NEO2 Software Review Is Scam Or NOT?

NEO2 Software Review Is Scam Or NOT? Is NEO2 Software Works? What is NEO2 APP About? Learn The Truth in My NEO2 Review Before Download it

It was clear, during the meetings of the top twenty, (between London and Pittsburgh), they were looking for a way to rein in the "passionate" major financial institutions, which have caused in the face of an explicit, the global financial crisis and the dramatic economic recession. The proceedings commenced with the finance ministers group states agree early September , in agreement on the need to adjust the financial rewards offered by the banks to the active employees who provide a great service from within the scope of the investment banking business. As the NEO2 Group of Twenty "summit decided to expand the committee's financial stability" of the International Bank of Settlements in Zurich, and make it "council", entrusted with the task of choosing a "new behavior" for banks, saves the world economy from collapse due to the "passionate" investments, nor deprive him of money needed for growth .

And the commissioning decisions, and strive to modify the NEO2 Review work of financial institutions systems, so that no longer threaten the global financial system, it moved organizations in Switzerland, political and non-governmental organizations, calling for the dismantling of major financial institutions and reduce its size, while the United States was engaged in the dismantling of major automakers institutions, and demanding a change in its structure and reconfigure its future plans, in order to have the support of the US administration and financial assistance necessary to save them. It was a successful step pros supports the idea of ​​"dismantling" the US major financial institutions, having Kabert to pay bonuses to its employees, in excess of the amounts proposed by US President Barack Obama, the fee (fee responsibility of the financial crisis), amounting to $ 117 billion in ten years, with bonuses $ 150 billion for one year.

The decision was "shocked" to reform the US banks may be justified, despite the possibility of finding many controls to reduce the NEO2 Review and uncontrollable "behavior" major banks in the world. China began, less affected than others because of the repercussions of the crisis, warning banks and warning them of the consequences of the expansion in lending, especially in real estate, and raised the Chinese authorities the best interest by half a percentage point to help in controlling the stretch lending.

In the background, the banking sector, out of the financial crisis that has swept the whole world, Menklba completely upside down. Financial NEO2 Scam uprooted medium-sized banks and even great, in the whole world. And record bankruptcies in the United States the largest number of banks amounted to 140 in a year.

The shock was severe, crisis has not spared anyone, even the giants of the money in the near past, such as "Citigroup" the US, and was thought to be unshakable. Thanks to those who remained steadfast ones, to the economic stimulus programs led by the sooner the public sector, especially on transatlantic American and European.

It did not pose large size enterprises money buckler bulwark against the fallout from the crisis. The latest horror crash in political circles at the level of leadership the contrary, the fear at the level of the citizens, who have lost their possessions, particularly their homes, their jobs and their living resources. "Citigroup" for example, which sucked $ 45 billion aid from the federal state, was equal to 178 billion in 2007 to shreds, worth 88 billion the end of 2009. It's another measure of the giant banks.

In fact, the economic crisis has produced a strong screening among financial institutions, as a result of the risks accumulated over previous years, and also compared to the way it was conducted. The loss was quite severe especially among the large US investment banks, with the exception of "Goldman Sachs".

NEO2 such as "Merrill Lynch", "Bear Stearns" and "Morgan Stanley" stars "Wall Street" of the three, left the money taken into the trap of toxic products even choking, because she was "enchanted" to achieve fast and high profits. The crisis revealed exaggeration.

Victims of the crisis in Europe, the institutions of money risked more than others, without adequate monitoring systems evolution. , Investing British and German banks in the US real estate without restrictions, based only to high-risk credit products.

It is feared the world financial bubble in China, where banks lending taps wide opened in response to calls by the former government, in order to promote growth.

So wishes, "Financial Stability Board" on banks to increase this year, the assets of which are considered "pillows financial security" to help in the absorption of questionable loans, the estimated B73.2 billion in 2010. It is considered that the banks that their capital increase up to 2012 in order to protect the banking system.

"Leadership," the US global financial and economic meltdown, it may not be in the building of a new banking system, on the basis of "dismantling" the major institutions. But broken down into specialized sectors is perpendicular but "parallel", ensures that at least in the future savers' funds, and limits of reckless investment, especially when vested monetary authorities of the central banks, banking supervision missions devices, direct and accountable. NEO2 Software NEO2 Software NEO2 APP


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