Profits Infinity System Review Is Profits Infinity System Scam Or Legit?

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Profits Infinity Review

Profits Infinity

President Obama shows his desire to reduce the banks, which is described as a very large degree of government can not let it collapse with sizes. However, the pledge, the first of Thursday, reformulated «Wall Street» rules raised a lot of questions that are still looking for an answer, including the larger question: Does such a procedure already to prevent another financial crisis? It noted that the President's proposals to impose new restrictions on the size of the biggest banks activities that left major repercussions within the stock market. And feelings of confusion prevailed among executives about banks: How can Obama's plan work and success? Many of them stressed that these proposals, if approved, will not make a huge difference in commercial activities. In addition, it was unclear whether the proposals - the prohibition run banks, which in their possession and federally insured deposit, bets involving
A big risk, and prevent any new merger procedures within the financial industry - any benefit, if its approval earlier, to prevent the financial crisis that has pushed the economic system to the brink of collapse in 2008.
Apparently, Obama has left the task of formulating the core to Congress details, at a time when partisan conflicts threaten inside other reform efforts supported by the President, which relates to the establishment of a consumer protection agency has supervisory powers on credit, mortgage and other products associated with lending cards.

For their part, voiced by prominent elements of the «Wall Street», and who were surprised by the announcement of Obama's plan, restrained in their reaction.

For example, John C. said. Profits Infinity Review founder of the «Vanguard», a huge investment fund: «myself assailed by doubts about the size of some activities that could be the federal government is already regulated. We need to try, but all lawyers and geniuses who are in the (Wall Street) Septkron ways to circumvent the new regulations ». Indeed, Obama admitted that «an army of loyal members of lobbyists for the financial industry» exercising pressure on Congress. However, he pledged that «if they want to ignite a conflict, I am ready!».

The shares of major banks - the entities that may represent the biggest loser if the age of the new proposals - fell sharply, causing the market in general fell by almost 2%. However, even at a time when stock markets stumbled, deliberately Obama - which is still suffering due to the loss of the Democrats, Tuesday, for the seat of Massachusetts, who already assuming Sen. Edward M.. Kennedy - to escalate heading populist, a week after his proposal to impose a new tax on large financial institutions to recover projected losses due to the amount of the bailout provided to it in 2008. Obama said the banks have hurt the economy already In doing «considerable risks of high-risk, in pursuit reap quick profits and massive bonuses. » For its part, the administration want to prevent companies from owning investment funds or private equity funds, or invest in or take over sponsorship, as well as participation in trade in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money.

Obama described the ban as «Volcker rule», in recognition thanks to the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Paul er. Volcker, who led the proposal. The trafficking of banks in securities, especially Profits Infinity Scam mortgage-backed assets, caused the financial crisis that occurred in 2008 and the subsequent submission of bailout funds.

However, it is not clear how it will be the definition of trafficking activities in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money. For their part, officials said he would not be allowed to banks using their capital in «trafficking operations unrelated to customer service.» And most likely be forced to such a limitation banks, which owns Profits Infinity Scam investment funds and private equity funds, get rid of them over time. However, the officials pointed out that it would allow the implementation of trading operations on behalf of the client, and the use of bank capital to create a market or to protect the client from the risk in front of him.

Notably, the federal regulatory institutions already exercised heavy pressure on banks to reduce their activities in the field of trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors' money. Banks and expects that regulators demanding that banks collect more capital if she goes ahead and risks risky, which would reduce the profitability of such procedures. Some of the largest banks, pointed out that trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than its depositors funds, form less than 10% of their income, but much of that and less in some cases. For example, abandoned «Morgan Stanley» already all people engaged in these activities, with the exception of two. Estimated «Buckingham research group» that the new rules will reduce revenues «Citigroup» and «Bank of America» and Profits Infinity Reviewless than 3%. As announced «Goldman Sachs», which draws ten proceeds from these activities, he will remain able to move forward under the new rules.

For his part, David A. said. Vinyar, chief financial officer at the bank: «no longer trafficking activities in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than depositors with money, very big inside (Goldman Sachs) compared to the size of the institution». It is noteworthy that Obama also seeks to reduce some of mergers within the financial sector, by imposing limits on the market share of the liabilities of large enterprises.

And since 1994, has been a cap on the share of insured deposits by any bank can be retained is 10%. Management and want to extend the limit to cover all liabilities, reducing extreme risk in any bank activities. Officials said the proposed measures would prevent banks that stands for liquidity from the acquisition of other banks threshold, but it does not oblige banks to reduce commercial activities or stop growth on its own. The Obama administration has announced that the new proposals conform with the «spirit Glas Stigaul», referring to a law passed during the era of the Great Depression, the separation between commercial and investment banking, was repealed in 1999. Economists debated about whether to repeal the law contributed to the financial crisis. It is noteworthy that the two big banks are investment professionals, Profits Infinity Review and «Lehman Brothers» were not commercial, was converted «Goldman Sachs» and «Morgan Stanley» to the holding companies of banks only after the system began to fall apart.

Powerful questions impose themselves on the industry over the timing and scope of the proposed new procedures remain. Officials said the new restrictions would apply to foreign institutions, such as «Barclays» and «UPS», which is characterized by extensive activities within the United States. But it is unclear yet whether foreign governments will agree to these rules and how they will abide by them. The officials pointed out that the new proposals also call for «a reasonable transition period» institutions in order to comply with the new rules, but did not specify a timetable for certain. The Profits Infinity Review, Treasury secretary, and Lawrence H.. Summers, presidential adviser for economic affairs, formulated these proposals at the request of the President, pursuant closely with Volcker, according to White House officials. Elements of the plan have been completed during the last holiday season, and made a recommendation to the President's economic team unanimously aide to the president.

While Geithner and Summers entered into a discussion about the concerns associated with the issue of trafficking in various financial instruments and derivatives funds the bank, rather than depositors with money, nothing to do with discounting the recent crisis, they concluded that there is a need to adopt reforms to address the potential risk sources in the future .

The reaction by Congress lackluster, due to the unwillingness of either party to be seen as supportive of banks unpopular. The House of Representatives last month passed a law that would strengthen the supervision of banks. Profits Infinity Review Profits Infinity System


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