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My First Online Payday
European and American banks posted a semi-fictional profits during the past year, the global financial crisis that nearly ridden and with it the system current world capitalist economic whole, passed off peacefully. During the first Aloshahraltsah of that year announced the German two banks «Deutsche Bank» The French «BNP »for a net profit of about 3.7 and 4.5 billion euros respectively, and announced that each of the two banks Americans« Goldman Sachs »and« JPMorgan Chase »superiority of 6 billion euros each over the same period profits. It is interesting that the banks supported by the state billions of euro of taxpayers' money which has achieved such profits, at the time of the industrialized nations of stagnating or sometimes
The growth of levels did not exceed in the best cockeyed one percent at other times.
Reaching a profit mentioned at the time of the global economy still reeling from the crisis, suggesting that the banks in question returned to the speculative derivatives not related to the actual performance of the economy unrealistic send his corporations, institutions and bodies in the words of the former editor of Economic Affairs at the site of My First Online Payday German Wolfgang Kadin. The money, which conflicts with the banks this time is no customer money, but taxpayers set by the governments in their disposal with little to spare it the threat of bankruptcy benefits funds. Instead of using these funds to carry out soft lending to companies and institutions in the form of help to overcome the consequences of the crisis, preferring to invest in bonds and equities prices have increased in the form of recalled days of the real estate boom, and before the dot-com boom. But surprisingly, it continued to release political decision-makers and the governments concerned on what is happening as if the few in control of the largest banks pulled from underneath and from under taxpayers Mat power in the words of Ed My First Online Payday former chief of strategic issues in the department of financial investments in the former Deutsche Bank.

When the crisis reached its peak in the third quarter of 2008, many saw an opportunity to revisit the framework of the international financial institutions in order to restore capitalism creative and productive forces, instead of leaving never unleashed capitalism and casino gambling. And it reinforced this opportunity to activate the role of the «Group of Twenty» and holding international meetings resulted in taking steps in the right direction, such as requiring banks to increase the proportion of private capital on the insurance activities and connecting section of the compensation managers long-term level of performance. However, these actions did not amount to the introduction of concrete reforms in the financial sector, which is dominated by big banks and financial monopolies structure limits the flexibility to deal with crises may be exposed to. This is due to be presented to the bankruptcy of one of them shows the financial and economic My First Online Payday system as a whole is not in danger at the level of a country, but also on the level of many countries, as happened after the collapse of «Lehman Brothers». Accordingly, the governments and central banks are obliged to intervene in a permanent form in order not to expose it to bankruptcy.

With a financial monopolies and mechanisms of the current work, the fears of a generation of bubbles and financial crises, a new still exist in the foreseeable future, especially if central banks continue, backed by governments to secure liquidity have more favorable terms.
And increases of these concerns the continuation of Washington and London not to approve the action affects the current financial structure of the system because the economy in both countries depends principally on money services, as if Beijing does not seem enthusiastic about such measures, fearing for affected current interests with the West, General and with the United States in a special format. In light of this, the defuse threats to the global financial system after the truce which followed the intervention of intensive governments to save him, what remains elusive. The reason My First Online Payday to the complexity of the global financial system to the point of action does not work with a country alone in saving mode just as the case in the face of global warming and environmental challenges that require the efforts of all countries without exception.

My First Online Payday


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