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When the sharp decline in the Chinese stock markets happened last year hastened the Chinese central bank to communicate with the US Federal Reserve Board and asked him to find out what the measures taken to deal with the collapse of the "Black Monday" on Wall Street in 1987.

This request came in an email dated July 27 from an official at the People's Bank of China (Central) was entitled "urgent matter of great gratitude for your help."

In a letter to a senior official of the Council of Federal Reserve chief delegate Song pointed Quantum Code Reviews in the Americas, based in New York to Chinese shares drop 8.5 percent and said that the governor "would like to use the excellent experience."

It is not known whether the Quantum Code Scam has already contacted the council of the Federal Reserve for help in previous fluctuations in the markets.

The central banks declined to comment when contacted by Reuters them.

In an analysis published by Reuters last year, some of the worlds, said insiders, officials and economists at the Federal Reserve that there is no official hot line between the two banks and the Chinese side often refuses to communicate in the international meetings.

It was the collapse of the Japanese stock market a series of sharp declines in global financial markets and within hours sent the Federal Reserve Central Bank of China set of documents available to the public separates taken from the 1987 measures.

Officials began for policy-making Federal Reserve in the next day meeting to discuss policies for two days in which briefed as stated in the minutes of the meeting on what the China of the decline in the stock. He said a number of officials that China's economic slowdown may have an impact on the United States.

The spread of financial market contagion from China, one of the reasons cited by the Federal Reserve in September, when it postponed raising interest rates expected by many analysts as a sign of the importance of China as an industrial powerhouse and financial market.

* No Secrets

And show the messages obtained by Reuters through a request under the Freedom of Information over the discomfort of China's growing financial turmoil law and highlights one of the most obscure major central banks in the world.

It also describes the messages that despite Quantum Code Reviews relations between the two banks were not exchanging secrets, even in a time of crisis.

Song said the Director of the Division of International Finance at the Federal Reserve Stephen Quantum Code Scam in the letter dated July 27, "Please inform us as soon as possible on the key measures taken at that time."

Kamen was quick to respond, saying "we will try to send something to you quickly."

After five hours, it came from the 259 word summary of what he did the Federal Reserve to calm markets and prevent a recession after the Hui Standard & Boozer's 500 Index by 20 percent on 19 October 1987.

Kamen also sent notes to guide the central bank officials in China surf dozens of pages of documents of the Federal Reserve and his statements and reports, which are attached to the message.

It was all attached documents are available for some time on the site of the Federal Reserve on the Internet was not clear whether they played a role in the decisions taken by Beijing.

The separated documents Quantum Code Reviews how the Fed began issuing statements on the day following the collapse of the market in which he pledged to provide adequate liquidity to markets regularity of her work.

And when he wrote his letter to Kamen Sung China he had spent months in attempts to address the decline in equity markets and the similarity of many of the actions taken by the central Chinese and other Chinese authorities with a plan that was carried out by the Federal Reserve Board in 1987 started.

The decline was witnessed in the Shanghai Composite Index on 27 July, the largest of its kind in a single day since 2007, and then the market has lost over six weeks, almost a third of their value.

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