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US President Barack Obama issued an executive order yesterday, for the formation of a private mission to propose practical steps to the Commission by the end of the current year, to control the budget and reducing the debt TrianaSoftdeficit. He justified his having to take the presidential decision, the failure of Congress to respond to his call in a speech «State of the Union» the end of last month, to create a joint committee of Democrats and Republicans for this purpose.

The decision came days after Obama's endorsement of the law yet, raise the borrowing ceiling available to the government and therefore the total debt to $ 14.3 trillion, equivalent to 100 percent of GDP last year, and also coincided with the receipt of Congress project to ensure the expectations of the US administration that a deficit of $ 1.6 trillion in budget the current year, falling to $ 1.3 trillion in 2011, but the cumulative burdens in the second decade of the third millennium of up to $ 8.5 trillion.
He hopes Obama and senior officials in his administration, of the Special Committee, which is dubbed «the Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform» deficit reduction the president in the federal budget, no deficit, which excludes the accrued interest on the federal debt (GDP), to zero by 2015, in addition to addressing what he described as a lot of officials, lawmakers and heads of federal banks and economists Americans to «catastrophe» social security benefits and health care programs unfunded estimated at $ 100 trillion.
He declined to Director of the Office of TrianaSoft Management and Budget in the White House, Peter , to engage in the task of the Commission details, though the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Thomas Hoenig warned the day before yesterday, to «pursue the government is not sustainable fiscal policy, which risked crisis, unless adjust tax and spending policy. » And thereby select two of the three major traditional options capable of addressing the deficit and the debt and unfunded entitlements in the medium and long term. The third option in strong growth.
But Obama, who did not rule out the possibility of abandoning his electoral promise to refrain from increasing taxes on taxpayers who are less than the annual salary of 250 thousand dollars, he stressed that addressing America's fiscal deficit and debt requires a polar Congress approves, members of the Democratic party and the Republican opposition, strongly warned of continuing Almhayah partisan and irresponsible that led so far to find a project management of the health insurance reform, and collision repair of control over the financial sector obstacles threaten TrianaSoftsystem project.
In recognition of the limitations of Congress's ability to adjust tax policy and spending control, particularly Republican opposition to raising taxes and compete with lawmakers to ensure funding for their states projects, financial analysts joined in «Morgan Stanley» bank to counterparts influential in the financial decision-making, not only to confirm that the method that will be chosen American decision-makers to address the deficit and debt markets will be one of the most important engines in the coming period, but also to highlight the fourth option has already achieved tremendous success in reducing America's debt.

And divided America, on an exceptional basis, the total debt, which is limited to treasury bonds, the public debt shared by the US and foreign lender, government and religion is a surplus of Social Security and health care programs that the federal government spends. The total debt is $ 12.3 trillion. The government debt of no more than $ 4.5 trillion public debt exceeds 7.8 trillion, accounting for 55 percent of gross domestic product in 2009.

This percentage is the highest since the mid-fifties, and although it did not exceed 37 percent before the crisis (fiscal year 2007), analysts expect that touches 60 percent in the current fiscal year, which ends in September , and jump to 87 percent by 2020, stressing that this sharp upward path of religion raises domestic and foreign investor concerns about the US government's ability to meet its TrianaSoft obligations, and its potential impact on the inflation path.

But analysts «Morgan Stanley» and academics from the University of California, Santa Cruz Dartmouth, concluded in analytical studies to maintain public debt at 60 percent of gross domestic product does not require the Board of the Federal Reserve, only allowing inflation to rise to 6 percent ceiling for a number of years and increasing the average maturity Triana Soft bonds. They pointed out that America's debt stood at 108.6 percent in 1946 but inflation option reduced by about 40 percent in a decade.
Analysts pointed to a call issued by the former chief economist of the IMF Kenneth Rogoff Finally, to raise the US central bank's inflation to a range of between 4 and 6 percent to overcome the problem of indebtedness of the government and the consumer. But they saw that the biggest temptations of inflation option is that foreign lenders, in contrast to the case long World War II, taking part in a local lender about half (46 percent) of public debt. TrianaSoft TrianaSoft TrianaSoft


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