SafeGuard Trader Review Is Safe Guard Trader APP Scam Or Legit?

SafeGuard Trader Review Is Safe Guard Trader Scam Or NOT? Does SafeGuard Trader Software APP Works? What is SafeGuard Trader System About? Learn The Hidden Truth in My Safe Guard Trader Review Before Download it

SafeGuard Trader Scam

SafeGuard Trader

SafeGuard Trader

SafeGuard Trader Software APP Does SafeGuard Trader Actually Works Or Just A Scam? The international press has been busy the so-called "Panama papers" which is made up of 11.5 million pages of information and figures for customers in Panama law firm partners are carrying the name of Jurgen Mossack German origin and Ramon Fonseca. And the father of the first was a Nazi known, while the second was from the poles Panama system.
The documents include information on the companies 'offshore' lawyers took office established in a number of countries receiving companies "offshore", and the majority of these were outside of Panama in the islands have already been subject to British control.
Which it draws attention to documents leaked to a German newspaper a year ago, and given the magnitude of the content of the newspaper concerned has resorted to the International Investigative Editors Association International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that position in Washington. Which cost 400 Revision analyst important documents, and published the first results in the history of 05.04.2016 and addressed the 149 and a number of senior officials in the Arab Gulf countries, the company, as China, Russia and European countries.

The number of companies founded by Mossack & Fonseca Office exceeded Safe Guard Trader thousand companies spread over 21 most countries, after Panama, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, the Seychelles, Samoa, and was the largest number of these companies after the Panama registered in Britain, under its laws.
Before looking at the rich conditions known to be a major show notes surround the subject from different aspects.
- First, the minimum number of beneficiaries from the office Bannama services are Americans and not more than four. There are two reasons for this: first, that there is a substantial US presence in Panama and can not hide important information from the US where the authorities, and may be useful to recall that Noriega, head of Panama between 1983 and 1989 was, according to the head of the CIA in that period Casey, an agent US took inform the US authorities for drug trafficking from South America, particularly from Colombia to the United States.
And after exhausting benefit from the Noriega years imprisonment of the Americans in Florida on charges of participating in a drug smuggling him in the post to France for being convicted of financial crimes and returned to his country in 2011.
The second reason to bypass the documents individuals and companies the Americans is that the United States permit practices similar to the work of the law firm Bannama in two Americas, at least two state of Delaware and the state of Nevada, where Las Vegas and the flow of money through casinos unchecked.
, Perhaps for these reasons commented President Obama, a lawyer who graduated from Harvard and his legal writings provided him financially independent, that error is not in the practice of the office Bannama, but in the gaps in the laws applicable to the companies "offshore" globally.
Major banks in the world received the majority of companies accounts and checked the papers and accepted their accounts, and the HSBC, and Société Générale, and Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of Norea in Osug, Bank Dexia, Bank J.Safra Sarassin in the Luxembourg, and Joseph Lebanese banking zero origin and brother Edmond zero banking other Lebanese who was assassinated in his home in Monaco years ago, and Crédit Suisse, and UBS etc ... in short 0.500 Bank co-founded the company recorded 15,600 Bannama office, and was active on this HSBC, who scored 2,300 companies of the total level and deal with the most bank.
It must submit a comment, regarding the initiative of France to rebrand Panama state that does not comply with the fight against money laundering and terrorism laws.
In 2007 France signed an agreement with Qatar voted by the French Parliament can not be undone what the other party does not agree, any Qatar, it gives national institutions fully exempt from taxes on income and on higher values ​​and thus France was leaving under this Agreement Qatari companies that operate in the areas of Tourism, real estate, banking and investment without any tax liabilities, and applies it to the Qatari ruling family's investments and their subdivisions. There is no doubt that such an agreement exceeds in its impact, albeit limited to national institutions, what we achieved Safe Guard Trader Software office to its customers protection from taxes in any part of the world.

What squadron to date a fraction of the total information and we can say that the initial leaks were intended to stimulate interest in the subject, and point out some of the details that are not in the mostly irrelevant.

Reference to the founding of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the two companies to own real estate properties in the UK valued at $ 12 million clearly shows a desire to smear the cheap. So that this investment does not in itself represents a small percentage of Arab individuals have made fortunes from their activity in the Arab world.

Recall, for example, that Mohamed Al Fayed, which carries the Egyptian nationality and has never received British citizenship, owns Safe Guard Trader APP shop as the company "offshore", and then sold to Qatar amounting to 1.5 billion pounds. We can cite two real estate projects distinguished in London founded their companies in the Holding under British legislation areas, the value of the project first and second billion pounds to 600 million pounds.

- That talking about Safe Guard Trader Scam and the ownership of hereditary prime ministers of Britain in the investment firm founded by his father as "offshore" and call for his resignation, contradict the laws in force, all that got him the Prime Minister of Britain 30,000 pounds from the sale of shares in an investment fund founded by his father, who died in 2010, and the amount of profit Income from the sale is not subject to any tax.

- The Ukrainian president, has been allocated by the results of his work in modernizing the factory for chocolate and achieve profitable investment, especially in the marketing of his goods in Russia, and the indictment did not worry him, as it was known that the owner of a fortune, announced before assuming the presidency of Ukraine.

- Among the names listed, maybe it was the Prime Minister of Iceland, who stepped down because of the company owned by rationalizing acquired the assets of Icelandic banks that went bankrupt years ago, the most eyebrows name. His Government was rescued banks went bankrupt and formed a fund to rationalizing its assets Aptall with his wife, Talia, and after scoring company "offshore" with the help of the office was SafeGuard Trader Scam will bring remarkable profits from government decisions.
Finally, the charge might have for months months of Lebanon won fame Finally, namely the head of FIFA's newly-elected Mr. Anfntino who was head of the legal department at the International Federation of Football and signed contracts with the Swiss company relating to the marketing of advertising resulting from the football tournaments at the international level. There is information from the newspaper "Financial Times" reports that the exclusive agency was given a Swiss company owned by the nephew of former President Blatter for FIFA and this in turn exclusive agency to market a Chinese company in exchange for $ 1.2 billion, as a result of investigations will soon appear. Look accusations, that there will be daily in the coming days and months as impair the leaders or assistants senior leaders, such as the Russian President, the Chinese President, and some Arab leaders, and the team that draws accusations composed of members and experts in international editors investigative Association, which operates in Washington and assisted authorities US, especially given that the charges do not affect US-known personalities, politically or economically, as the field of establishing companies "offshore" is open in the US states are known. It could be argued that the yachts registered in an enterprise companies in the state of Delaware in the United States and started cruising the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Islands worth more than any amounts referred to date.


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