government does not face this threat .. Despite the excesses in borrowing and spending, Britain still maintain a high rating in the credit (AAA), a designation granted to the bonds of the first class, and most of the long-term debt. But in the presence of 29 per cent of the bonds held by foreigners, Britain, like Greece, is still highly vulnerable to the vagaries of investors from abroad. Since the beginning of this year, foreign acquisitions on the British bonds fell from 35 per cent, a trend that followed the decline in the pound and contributed to the increase in revenue for the excellent bonds of a duration of ten years.
Asked about the political party that believes it is better to address these challenges, the King expressed his point of view skeptical. He said: «We all strive for success in the management of all of this debt. The time has come for the government to reconcile the situation at home. » Midas Touch Review


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