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Regal Wealth Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Regal Wealth Review Is Scam Or NOT? How Does Regal Wealth Software Works? What is Regal Wealth Software System About? Learn The Hidden Truth in My Regal Wealth Review Before Login To it
Regal Wealth Review

Regal Wealth

It seemed that the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis, which struck at the heart of capitalism in the words of many observers, closely related to the expansion of globalization, in the last decade, to the outside of the Western world circles, and the transfer of part of the center of global economic gravity to Asia. It seemed that there were problems hit the processes of globalization that mimicked the American capital market model. hidden globalization, it is said in the hands of the market, it failed. He held that the failure to call for a reform of the capitalist model. Overcoming the crisis is supposed to absorb the structural imbalances caused by new processes, he warned Nicolas Baferiz, French historian and economic ( «Le Figaro» French, in 25/10/2009). The reform is the next cosmic and crucial task. Domestic savings and inevitable in this way of stimulation in terms of the planet's strategies format, at a time when the United States sent offers and renovated on other priorities, China believes that the priority is for internal consumption by the mainstream social guarantees. Europe and deliberately to activate production and globalization.

In early 2009, the Sirte fears of a return to protectionist policies. And saw observers, including Barrett Regal Wealth Software and Stefan Liel (Newsweek, US in 3/12), it is the source of the first threat to the global economy, and it could lead to the spread of recession, on what happened in the thirties of the last century, following the adoption of the United States, Herbert Hoover Act, which lifted tariffs 60 percent. Law and throw this to protect the internal market, and reduce unemployment. But the results showed that the risk of protectionist policies outweigh the risks of financial collapses, residential and bad loans, and some loss of credit card companies.

And diagnosed attention of the world to the United States, which is still the heart of the global economy despite the faltering financial system, looking for ways to address the crisis following the collapse of «Lehman Brothers», and the encroachment of the banking storm of financial and developed markets of rich countries to the developing markets, and the loss of stock prices in emerging markets portion outweighing the value, at the end of 2008.

She drew arrows of criticism to the US government bailout, and described Obama's fiscal policy as «the boldest statement of a democratic socialist». American politicians are Republicans claimed that Obama «makes Americans the French.» The United States moved away from a purely capitalist market, and headed to the social contract, the state will undertake a role broader than the traditional role usual, he noticed Jacob Weissberg ( «Newsweek» in the US 12/3). The reason for the charge the US government of socialist democracy to address the financial crisis by nationalizing the number of financial institutions, and support for troubled sectors, and pledged to regulate the industry in a position to combat climate change. Unlike European government care models, sought Obama's model is to provide opportunities, not to provide warranty. Obama is calling on the government to reform the market, and not to the performance of the role of the market.

He called «Financial Times» economic and financial analyst, Martin Wolf (at 11/3), United States to account for «lost» Japanese decade, and the realization that the great threat to the US economy comes from the will to reduce the budget deficit without delay. - American International crisis and changed its skin, and turned an economic, after it was financial. The crisis hit the global economy half a block, and the other half injury shrinking external demand and the collapse of finance. And spread invitations to Collapse «unilateral» Economic American, like folding single-American Republican policies.

And saw some financial analysts and senior bankers, from the likes of Robert B. Zoellick ( «The Washington Post» US, 6/3), that the recovery of the global economy is the subject of China and America's cooperation, the two largest economic areas in the world, and drive the Group of Twenty, and bug disruption of the global balance of payments structural. The nucleus of this imbalance is excessive consumption in the United States, and over-saving in China.

Behind the high savings rates in China structural defect in the financial sector and the public sector, and the resources sector a large proportion of the savings comes from the public sector companies. He suggested Regal Wealth System and Justin Yifu Lin, vice president of economic development policies in the «World Bank Group», a division of corrective labor financial and economic plan. And entrusted the division this to the United States the task of restructuring the financial policies and policy loans and equity, and the renewal of the financial system work, and to China to provide purchasing power among Chinese consumers are poor, and the creation of infrastructure «soft» in the service sector, and infrastructure «harsh» to curb the growth contraction .

There have been pursuing the idea of ​​a new capitalism different from the old capitalism in Europe and the United States. Word Regal Wealth Sen, which won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998, on these calls ( «The New York Review of Books» 26/3). He cautioned that the early fathers of capitalism and theoreticians did Echtzloa market by appealing to the hidden hand and profitability. Adam Smith called to address the state to play a leading role in the market economy through the provision of public services in the field of education and the fight against poverty. In recent years, the decline of moral and legal obligation to document the principles relating to the world of market transactions, on the impact of the emergence of secondary markets begged financial derivatives and financial instruments. And it undermined the derivatives and financial instruments secondary standard is fundamentally accountable violators of the institution of market principles. Broadening the lender to grant a loan of high-risk real estate and sell mortgage assets to the third party.

This coincided with the emergence of secondary markets weakening the role of the US government control over the financial transactions and loans. And taking the age of the American Federal Bank abandoning its role, leaving the «hidden hand of the market» on Regal Wealth System and free from supervision and headband Alracbh, at a time when the need arose to this headdress. Like age, Regal Wealth Review a Peruvian economist believes, that the essence of the financial and economic crisis is a legal rather than a financial ( «Le Figaro», 27/3). It's because a contraction in loans broad deficit for toxic assets characterization funds, worth billions of dollars, legal descriptions. This characterization is a condition to determine the value of these financial assets toxic.

He highlighted the challenge faced by the credit crunch is the collapse of the legal definition or description, which was created to keep up with financial innovations. De Soto called on government authorities to address the legal and political responsibilities, and the appointment of the types of derivative products and classes, which are scattered over thousands of documents, characterization, and rationing patterns, consolidation and recorded in the regulations in the public's reach. Contemporary markets wheel does not spin the assets were not property subject to a tender and speculation, and credit and information were not available to individuals.

Financial and economic crisis has turned the role of the Group of Eight countries, and suggested the influence of the Group of Twenty nations, since the first summit in Washington in November (November) 2008, and replaced the Group of Twenty nations replace Regal Wealth eight states. And he took the former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard, on the recent Group of Twenty summit Palace of the crisis on the banking and financial character, and neglected to address ways to address the consequences of the economic recession and rampant unemployment ( «Le Monde» French 27-28 / 3). Financial system is the seed pods of the crisis. And contributed to the financial derivatives in raising oil prices four times between 2002 and 2006, and grew wheat, soybean and corn prices. Fell riots claimed the lives of tens of thousands of victims of African countries due to the spread of hunger. Group of Twenty did not address this issue.

And the transfer of goods and services, long distance, and many times, is the presumption of good work of globalization, a strong factor in the organization of the Joint Economic Affairs. And sees Daniel Gross, commentator «Newsweek» (22/12), that this phenomenon has led, really, to the wealth and yields move from west to east, and to the economic and political crisis is still in its infancy.

We are seeing, probably, vow receding wave of globalization. Western companies realized that cheap labor is not a magic recipe and key opens all closed doors. Regal Wealth purposes goods in the importing countries, Western, while a long, complex and full of brokers are the way, is threatened by the unrest, and the risk of infection, and the barriers caused by differences geopolitical neighborhood, and the high price of energy. And undertook political factors in the decline of globalization. Large countries in Asia, Europe and North America has imposed additional customs duties on imports, and supported exporters, and stipulated that the stimulus spending allocations in the domestic market, supported by banks and industry vehicles Regal Wealth Scam Regal Wealth Regal Wealth

Ice 9 Technology Software Review Is Scam Or NOT?

Ice 9 Technology Software Review Is Scam Or NOT? How Does Ice9Technology Software Works? What is Ice 9 Technology System Software About? Learn The Hidden Truth in My Ice 9 Technology Review Before Login To it

Ice 9 Technology

US President Barack Obama said boldly and without equivocation and simplified terms: «We learned this recession that we can not return to a situation where America's economy depends on the growth in consumer borrowing more and more. To be unable to grow, we must reduce our spending (consumer) and increase Ice 9 Technology Software and control the deficit our budget the federal and focus more on the export of products we produced and sold from other countries, exports help us to create jobs locally and flying internationally living level ».

And shown Obama audacity not to announce, with a mixture of direct authorization , waiver of his country for playing only the role of a locomotive of growth for the global economy, but to confirm in the same context, the seriousness of his administration in drawing lessons from the most serious economic and financial crisis faced by his country since the Great Depression of the end of the twenties of the last century and then proceed to reform without delay, even if required to abandon one of the main titles of America, said that the most important title was not at all.

Obama chose to begin phase change American consumer to perceive it seems, that nothing justifies the waiver of the role of locomotive for global growth only citizens who have received this title and held him for decades thanks to the legendary and passion for spending consumer, but they came out of the clutches of the global financial crisis, or just missed, they are on the degree of exhaustion and attrition until they became unable to play the role of locomotive for the growth of the economy of their country.

Has not revealed the true disaster that befell the American consumer only when the Federal Reserve held last week dimensional, the process of radical correction per figures published previously in the US wealth data, as the data corrected raised the size of the losses incurred by the American consumer in the financial and real estate assets (housing) from the beginning the end of the 2007 recession to the end of the first quarter of 2009 from $ 12 trillion in the previous estimate to about $ 16 trillion.

This heavy losses, which weighs virtually 160 thousand tons of securities and increases of $ 100 bills, nearly two trillion dollars to the gross domestic product of the United States in spite of it does not take into account the essential element of the US consumer power, which doubled the number of unemployed in the period of crisis for up to 15.4 million people.

But Obama but did not suffer a hint to the borrowing and the real dimensions of the problem, for even though US consumer losses hardship luck the last (16 trillion), came after the value of financial and real estate assets of about 27 trillion dollars in the five years that preceded the eruption of the crisis, but that this period remarkable inflated its debt by about $ 5.6 trillion recorded and that in turn immediately after the Internet and technology shares, which amounted to US losses 7 trillion bubble burst.

Ultimately devoured the financial and economic crisis, what you have achieved the American consumer of revenues and profits capitalist financial and real estate to its origins, and with it a large part of what offset losses the previous crisis, and did not come out of a decade only empty-handed, but hobbled heavy indebtedness of its size until the end of the third quarter of the current year $ 14 trillion, even exciting serious doubts regarding its ability to continue to play the role of locomotive of growth in the local economy, not to mention the global economy.

And the revelation of the global dimensions of the American consumer to the crisis immediately, Despite the restoration of crude oil prices recover, at least to the preferred level for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), at breakneck speed, but it is now certain that the Arab exports to the United States will lose about 50 percent of their value, down from $ 116 billion in 2008 to $ 54 billion in 2009, as well as an unprecedented event in Canadian exports will drop by more than 35 percent and even Chinese exports, which are considered the most globally competitive in their prices will drop 14 percent.

Since Obama announced America's need to bridge the consumption gap through a radical change in the balance of trade late last month, convened congressional committees in the hearings and heard testimony he reviewed the programs and government officials have ambitious plans to spur American companies to export. Hosted economists mostly unanimous that the only way available to America out of the «current economic mess», is to achieve a substantial increase in exports.

However, the economic and academic expert Joseph Stiglitz, who heads the UN committee charged with monitoring the global financial and monetary system reform, confirmed before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress last week agreed with what was announced by President Obama regarding the need to refrain from returning to «world» before the crisis, but he saw that the solution will not come from exports, stressing that the United States could try to growth caused by inadequate consumer capabilities compensation, by way of its currency weaken export competitiveness and promote but hurt trade partners, and thus limit their ability to export.

Alternatively advised Stiglitz focusing on the «re-American house in order», specifically the guarantee of non-repetition of the banking failures and banking supervision, which has inflicted heavy losses to members of American society, all liver America's economy further losses of up to trillions of several of dollars even in a relatively short period stretching from 2008 to 2011

Ice 9 Technology Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Ice 9 Technology Review Is Scam Or Legit? Does Ice 9 Technology Software Works? What is Ice 9 Technology System Software About? Discover The Truth in My Ice 9 Technology Reviews Before Download it

Ice 9 Technology Review

Ice 9 Technology

Ice 9 Technology

Ice 9 Technology Software Is Ice 9 Technology Scam Or Legit? Learn The Full Truth in My Honest Ice 9 Technology Reviews Before Buy It.

Apparently, there has been significant economic growth in a number of countries in the world, given the low interest in the United States, rates, etc., and this is what led to stimulate lending, particularly real estate, and encourage speculation, was the decision to change the trend of raising interest rates gradually, including homicide within particular, to the emergence of faltering in the payment had informed him debtors Subprime mortgages. And it's reflected in the payment of troubled mortgages associated with these bonds. As a result, we found a number of banks and financial institutions, investment funds, and received a sharp contraction in liquidity, operations and moved the crisis to global stock markets and the real economy, which shrunk international Ice 9 Technology Software trade and earned an imbalance in supply and demand, particularly in the real estate sector.

There are several hours of factors in the outbreak of the crisis and the outbreak, the most important of American lending institutions deviation and others on the inherent activity, which is limited to the provision of credit for its own account and managed by it in particular, to a new activity is the "credit market", and overlook some of the central banks, especially the Central Bank of the US for monetary growth big accept bank and regulatory authorities that the banks used methods unsound in the measurement of loans associated with the securitization and transfer of these loans risk to financial markets, without invoked as if these markets rely appropriate restrictions in the credit risk management in addition to the impossibility of keeping up financial and monetary innovations monetary authorities .

In the main lessons learned from the global financial crisis, the need to reconsider the financial systems in the world. The theory of non-interference in the market, can not always be applied. We must not rely too much on credit rating Ice 9 Technology Reviews agencies who were unable to foresee the crisis, which is not the first time, as it previously failed to anticipate the monetary and banking crisis that has engulfed a number of Asian countries, not the contrary, she pays tribute to the economic situation of these countries. One of the lessons, too, need to find a national financial strict regulation takes care of dealing with financial instruments installed in the countries that experienced a crisis. There is a need for attention to the rules of corporate governance and financial institutions.

China continued its rise to the ranks of the great economic powers, with its superiority over Germany as the biggest exporter in the world, and overtook the United States in car sales in the domestic market. A report of the Foundation «media services on the World Trade» (Geneva) based China exported goods worth $ 957 billion in the first 10 months of 2009, while Germany exported goods to 917 billion in the same period.

He cited a report of the company Ice9Technology American Research, said domestic car sales in China rose 50 percent in the same period, amounted to 12.23 million vehicles. This means that China has become the largest auto market in the world for the first time in its history. The US auto sales tumbled by 21.2 percent in the first 11 months of 2009 to $ 10.43 million vehicles, the lowest level since 1982.

In Beijing, he announced Vice Chairman of Ice 9 Technology Review agency president Zhang Xiao Qiang, said the growth in China in 2009 will reach 8.5 percent, exceeding the target set at eight percent, thanks to government economic recovery plan worth 400 billion euros and extends two years, and allowed b «fast reverse the trend of slowdown.»

The growth rate of eight percent as the minimum necessary in general to find enough jobs in the most populous countries in the world (1.3 billion people), and avoid the deterioration of the Ice 9 Technology social environment which constitute the main concern of the state.

And allowed the growth of improving corporate earnings, increased investment and support domestic consumption, as Zhang said in a speech posted on the website for «National Commission for Development and Reform», pointing out that the Chinese economy is also facing challenges to maintain a steady and rapid growth in 2010, due to the need to increase domestic consumption and the existence of excess capacities in some sectors and international competition is more acute.

He said the Chinese official «The prospects of the business environment does not call for optimism, because external demand last year, will not return to pre-crisis levels because of the principle of Ice 9 Technology Review trade protectionism prevailing.» He predicted «China is facing in the post-crisis periods, growing international competition, and frictions in trade, and the acquisition of natural resources and energy, in addition to capital and technology».

Zhang pointed out that internal growth will decline because the advancement plan actions amounted borders. The Chinese growth, which jumped strongly based on exports last year to 8.9 percent in the third quarter thereof, and 7.9 percent in the second quarter and 6.1 percent in the first quarter, the lowest pace in more than a decade within. Ice 9 Technology Software Ice 9 Technology Software Ice 9 Technology Review Ice 9 Technology Scam

Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Review Is Scam Or NOT?

Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Review Is Scam Or NOT? Does Hoffman Stein Nexus APP System Works? What is Hoffman Stein Nexus APP System Software About? Learn The REAL Truth in My Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Review Before Download it

Hoffman Stein's Nexus APP Review

Hoffman Stein Nexus APP

Hoffman Stein Nexus APP

European stock prices rose 0.2 percent last the last days of the year yesterday with the support of banks and commodities gained on growing risk appetite shares. The dollar fell generally modified with Hoffman Stein Capital investors for their investments with the approach of the new year in thin trading raised exaggerated price movements.

And earn «FTSEurofirst 300» index of blue chip companies in Europe and 0.2 percent to 1045.77 points. And banking stocks came from the booming stock with a rise in shares of «Barclays» and «HSBC» and Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Scam between 0.8 and 1.1 percent. The shares of energy and mining companies among stocks advanced as crude oil prices rose above $ 79 a barrel and metal prices increased.

And earned shares of «BG» and «BBC» and «Royal Dutch Shell» and «Total» between 0.1 and 0.7 percent, a group of companies, while shares of companies «Rio Tinto» and «Xstrata» and «Lonmin» and rose Hoffman Stein Capital and «BHP Billiton» between 0.6 and 1.1 percent.

After a disappointing performance in 2008 turned Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Review to achieve record gains of 26 percent in 2009, the best annual performance since 1999. Markets were closed in a number of European countries, including Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as capital markets Japan, noting that Europe and Japan markets are closed today. And halted trading in the stock exchanges «Euronext» at 1300 GMT, while London markets closed at 1230.

For currencies, it was trading extremely weak with the holiday season in Tokyo and many European countries, while many banks have worked with minimal number of staff before New Year's Day holiday. The euro jumped more than a cent against the dollar, and traders attributed to the sale of Asian central banks, the dollar and trading patterns at the end of the year. This led to a decline in the US currency in general where the Australian and New Zealand Hoffman Stein's Nexus APP Review biggest gainers.

Said currency analyst at «UPS» Bank in London Geoffrey Yu: «we may see some sort of rebalancing Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Scam The dollar saw a strong month and people are reaping the profits. » The dollar index fell 0.5 percent to 77.508 points. The index rose about 3.5 percent in December (last December), but fell nearly four percent during the year.

The euro rose 0.6 percent to $ 1.4419 for moving away from its lowest level in December at $ 1.4219 although he remained down by almost four percent during the month. Over the course of 2009, the euro was up about three percent, despite the weakness of these gains compared to gains in the Australian and New Zealand dollars, which were the best performers among the major currencies, as have risen 28 and 25 percent, respectively. The two currencies have made big gains as the Australian dollar rose 0.5 percent to $ 0.8988 and the New Zealand dollar rose 0.7 percent to $ 0.7266. The dollar was down 0.2 percent against the yen to 92.23 yen.

And earn the price of an ounce of gold and one percent in 1100 to exceed the level as it boosted the dollar's decline against the euro demand for the precious metal as an alternative asset. And set the price cutting in the morning session in London at 1104.0 dollars, up from US $ 1087.50 in the previous cutting session in London. The total at the close in New York yesterday to $ 1092.55. The price of futures US gold for February delivery (February) in «Comics» Department of New York Mercantile Exchange to $ 12.30 to $ 1104.80.

And increased the price of an ounce of palladium more than two percent to more than $ 400 level for the first time since July 2008 thanks to gains recorded by gold and rising investor demand for the metal. Recorded ounces of palladium at a record of $ 400.50 but fell after that to $ 399.50 for $ 391 the day before yesterday. The price of platinum per ounce to $ 1469 from $ 1454. And stepped up silver at $ 16.79 an ounce to $ 17.03 Hoffman Stein Nexus APP System Hoffman Stein Nexus APP Scam Hoffman Stein's Nexus APP Review

Perpetual Formula Reviews Is Perpetual Formula System Scam Or NOT?

Perpetual Formula Reviews Is Perpetual Formula System Scam Or NOT? Does David Parker Perpetual Formula System Works? What is Perpetual Formula System Software About? Discover The Truth in My Perpetual Formula Review Before Download it

Perpetual Formula Scam

Perpetual Formula

The price of gold did not affect his status with the Syrians in their habits, and remains a «Accessories and safe» for them, although change their lifestyles with the opening of the market in the past years.
The head of the Association «crafted jewelry» for Perpetual Formula Reviews that «the Syrians are still buying gold for savings and decorations».

After the Syrian stockpile of formulated estimated at «300 tons of gold», he said that «the gold price, and despite the rise globally, it remains cheaper in Syria, due to the low cost of drafting compared with neighboring countries.»

He pointed to the existence of seasons to sell gold, pointing out that «selling frequently in summer, due to the return of expatriates, especially couples, gold ranked first among the gifts presented».

For his part, the jeweler runs a shop in «goldsmiths market» famous in Damascus about the impact of higher gold prices on people's tastes, and the diversity of tastes in different markets occur. He said: «The taste tends to previously formulated and huge size to large and striking function and the high price tag ornaments Perpetual Formula Reviews but today it has changed the standard».

He added that «today's high prices made it difficult to own a large size and heavy weight pieces, bringing younger people are looking for pieces that have become over time a taste prevailed». He added that «most of today's buyers care about the shape of ornament and formulation.»

He said the women «tend to these temptations to follow the fashion buying traditional clothing and jewelry rather than gold savings».

She says a woman who was worded bought from a store in the market goldsmiths: «For me remains ideals (Put gifts away Qrhk white black for the day), a contemporary of today, more than ever». She adds: «despite the temptations that are better to buy gold, because it retains its value over time, and when I need one day to resort to selling price». Perpetual Formula Reviews Supports expressed in two words, saying that «a customer bought formulated in 2005 a $ 87 thousand Syrian pounds (about $ 1850), but he returned and sold formulated itself in late 2009 B169 thousand pounds (about $ 3,600), which means that benefited from formulated for three years, and then sold twice the price. »

Despite the rise in gold prices, kissers did not give up on the marriage and their families usually «Altalpash», ie giving the bride in gold to preserve the traditions and the face.

Says the lady accompanied her son to buy the bride a gift «I choose a ring and bracelet for Okdmanma gift for fiancee son», stressing that it would not abandon its paneling bride, «because that tradition irreplaceable» and adds: «have had to compromise a little bit in terms of weight and size formulated, but I will not be sacked by a final, it is flawed. »
Perpetual Formula Perpetual Formula Reviews Perpetual Formula Reviews

Perpetual Formula Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Perpetual Formula Review Is Scam Or Legit? Is David Parker Perpetual Formula Works? What is Perpetual Formula System Software About? Read The Truth in My Perpetual Formula Review Before Login To it

Perpetual Formula Reviews

Perpetual Formula
Perpetual Formula Proof
He assured the International Monetary Fund in a report published yesterday that his staff had been due to the economic crisis, a strong pressure from the Member States to correct paragraphs of the Perpetual Formula Scam reports on the economies of these countries or written off.

The fund said in the report is the first since 2005 on the transparency of its activities and bulletins that «global financial crisis recently caused additional difficulties in the application of the policy of transparency».

It is assumed that the 186 Member States of the Fund are subject to a preliminary examination by an annual independent international body, about the conditions of economic and monetary policies. But countries such as Argentina rejects, and other accepted by the Perpetual Formula Reviews opposition with the publication of the report on them, such as Brazil.

The fund added that «the markets have become more volatile and countries have become more vulnerable to bad news. Therefore, it increased changes to the report requests, and show signs that this tension has increased during the crisis ».

The fund continued, that these countries want to cancel or digits

Estimates in the report refers to the sensitive nature of the markets is what makes version «difficult judgments.»

Fund plans in Europe

On the other hand, domestic politics and popular discontent in European countries from Ukraine to Iceland threatens efforts to rescue economies, the International Monetary Fund's plans, raising investors who see that these policies are essential for recovery of financial concern.

Governments promised at the height of the global crisis, the adoption of painful austerity policies in return for loans from the fund, but it proved to be to convince voters these economic reforms is difficult.

This leaves actually states in the face of crises with the Fund that might affect their Perpetual Formula Scam markets panicked and leaves governments without the funds paid by the public payroll and pay sovereign debt.

She said a researcher at the Research Center «Chatham House» in London, Vanessa Rossi: «There were many expectations are unrealistic last year, about the ease with which they can solve the crisis. But like in any negotiations concerning the debt, it will be difficult and confused and suffer a failure from time to time, and the last several years, and we can not ignore the democratic process ».

The doubts surrounding last week's economic aid package to Iceland when its president rejected a bill to repay more than five billion dollars to Britain and the Netherlands lost by savers in Iceland after its banking sector collapsed in 2008.

He opposed the bill 70 percent of Perpetual Formula Scam Icelanders, who complained that the cost of carrying them banks errors. But the rejection of the bill could harm the efforts of its accession to the European Union and financial support from the North Sea countries and the International Monetary Fund. And it lowered the rating agencies level Iceland after rejection.

It will hold most of the European countries with the most vulnerable to the dangers of economies, notably Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, President of elections in 2010, which means that the priority will be the term political goals short likely to meet the demands of the International Monetary Fund.

Already been suspended Ukraine agreement with the IMF until after the presidential elections on 17 this month, and that may not end months of political paralysis and internal differences that have blocked reforms.

The Latvian government has been able to pass the Perpetual Formula Review budget, trimming and severely reduced pensions through parliament to reject the Constitutional Court and bring them back to the negotiating table with the lenders.

Parliamentary elections scheduled for this year has caused, or tension may lead to the collapse of the ruling coalition, which endanger both the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the currency of Latvia, and is a failure of a threat to markets across Europe.

Was postponed last year, the latest plan the fund led to spend 20 billion euros in Romania before the election, but he hopes to resume payments after the passage of the draft budget for the new centrist government coalition in parliament, probably the middle of this month.

Hungary announced that the agreement with the IMF is still in the path, but it may be delayed because of the parliamentary elections due in April or May (April or May).

If States did not follow the IMF's policies, it will have to decide whether to pull out and leave it runs the risk of collapsing and falling behind, which could cause a wider disruption in the markets or reduces the rigor demands

Perpetual Formula System Perpetual Formula Scam Perpetual Formula Scam

GPS Trader APP Review Is GPSTrader Scam Or NOT?

GPS Trader APP Review Is GPSTrader Scam Or NOT? Is GPS Trader APP Works? What is GPS Trader APP About? Learn The Truth in My GPS Trader Review Before Download it
GPS Trader Scam

GPS Trader

Most oil-producing countries are trying, whenever it has the surplus production capacity, increase production in the event of price increases, or in the case of these states sign for future price increases. The goal of this policy is very clear, which is to achieve the highest possible proceeds of oil by exploiting opportunities. This is what is happening in the Federal Republic of Russia now, according to the information and studies issued by oil companies operating in the country, in addition to the relevant ministries in Moscow. Vetoqat the Ministry of Economy Russia is that Russian oil rate source abroad (Ural) oil, will rise to an annual rate of about $ 65 a barrel, compared with about $ 61 for 2009, the ministry expects the high price GPS Trader APP exported, to around $71 a barrel by the year 2012.

Even though the increase in production policy in a time of rising prices useful for a particular country, but

The results, if such a policy continued for a long period, without coordinating with the rest of the producing countries, be negative on this country and the rest of the producing countries, because this increases the supply over demand prices will collapse below the required level. Also, this policy, in the event of intensification, may lead to a price war.

Russia is a major oil-producing countries. The size of the reserves an estimated 80 billion barrels of crude oil, compared to the size of Saudi Arabia's reserves estimated B264 billion barrels, and Iran is estimated B137 billion and Iraq is estimated at 115 billion barrels. As for the production in the past years, it has reached its GPS Trader Scam highest level at the end of the era of the Soviet Union as the rate of 12 log million barrels per day, to fall to low levels in the early nineties of the twentieth century, as there is chaos in the Russian energy sector, like the rest of the economic sectors in the country. But production began rising gradually since the late nineties with a score of about 6.2 million barrels per day in 1998, which continues to rise since then.

The record production rate of about 10 million barrels a day for short periods during a few months in 2009, and is forecast to stabilize the level of production at a high level during 2010, as it expects the economy ministry that production over the current year's rate rise to about 9.9 million barrels, an increase of 140 bpd production rate in 2009, or an increase of 1.4 percent.

Expects the company GPSTrader responsible for the oil pipeline network in the country, the annual production level of the rate of up to 11.1 million barrels per day after 2012. It is noteworthy that the current rates of production of these outweigh the level of production in any of the countries «OPEC», which owns some of the potential additional production but they do not use the maximum boundaries in order to preserve an adequate level of prices.

You will be able Russia increased production from new oil fields in both eastern Siberia and the south and west, as well as increase the amount of exports after the completion of construction of the new port GPS Trader APP in the east of the country overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which can serve the US market, as well as Asian expanding in a large and fast form.

But despite these expansions and new productivity and export potential, as there are still unresolved problems of the former Soviet era are in need of a solution GPS Trader APP between Russia and former allies in the «Warsaw Pact.» After a price dispute that led to the cessation of natural gas supplies to Ukraine in the past years, we broke a new conflict this year, but in the same vein, between Russia and Belarus on the price of crude oil, and then broke the tension worry Belarus and other European countries about the possibility of Russian oil disruption about, especially Germany and Poland, which some GPS Trader Scam of Russian oil through Belarus. And halted Russian oil supplies to refineries in Belarus a short period.

But after the bitter experience in conflict over natural gas supplies to Ukraine and other European countries in the past years, and the angry reactions by the European Union, Moscow has decided this time to deal with the crisis knowingly, not crude oil supplies stopped in the wide format or a long time, due to the physical and geopolitical losses that could be incurred.

It is reported that a delegation from Belarus is currently negotiating with the responsible authorities in Moscow about this particular subject. The dispute is between two parties that Russia wants to impose a tax on the highest-bound crude oil export refineries, while Belarus rejects this request. Despite the difficulty of the negotiations, and the lack of possibilities to reach a final solution to the problem at the present time, do not expect the supply. GPS Trader APP GPS Trader Scam GPS Trader APP

The Money Glitch Review Is The Money Glitch Scam Or NOT?

The Money Glitch Review Is The Money Glitch Scam Or NOT? Is The Money Glitch System Works? What is The Money Glitch Software APP About? Learn The Truth in My The Money Glitch Review Before Download it

The Money Glitch Review

The Money Glitch

Property experts ranging views between investment in China in the east to the west of the United States in 2010 because these two markets that provide the best real estate investment opportunities in 2010, compared with Europe and emerging countries. Dependent weighting of views in these two locations out of the primacy of the economic recession and restore growth opportunities after a decade in which real estate markets oscillated between the boom up and down decadence.

And select the first report on the new year forecast issued by the Bretton «Urban Land Institute» and «PwC» Chinese cities Shanghai and Hong Kong and Beijing as the best three Asian cities for real estate investment in 2010. The report, which is titled «Aamrzing Trends The Real Estate 2010» , the Chinese housing sector is the best investment, and other Asian cities are the most promising real estate Mumbai, New Delhi and Ho Chi Minh. The whole of experts report that Shanghai is the best real estate investment in Asia City in the new year due to the Chinese government's decision to pump more liquidity into the Chinese economy, the liquidity went to the real estate sector and had an immediate reaction to raise prices. Shanghai also occupies first place in the chances of developing the property. The report pointed to a race real estate development companies to buy land in the city in order to build on it.

Will the real estate investment in Shanghai pays in the new year the «World Expo 2010» Fair, which will be attended by 70 million visitors from inside and outside China. Shanghai is leading the wave of the Asian recovery is expected in real estate during the New Year based on its position in the Chinese economy, which is regaining his strength.

The Hong Kong government has not benefited from the liquidity, but they still offer the best opportunities in the rental sector. The Chinese capital Beijing has stepped up to the third place after the emergence of the Chinese economy, which reflected positively on the sectors of housing and commercial landmarks in the city's recovery.

In other parts of Asia as a city of Mumbai appears promising due to the demand of the Indian government on the huge housing projects in the city's low-income groups. Indian bank loans with discounted benefits also contribute, which is a high demand from the middle classes in the new year and the adoption of the city itself, rather than foreign demand for property there. In Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam reflected the growth of the middle class to the real estate sector, where growth on both sides of housing and trade.

It was based on the views of 270 global real estate company, including investment companies and brokers real estate and financial experts and consultants, they admitted that the Asian markets have fallen sharply during the past two years on a similar pace to what happened in the global markets, but signs of real recovery began to emerge during the last quarter of last year affected the return of growth in the Chinese economy, the beneficiary of a number of investment and financial incentives provided by the government to overcome the recession. As a result, several Asian markets showed positive signs in the areas of real estate held in recent months and the prices of these deals that have seen a remarkable increase trades.

The United States and progress at the present time the best real estate opportunities due to low prices, according to the expert Liam Bailey of the site «Wright All About Property» consultant who says through him that the US market offers the best of forced selling opportunities at low prices, and the best profit opportunities of purchase for leasing. He stresses that the investment for leasing is the best in the short term compared to the high demand in the US market and the lack of adequate investment liquidity. It focuses on the tourism sector, which is witnessing an unprecedented wave of recovery in the new year. It advised investors in view of the areas where rapid exit from recession shows signs.

But the statistical report of the American industry experts warned that the market in the commercial sector is not out of the recession yet, and that reach the market bottom will be in the new year. This means that the US market, at least in the commercial sector, will see a further decline before improving. The report argues, named «Trends The Real Estate» »that commercial real estate prices will fall at rates of 40 to 50 per cent of prospects reached in 2007 and that this point not seen markets after and will reach it in 2010. The report commented that wave correction taking place in the market is the deepest and the worst since the great Depression of the thirties.

The report noted that most of the workers in the industry is still negative opinions for the new year compared to the size of the weak and the high costs of the projects already existing demand. Susan Smith, supervisor of the report and pointed out that there are many investors who exaggerated the borrowing At unrealistic assumptions about the returns, and they will be forced to sell their properties in the new year and will benefit from the position of the investment has the liquidity.

Consideration could be given to this report, it also provides investment opportunities in the US market for those who have the liquidity, especially as the banks and the government will accept the sale of real estate assets seized from defaulters. With the continued reluctance of banks on mortgage lending, you will have the opportunity for investors to snap up the best opportunities.

On the US market the sidelines of the Canadian markets seem less affected by the The Money Glitch Review recession with a decline in real estate values ​​is not more than 20 per cent from the peak, while the Mexican real estate markets declined on a similar pattern to what happened in the US market. Brazil is and remains the only exception in the Latin continent because it is located within a small circle of emerging countries, which holds the reins of economic initiative in the world.

The experts agreed that the factors affecting the US real estate market in 2010 are in order: jobs and interest rates, wages and inflation. The markets will witness the first signs of recovery in the luxury sectors and large investments to attract large investors, such as pension funds, as well as foreign investors. Geographically Washington DC will see the best opportunities since they are based on sound economic rules, followed by San Francisco, Boston and New York. The Washington, a major player in the US market during periods of recession due to stable demand from government departments for office space and services commercial outlets.

And calls upon the people of the industry from the US government to intervene to regulate the real estate market, not bailed on the pattern of what I did with the banks or the car companies.

They are advising investors to hold their positions in cash and wait in the decision-making and a focus on high quality that offer the best returns and limited investment in the large global real estate open cities. It is the The Money Glitch Review report advised focusing on the purchase of residential and hotel complexes in addition to the tourist complexes being sold forcibly. Industrial warehouses may also offer good investment opportunities at a later stage when the industry regain its forces. But the report, real estate companies are advised not to go to the construction of new projects, the experience at the present time, and until 2012 at least, and forget the idea of ​​building projects funded bank or a special, until further notice. It is India Industry sources indicate that the real estate developers have learned a good lesson during the Depression, a lesson also fit for developers of Arab property. The demand for luxury real estate limited, while real estate The Money Glitch Scam companies turning to develop the sector average and popular ensures continued high demand and sales growth even during the recession. Flexible pricing responsive to the importance of market conditions also prevent the market from collapsing. Indian investors believe that the recession was good for the market and stabilize prices at affordable levels of large segments of buyers. This lesson has been reflected on the successful projects in major Indian cities, which leads the return of the real estate recovery after recession.

In Dubai, a report from the Chamber of Commerce in which he said that the economic outlook is good in the emirate in 2010 to several factors, including the return of government spending and rising oil prices and the return of the spirit of adventure and investment growth in consumer spending.

In Britain, ranging expectations, according to a database «Financial Times» between the estimates of the height of the British real estate values ​​increased by five per cent in the new year to decline by 10 per cent. The most optimistic experts Company «Assets» Real Estate «Smart if» director, who said that the most important The Money Glitch Review factors active in the British market is the scarcity of supply because of the real estate investment stopped in the construction and development operations in the last two years. He added that the construction industry will find it difficult in 2010 to provide the required property when demand rises. He also predicted that the government is increasing the pressure in the general election on the banks to provide mortgage lending additional facilities for buyers to encourage the market. In addition, if it is expected that banks compete on lending in order to benefit from the positive developments in the real estate sector. Other factors in the British market went likelihood basic interest rates to resume rising, although this will not really have much effect on the higher mortgage lending rates. It is also expected that the employment rates of unemployment stabilizes after reaching record highs at the end of 2009.

In contrast to expect expert Dominique The Money Glitch Review of «Financial Times» group that the British property prices fall by 10 per cent with the collapse of the market for it is still higher than the actual value by a large margin. It refers to the relationship between real estate prices and the value of the average per capita income in Britain see it as very similar to the ratio that prevailed in 1989, before the real estate collapse of the former extent. He adds that history shows that large real estate landslides usually occur after waves of recession and not during the recession, and that means that the real estate downturn candidate for 2010. He concluded Bicarda that the British real estate trends are still negative and that things will not improve until after the expiration of the year 2010 which will see the worst of the real estate downturn .

Conducts «Financial Times» Foundation these estimates annually and announced at the end of each year for the winner the right expectations. In the last year, an expert Kevin Jackson won the «Financial Times» group who predicted a slight increase in real estate prices in 2009 not more than the proportion of one per cent. And it was also the winner of the expectations of 2008. Interestingly, the expert himself does not feel optimistic in 2010 and says that the British real estate will decline by three per cent.

And participate in the expert opinion with Jackson's company «Knight Frank» Real estate Liam Bailey, who also predicted a decline of three per cent of the British property in the new year. It accounts for this negative outlook weak British economy, which will be reflected negatively on the purchasing power and the desire to wage rates in real estate investing. It also mentions the persistence of high unemployment rates and a freeze on wages and high taxes and premiums mortgages. It fears a slowdown in the return of the recovery of the British economy and the accumulation of government debt that will be reflected on the British consumer soon in the form of heavy taxes and declining employment opportunities. In general, the The Money Glitch Review real estate of opinion in Britain remains divided between a slight recovery and a large decline.

Thus it seems International Property mixed between the prospects for recovery in China and the United States with the volatility in expectations between Europe and the Third World countries. But the picture in its entirety look better than it was at the beginning of last year

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The Swiss government is preparing today to make its final decision on the extradition of the Oversight Committee and parliamentary documents reveal the nature of their role in the rescue «UBS» Bank of appearing before the US judiciary on charges of concealment of dodging Americans from paying taxes, as a result of a secret known bank Hedge Formula Scam accounts in Switzerland. The Secretary of the Swiss economy Doris Leuthard last week announced its agreement to inform the parliamentary committee on confidential files without getting a copy of it, was rejected by the Committee on Parliamentary Oversight yesterday and threatened to form a parliamentary investigative committee to uncover the truth of the role of the Swiss government in the rescue «UBS» and Hedge Formula Software wallpapers decision hand over information about accounts and deposits 250 to 300 US customers in the bank.

Based committee of parliamentary control in its Hedge Formula Scam stance, the decision of the Supreme Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland, which has condemned last week's decision by the Swiss Supervisory Authority on the financial market, to take a decision to hand over the data to the US authorities the spring of 2009, following a complaint by affected by the decision. And it enhances the parliamentary oversight committee hardline position, the support of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Affairs and the majority of the major parties except the Liberal Party.

However, the FSA defended the conduct that was the only solution to the lighter damage to save the bank from his appearance before the US judiciary, so it was likely that the seed bank «First» exposed in Switzerland and »II» globally in the field of private wealth management, to bankruptcy what can not be borne by the Swiss financial scene at all.

At the same time the Hedge Formula Review does not like to be a scapegoat Swiss government offered to the public, to avoid responsibility in the decision-making highly sensitive, so that banks, experts regarded it gradually pave towards the destabilization of secret bank accounts in preparation to eliminate them after an increase in pressure on Switzerland The United States, Germany, France and Italy.

Whatever the Swiss government's decision to comply with requests for commission of parliamentary control or engage in a challenge with the Parliament, will the story end there, so preparing for the Committee on Economic Affairs of the Swiss Parliament to make a request for information to question the government in front of the parliament in the Hedge Formula Review March cycle (next March), is a threat of confrontation is insignificant in front of the parliament, so an alliance for the first time a pole right and left politicians in Switzerland in this file, to express their lack of consent to what is described as the support is limited government bank «UBS» despite the many excesses, and the need to uncover the Hedge Formula Scam mysteries of the relationship between the two sides, and whether Switzerland has provided various Hedge Formula Scam concessions to the US government.

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President Obama shows his desire to reduce the banks, which is described as a very large degree of government can not let it collapse with sizes. However, the pledge, the first of Thursday, reformulated «Wall Street» rules raised a lot of questions that are still looking for an answer, including the larger question: Does such a procedure already to prevent another financial crisis? It noted that the President's proposals to impose new restrictions on the size of the biggest banks activities that left major repercussions within the stock market. And feelings of confusion prevailed among executives about banks: How can Obama's plan work and success? Many of them stressed that these proposals, if approved, will not make a huge difference in commercial activities. In addition, it was unclear whether the proposals - the prohibition run banks, which in their possession and federally insured deposit, bets involving
A big risk, and prevent any new merger procedures within the financial industry - any benefit, if its approval earlier, to prevent the financial crisis that has pushed the economic system to the brink of collapse in 2008.
Apparently, Obama has left the task of formulating the core to Congress details, at a time when partisan conflicts threaten inside other reform efforts supported by the President, which relates to the establishment of a consumer protection agency has supervisory powers on credit, mortgage and other products associated with lending cards.

For their part, voiced by prominent elements of the «Wall Street», and who were surprised by the announcement of Obama's plan, restrained in their reaction.

For example, John C. said. Profits Infinity Review founder of the «Vanguard», a huge investment fund: «myself assailed by doubts about the size of some activities that could be the federal government is already regulated. We need to try, but all lawyers and geniuses who are in the (Wall Street) Septkron ways to circumvent the new regulations ». Indeed, Obama admitted that «an army of loyal members of lobbyists for the financial industry» exercising pressure on Congress. However, he pledged that «if they want to ignite a conflict, I am ready!».

The shares of major banks - the entities that may represent the biggest loser if the age of the new proposals - fell sharply, causing the market in general fell by almost 2%. However, even at a time when stock markets stumbled, deliberately Obama - which is still suffering due to the loss of the Democrats, Tuesday, for the seat of Massachusetts, who already assuming Sen. Edward M.. Kennedy - to escalate heading populist, a week after his proposal to impose a new tax on large financial institutions to recover projected losses due to the amount of the bailout provided to it in 2008. Obama said the banks have hurt the economy already In doing «considerable risks of high-risk, in pursuit reap quick profits and massive bonuses. » For its part, the administration want to prevent companies from owning investment funds or private equity funds, or invest in or take over sponsorship, as well as participation in trade in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money.

Obama described the ban as «Volcker rule», in recognition thanks to the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Paul er. Volcker, who led the proposal. The trafficking of banks in securities, especially Profits Infinity Scam mortgage-backed assets, caused the financial crisis that occurred in 2008 and the subsequent submission of bailout funds.

However, it is not clear how it will be the definition of trafficking activities in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money. For their part, officials said he would not be allowed to banks using their capital in «trafficking operations unrelated to customer service.» And most likely be forced to such a limitation banks, which owns Profits Infinity Scam investment funds and private equity funds, get rid of them over time. However, the officials pointed out that it would allow the implementation of trading operations on behalf of the client, and the use of bank capital to create a market or to protect the client from the risk in front of him.

Notably, the federal regulatory institutions already exercised heavy pressure on banks to reduce their activities in the field of trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money. Banks and expects that regulators demanding that banks collect more capital if she goes ahead and risks risky, which would reduce the profitability of such procedures. Some of the largest banks, pointed out that trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors funds, form less than 10% of their income, but much of that and less in some cases. For example, abandoned «Morgan Stanley» already all people engaged in these activities, with the exception of two. Estimated «Buckingham research group» that the new rules will reduce revenues «Citigroup» and «Bank of America» and Profits Infinity Reviewless than 3%. As announced «Goldman Sachs», which draws ten proceeds from these activities, he will remain able to move forward under the new rules.

For his part, David A. said. Vinyar, chief financial officer at the bank: «no longer trafficking activities in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than depositors with money, very big inside (Goldman Sachs) compared to the size of the institution». It is noteworthy that Obama also seeks to reduce some of mergers within the financial sector, by imposing limits on the market share of the liabilities of large enterprises.

And since 1994, has been a cap on the share of insured deposits by any bank can be retained is 10%. Management and want to extend the limit to cover all liabilities, reducing extreme risk in any bank activities. Officials said the proposed measures would prevent banks that stands for liquidity from the acquisition of other banks threshold, but it does not oblige banks to reduce commercial activities or stop growth on its own. The Obama administration has announced that the new proposals conform with the «spirit Glas Stigaul», referring to a law passed during the era of the Great Depression, the separation between commercial and investment banking, was repealed in 1999. Economists debated about whether to repeal the law contributed to the financial crisis. It is noteworthy that the two big banks are investment professionals, Profits Infinity Review and «Lehman Brothers» were not commercial, was converted «Goldman Sachs» and «Morgan Stanley» to the holding companies of banks only after the system began to fall apart.

Powerful questions impose themselves on the industry over the timing and scope of the proposed new procedures remain. Officials said the new restrictions would apply to foreign institutions, such as «Barclays» and «UPS», which is characterized by extensive activities within the United States. But it is unclear yet whether foreign governments will agree to these rules and how they will abide by them. The officials pointed out that the new proposals also call for «a reasonable transition period» institutions in order to comply with the new rules, but did not specify a timetable for certain. The Profits Infinity Review, Treasury secretary, and Lawrence H.. Summers, presidential adviser for economic affairs, formulated these proposals at the request of the President, pursuant closely with Volcker, according to White House officials. Elements of the plan have been completed during the last holiday season, and made a recommendation to the President's economic team unanimously aide to the president.

While Geithner and Summers entered into a discussion about the concerns associated with the issue of trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than depositors with money, nothing to do with discounting the recent crisis, they concluded that there is a need to adopt reforms to address the potential risk sources in the future .

The reaction by Congress lackluster, due to the unwillingness of either party to be seen as supportive of banks unpopular. The House of Representatives last month passed a law that would strengthen the supervision of banks. Profits Infinity Review Profits Infinity System

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It was clear, during the meetings of the top twenty, (between London and Pittsburgh), they were looking for a way to rein in the "passionate" major financial institutions, which have caused in the face of an explicit, the global financial crisis and the dramatic economic recession. The proceedings commenced with the finance ministers group states agree early September , in agreement on the need to adjust the financial rewards offered by the banks to the active employees who provide a great service from within the scope of the investment banking business. As the NEO2 Group of Twenty "summit decided to expand the committee's financial stability" of the International Bank of Settlements in Zurich, and make it "council", entrusted with the task of choosing a "new behavior" for banks, saves the world economy from collapse due to the "passionate" investments, nor deprive him of money needed for growth .

And the commissioning decisions, and strive to modify the NEO2 Review work of financial institutions systems, so that no longer threaten the global financial system, it moved organizations in Switzerland, political and non-governmental organizations, calling for the dismantling of major financial institutions and reduce its size, while the United States was engaged in the dismantling of major automakers institutions, and demanding a change in its structure and reconfigure its future plans, in order to have the support of the US administration and financial assistance necessary to save them. It was a successful step pros supports the idea of ​​"dismantling" the US major financial institutions, having Kabert to pay bonuses to its employees, in excess of the amounts proposed by US President Barack Obama, the fee (fee responsibility of the financial crisis), amounting to $ 117 billion in ten years, with bonuses $ 150 billion for one year.

The decision was "shocked" to reform the US banks may be justified, despite the possibility of finding many controls to reduce the NEO2 Review and uncontrollable "behavior" major banks in the world. China began, less affected than others because of the repercussions of the crisis, warning banks and warning them of the consequences of the expansion in lending, especially in real estate, and raised the Chinese authorities the best interest by half a percentage point to help in controlling the stretch lending.

In the background, the banking sector, out of the financial crisis that has swept the whole world, Menklba completely upside down. Financial NEO2 Scam uprooted medium-sized banks and even great, in the whole world. And record bankruptcies in the United States the largest number of banks amounted to 140 in a year.

The shock was severe, crisis has not spared anyone, even the giants of the money in the near past, such as "Citigroup" the US, and was thought to be unshakable. Thanks to those who remained steadfast ones, to the economic stimulus programs led by the sooner the public sector, especially on transatlantic American and European.

It did not pose large size enterprises money buckler bulwark against the fallout from the crisis. The latest horror crash in political circles at the level of leadership the contrary, the fear at the level of the citizens, who have lost their possessions, particularly their homes, their jobs and their living resources. "Citigroup" for example, which sucked $ 45 billion aid from the federal state, was equal to 178 billion in 2007 to shreds, worth 88 billion the end of 2009. It's another measure of the giant banks.

In fact, the economic crisis has produced a strong screening among financial institutions, as a result of the risks accumulated over previous years, and also compared to the way it was conducted. The loss was quite severe especially among the large US investment banks, with the exception of "Goldman Sachs".

NEO2 such as "Merrill Lynch", "Bear Stearns" and "Morgan Stanley" stars "Wall Street" of the three, left the money taken into the trap of toxic products even choking, because she was "enchanted" to achieve fast and high profits. The crisis revealed exaggeration.

Victims of the crisis in Europe, the institutions of money risked more than others, without adequate monitoring systems evolution. , Investing British and German banks in the US real estate without restrictions, based only to high-risk credit products.

It is feared the world financial bubble in China, where banks lending taps wide opened in response to calls by the former government, in order to promote growth.

So wishes, "Financial Stability Board" on banks to increase this year, the assets of which are considered "pillows financial security" to help in the absorption of questionable loans, the estimated B73.2 billion in 2010. It is considered that the banks that their capital increase up to 2012 in order to protect the banking system.

"Leadership," the US global financial and economic meltdown, it may not be in the building of a new banking system, on the basis of "dismantling" the major institutions. But broken down into specialized sectors is perpendicular but "parallel", ensures that at least in the future savers' funds, and limits of reckless investment, especially when vested monetary authorities of the central banks, banking supervision missions devices, direct and accountable. NEO2 Software NEO2 Software NEO2 APP