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President Barack Obama called in his first speech on the «State of the Union», a group of economic and financial initiatives that address the challenges haunt American citizen and raise foreign investors' fears of nations and individuals on the fate of their debts and massive investments in the United States, declaring the commitment of his administration put the issue of securing jobs , the top priority this year, and the formation of a presidential commission whose mission is to «propose practical steps to control at

Despite the multiplicity of initiatives, did not carry Obama's speech is new only in the re-emphasis on addressing the concerns of its citizens frank and direct Binary Interceptor he said: «A year ago took over management of the center of two wars Binary Interceptor economy shaken by sharp sector recession Mali on the brink of collapse and the government mired in debt. Experts from across the political spectrum warned that there will inevitably, a great recession Second, we do not move. And we moved quickly and strength. And we passed the worst of the storm, but the effects of the phenomenon of mass strongly, One in ten Americans can not find work, and many companies have shut down, and house prices fell ... »

Obama did not possess, according to most analysts and observers agreement, but to remind his countrymen the enormity of the challenges that he inherited from the previous administration option, suffering from affected his popularity negatively, among other things, the crisis of the labor market and decline to below 50 percent after just one year on the entry into the White House and the Democratic party lost the absolute majority in the Senate, while the largest initiatives of reforming the health care system is still confined to the walls of Congress.

But his style frank and direct the depth is certainly important first initiative and, most importantly, especially after linking successfully save money Sector Plan, as he stressed on the allocation of $ 30 billion of the money returned by banks to help small banks exclusively on providing loans you need small businesses to maintain their viability.

He announced the proposal needs to be approved by Congress to provide tax credits for small businesses that create new jobs or employees' salaries increase, as well as the proposed exemption from venture capital tax and provide tax incentives for large and small companies to invest in the construction of new plants and equipment.

However, the initiative concerning the control of the indebtedness of the United States, a massive public debt, which is nearing $ 8 trillion, and prevented in what appears without the addition of senior creditors such as China and the Gulf states to the balance of US Treasury bonds, any new funds over the past 12 months, came after the Congress refused to form a joint committee for this purpose, even though Obama was keen to remind his countrymen and perhaps foreign investors that his administration inherited a deficit of a huge excess of a trillion dollars a cumulative deficit of up to $ 8 trillion in the next ten years, not to mention that the cost of saving the US economy more than a trillion dollars.

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