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Trade Tracker Pro

Pass the global oil industry is essential and historical changes, the most important terms of the implications of higher and sustained economic growth in emerging countries, especially China, where the average annual growth of eight to 10 percent, compared with one to three percent in Western industrialized countries.
These Trade Tracker Pro Software patterns of growth «unusual» became either under or crises in the natural conditions, which attempts to firms of European oil, such as «Total» French and «Eni» Italian reflected, the closure of some refineries to shrinking consumption and a surplus of refining and low capacity profit margin on
Petroleum products in the West, while Chad giant, modern refineries in the countries of Asia and the Middle East to meet the growing demand for petroleum products.
The second variable lies in the emergence of the role of national oil companies after almost three decades of its founding. The experiences of these companies vary of course from country to country, the mismatch of able to expand its business internationally and to the field of petrochemicals, and some are able to access in the field of research and development, just like the oil companies giant, while others managed to knock the doors of the global financial markets to borrow in favor of a particular Trade Tracker Pro Scam project without relying only on funding by the royal government of the company.
More importantly, this and that the experiences of the national companies vary according to the political and economic stability in a particular country, and the margin of freedom of action left by governments to these companies in the investment and planning, recruitment and funding, not to mention stay away as much as possible from engaging in cronyism and corruption Trade Tracker Pro Review in developing countries. It is a prestigious oil companies, there are, for example, «Saudi Aramco» and «Petronas» Malaysian and «Petrobras» Brazilian and «Pemex» Mexican and «Qatar Petroleum» and «ADNOC» the Abu Dhabi and Chinese companies.
It is known that the experience of the national companies were not easy, as it met with stiff competition from giant companies backed by their governments in the crucial times in international competitions, which has a large stock of capital through IPOs in global stock markets, and most of this and that the continued interest in its role research and development of technology has, and this is an important challenge still behind the national companies.
The third variable is the spread of environmental concern when the world public opinion, and some are trying to politically exploit this phenomenon against some of the Arab oil-producing nations. And the expansion of environmental concern as much as possible to encourage the development of alternatives to the non-hydrocarbon energy sources. This long-term challenge of this century is expected to continue, and its results are not clear yet. But it is clear that oil and gas will lose some of their markets over the coming decades. It is also clear that there are challenges and responsibilities fall on the oil industry for the production of «green fuel» more environmentally friendly, less polluting, and in order to maintain consumer confidence in petroleum products, and the expansion of markets, rather than reduce them.
The fourth variable is the growing interest shown by oil companies to public opinion, and the role of governance in their policies, unlike previously when it was given to these giants President Trade Tracker Pro Software profit and serve the interests of her country's strategy. Of course, it remains the subject of profits and get the best possible return for shareholders of the priorities of the giant companies, not to mention the economic and political interests of their countries service.
But pay attention to governance and to respond to the priorities of public opinion began to dominate the oil official thinking and priorities. It just does not appear in the speeches of officials and the space that they attach to this matter in the websites for their companies, but also to evaluate the economics of their projects, as not without any project for an environmental study on the potential effects on the local environment. The companies undertake to publicly renounce bribery in their work, but still this is shrouded in a lot of uncertainty, as it does not depend on the priorities of companies only, but the ethics of officials in the countries concerned as well.
What is the possibility of continuing these historic tracks? The possibility of continuing and widespread, but there are possibilities of retreat or slowdown. In the case of China, which saved the global oil industry during this period, up request in exchange for subsidence demand in Western industrialized countries, there is a possibility reported by some economists rule out the continuation of this high level of growth, given that it is not only the bubble will disappear soon. Of course these economists overlook the enormous stock of the possibility of China's development, transfer of nearly 300 million farmers (almost equal to the total population of the United States) to urban consumers, and what it requires of this growth and time.
The most important challenge lies in the stability of oil prices. It is unacceptable to the consumer of these mutations in prices as a result of speculation, as it Stnfarh for gasoline and heating fuel, and compelled him to turn to alternative energy and materials at competitive prices. This will become accessible to economically hand in the foreseeable future. There is then the importance of the role of «OPEC» in price stability, and continuous pressure to marginalize the role of speculation on oil prices. This process is not easy to link speculative markets open capitalism. Trade Tracker Pro Review


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