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Is Mobile Binary Code A Scam

Mobile Binary Code

Mobile Binary Code

MBC Capital Mobile Binary Code Software Does MBC Capital Software Actually Works? Stock Trading began online since only a few years; where the number of investors did not exceed the time a few hundred, then it developed until it reached more than 5 million investor Currently, this number represents a nearly 20% share of the global stock market, but the stock market experts forecasts indicate the number of investors over the Internet in this area will become a 20 million at the end of the world in 2005.

Stock trading through the Internet

On the Arab level is the most inclined to trade stocks Kuwaitis on the Internet, especially that Kuwait is one of the major emerging financial markets in the Middle East, and that the companies provide some capabilities that enable the Arab investor and Kuwait from trading in the Kuwaiti stock markets or the global and American in particular . There are millions of dollars invested by Arab businessmen to trade stocks online, especially in the US stock exchanges.
The steady rise of the trade was the result of the expansion in the use of the Internet, as well as the individual can act his own conduct financial investments via the web, from his home or his office; where tracks investor shares favorite prices on the site, and read the latest news as soon as it arrives, and gets analyzes best financial experts.
The investor has also issued orders to buy or sell and watching the execution, but he may ask notified by mail about some things and events that charge, in particular, as an investor in the stock on the Internet may turn to a broker to represent him in the make a purchase and sale of shares in the stock market.
Any Internet user if the thought that invests money to him in this trade, he should know the rules, and the risks involved in the process of buying and selling stocks on the Internet, as well as some procedural processes, such as opening an account on the Internet and the method of trading as well as how to read stock tables? It is what we are trying to answer in the next lines ..
- Investment and risk rules.
- Method of account opening and trading.
- How to read stock tables?
- Sites for trading, indicators and references.
Investment and risk rules
Transactions increased stock trading online service increased significantly both in terms of operations or the number of customers or stock amounts as a result of the growing demand for the deal on the Internet, instead of dealing with a foreign brokerage firms.
Some may also resort to these companies where churning broker based on his behalf in the process of buying and selling of Internet stocks, the advantage to deal with companies they provide a service to the customer analysis on the best stock and the right time to buy or sell, and so there are some general guidelines when thinking about investing in the stock market through Internet:
1. investors experiments suggest that dealing in this area to be more efficient on sites that use the English language; because most studies and reports available in English, and it is not required to be rolling a specialized trading stock online because the trading and transfer technical things, the process will be able to them rolling through simple period of time.
2. It is on the investor to be aware of how to read the economic reports and properly, and take the appropriate decision whether to sell or to buy at the right time, and it requires time to be a master of the investor to take the best decision.
3. You should not tolerate the basic rules for investment by positioning the directives by which invest in stocks, and not taking into account the ease and speed at which online trading so as not to casualties.
4. follow-American Commission of Financial Supervision, which provides some general guidelines for traders over the Internet, especially when investing in US stocks instructions.
5. Investing in the stock market no matter how easy it must include the percentage of risk; therefore investors should not forget the three golden rules for investment and the first is to know what to buy or sell? Second: to know on what basis you buy or sell the stock, and finally to know the level of risk and specify.
The benefits to you than that opponents, primarily investment:
1. Investors see online that they are providing a lot of money used to pay for brokers in the form of a commission.
2. The absence of costs to open an account; where the investor pays between $ 100 to $ 500, while not pay any amount for opening an investment account with the stock trading companies online.
3. The time required to open an account by traditional methods usually takes weeks to become available to you the stock trading through it, while your investment becomes available over the Internet in less than a minute.
4. can be made speculating in stocks from anywhere in the office from home and even out of the car whenever you have an Internet access service.
The risks involved in the process of investing in stocks online opponents, primarily the following:
1. Investors should always careful over the Internet such that what is easy to win through the press of a button it is likewise expected loss.
2. During the past years, studies have indicated that the complaints to the Inter-American Commission of Financial Supervision increased by 330% in just one year, the most concerning topics online trading.
3. Hang from your PC or from a scramble for the Internet as a result of the presence of many applications on the site, both buying and selling; which gives less chance to complete the transaction, and then the investor can not be implemented; which may result in some loss, in addition to the possibility can not be access the Internet and do not get confirmation of the completion of the purchase or sale in the required time; it is not always expected that the process is done or the report in the same second, it may be delay in the computer; therefore must investigate and find out other ways to complete the confirmation process if there are problems online .
4. The surprise quickly share movement and sudden activity of the market, it does not mean that the price on the screen trading site that is the same as the purchase price; because the market is changing very high speeds, and it must take the necessary reserves so that the investor does not pay more than they had intended it or more than addition tally .
It can not, however, to avoid being speculative (buying and selling) using a head full money; but by him which is 10%; so that the rest of the capital as trends reverse market insurance, and is entering the full capital of gambling operations.
It should also work the point is to stop dealing then and end the speculative process in the event of adverse market trends both for a profit, a so-called "limit or to determine the loss", and called the operation a moratorium, and is determined by the investor to know the risks taken in the trading market is moving quickly, and puts him plan for all eventualities expected to control Bmkhatrtha.
5. Some investors are trading stocks on margin, and do not know the risks involved in the tense market investor who bought a batch initial margin share finds himself asking to provide additional cash margin of maintenance if the fallen share price after that, and if you did not pay the money required time the commission the company has the right selling securities and the investor shall bear the loss.
6. not to mimic the way some professional traders and risk; because he prefers to look at the investment the stock market, not for trading only; processes of Kaltdol daily include severe risks, the existing investor thus be able to withstand the loss, and prefer to be investing for the long term and not for minutes or hours .
Method of account opening and trading
To begin the process of trading stocks online must first open an account with one of the sites that provide the service. What is meant here to go to the site and fill out a form to open an account. And send a check for the amount to be invested deposited in your account to the company's address after opening the account, and you receive it for the password, and then you can start the process of trading stocks online.
Most of the websites that offer stock trading service requests payment of a sum of money to open an account, which ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars. The account can be opened in seconds, but you will not become available for trading until it reaches the check or money order to the company.
There is an exception; as some of these sites allow you to trade until the arrival of your check is the minimum amount you intend to invest.
The advantage of this service is that one account, for example, can be traded in the Kuwaiti and American markets, and the trading process are faster, more flexible with the settlement of transactions in complete secrecy, and the possibility of either deposit or withdraw funds from the calculations are done at any time, along with the service It is in Arabic and English, and is available to all, and are backed by a group of qualified experts to help during trading hours and by phone at any time. Trading service are also available online in Arabic, in addition to English in some Arab banks' websites and other brokerage firms.
Before you open the account you need to take into account these points:
1. The fact that a Realtor who will be dealt with over the Internet in terms of credibility, transparency and fairness of the implementation of the orders, and this must be the broker of global brokerage houses, which will be known by reputation, sometimes there are Mobile Binary Code Review brokers everything they have is the location on the web and that what they give prices have also illusory, and thus the client to a scam is exposed and discovers that the broker tells him to reveal e-mail account at intervals to their account at least as a result of the loss suffered by so running out of the account after 3 days after it opened at the latest, and sent him a statement of account so they look logical process, and that the broker committed to the rules of the client work and the most serious loss suffered by the placebo until the broker can persuade some of the new victims to join him so he can blackmail them and grab their money.
2. Ensure the time differences between giving orders and their implementation to be slim so as not consequential losses, in addition to be the execution of orders on its stated intention to screen Price, escape the price and longer implementation several times a bad indicator of the progress of work for the broker, and must Find another broker to be more precise in the execution of orders.
3. knowledge of interest that will be paid by the customer prices or take it from the broker in the case of her own account stay open, that is, if not closed the purchase process of the sale process, and vice versa; in some cases, exorbitant interest rates imposed on the client if it continues to have some of the processes are open to long periods , interest rates and these are the vehicle resulting in some losses for the client.
4. guard against collective entry to the market or follow the herd policy, it is good when entering the local exchanges, but it's different for speculation on the Internet; as there are some countries may in the process of correcting the situation of the internal economy have, and that the central banks buy and sell a wide at the same time, putting the market at a critical no one knows except market makers who control the world market for stocks and bonds develop and assisted on that brokers, who pay their agents to follow this policy for ulterior purposes of cooperation with some central banks to achieve gains for the broker.
Account opening procedures
The Realtor who will deal with him is the one who will give you a schedule steps you follow so you can open an account for investment through the Internet, but these steps Summary:
- Convert your funds from the national currency to one of the world's currencies.
- Enter into a contract with the broker stipulates that will be carried out your orders according to specific commissions charged according to the number of transactions executed.
- Sometimes the contract provides for a clause that the broker and the client agent and it will, as it deems appropriate operations buying and selling of shares on behalf of the client.
- The process of the client and dedicated to open an account of the MBC CAPITAL Software customer's account in a bank account to the broker in the broker bank money transfer.
- Notification is sent from the broker to the client informing him that the money for opening the account has been opened by the account for the benefit of the client broker.
- Are then implementation of the client's orders by the broker with Send revealed League account for the client value and number of shares sold or purchased, and the value of what we achieved profits and asked if he wanted to transfer profits to any place where the customer wants or will increase the value of their account value of what It achieved profits.
- In the case if the customer wants to end his dealings with the broker and the final withdrawal of the investment in the online stock broker notifies the client until they are converting their account and liquidate the broker.
The model on the issue of opening an account a Kuwaiti brokerage firms suggest that opening an account have to deal mail requires a deposit of 500 dinars, and to do transactions filed investor in his account the company amounts they wish to investing can recover the whole amount or part of it at any time. And about the fees charged by the company for this service, it reaches 2.5 dinars on each transaction in addition to the 1.25 per thousand Kuwaiti market fees, while for the American market, they reach $ 18 per transaction, provided the quantity does not exceed 3,500 shares, and more than He pays a fee of $ half US cents per share.
The execution of orders over the Internet
There are mechanisms for the stock market online in the implementation of trade orders, where is the stock market from the secondary market, secondary and the word here means that the financial assets to be exchanged through the exchange of shares had been issued earlier.
Come with me to learn about how to implement their respective market orders from financial markets, according to international rankings in this framework.
- Summons Market Call Market, a market in which the desires of Mobile Binary Code APP buyers and sellers Collection on the Internet through a review of the wishes of the sale and purchase of certain paper and then do an auction over the Internet until they reach a certain price achieved has balance and equal quantities required with before then exchange starts by sending requests for both buy or sell via the Internet to the person responsible for this within the exchange to the implementation, according to the requests of investors.
- Ongoing market (Continuous Market), and orders for buying and selling in this market can occur at any time, any investor wants to sell his stake raised through private so the brokerage company or the site until site stock market and leave the matter in advance implementation of selling at a specific price in advance and is pleased when the seller and agree that price with a buyer based ordering application for these securities at the advertised price for it, with the offer on condition that the market price may be equal with the price set by the seller and the buyer has chosen.
And so we have a clearer process of trading on the Internet can be considered for this map: Map of trading in the stock exchanges online
Is there a so-called large and small orders and orders within the trade stocks online?
First applied this system is the New York Paul Street, is known for small orders as those involving certain bundles of shares be for each package in the range of 2 000 shares, and are dealing with them by letter program called Super Designated Order Turnaround via the Internet, although this system the former is treated as an internal network connection between the stock market and brokerage firms, and in return paid subscription of the stock Exchange, and in this system is currently the customer sends it directly to the inside of the main compartment until the implementation of it.
As for big orders or what is known as the blocks they belong to a very large investor and deal with the giant companies too; because the volume of the billions per transaction, and orders of the blocks often be the market maker and the main engine to them.
There are also other types of commands:
Buying and selling operations involving more than just a command mode, as there are different types of orders to meet different types of requirements and subject to certain restrictions.
- Market orders: immediate implementation to buy or sell at the best Mobile Binary Code Scam price available in the market.
- Limit: implementation of the maximum or minimum prices specified by the customer that orders orders.
- Stop orders: orders would be implemented only when the prices up in the market to a certain level may be specified in the order.
This period:
- Day: is valid for the day, which is received the remains, and then canceled automatically.
- The benefit of even the cancellation: If it has not been implemented on the day of release, transferred the following day (within 90 days), so the market price up to the required level, or until the order is canceled.
How to read the stock tables?
Understanding the direct follow-up of stock prices through the roller strips that show prices and the stock indices over the Internet is important before starting the process of buying the stock; as there are certain usages used in the inclusion of MBC Capital prices within a live or direct bar prices, and there are tables of the shares must be read before embarking on a online purchases through certain terms and symbols so, for example, including:
- Other (Last): the last price of the stock were traded him.
- Percentage change (% Change): Percentage of another change in the share price.
Net (Net): the value of the actual change in the share price.
- Display (Bid): Last price offer.
- Demand (Ask): Last price request.
- Size (Volume): The total number of shares traded during the day.
- Annual earnings per share: (Earning Per Share) and appear in the stock tables under the abbreviation which stands Div Dividend.
- Percentage of return: YLD a shortcut Yield Percentage means the proportion of annual Mobile Binary Code System earnings per share.
- Ratio of share price to profitability: P / E Ratio short for the word (price - Earnings) and reflects the extent of Iqbal buyers towards buying a particular stock.
- Opening (Open): the share price when the market opens.
- Closing (Close): the share price at market close.
- Top (High): the highest traded price of the day.
- Minimum (Low): the lowest traded price for the day.
- Total shares traded daily: Daily Stock Exchange.
- Better shares PF which stands Preferred stock
- Guaranteed by the company's shares WT and are written after the stock name, and indicates that the company in whose name the stock such as the World Vodafone, for example, included the purchase of stock at a fixed price determined in advance during a certain period.
- VJ poor stocks and write after the stock name and indicate that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy or that the company is liquidated.
Key indicators
You can even take your stock performance sequence even if were not your stocks not included in the composition of the index, but can through these indicators to identify the general trend that can be overwhelmingly your MBC Capital stock, albeit with a certain rating in that they contributed to the industry or technology or even oil companies, and these global indicators:
- DOW (Dow Jones Industrial Average - DJIA): This index, for example, consists of 30 major companies and is calculated using the average of the most important of these companies prices, and thus, when the Dow Jones index falling level of 40 points, for example, it means that the average stock prices of 30 the company has fallen 40 points. This index is considered a sign of the general situation of the market and can be useful when used as a measure to assess the performance of your stock.
- New York Stock Exchange Comprehensive Index (NYSE Composite) measures the performance of all common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and 4 indicators for sub-groups: industry, transportation, services and financing. These indicators form essentially a measure of the change that occurs to the total market value, after excluding the effects of capitalization and new listings and listings obsolete, noting that the value of each share is measured by multiplying the number of shares listed on the stock price.
- S & P 500 (Standard and Poor's - S & P, which consists of shares of 500 listed major company in the US market, measured by this indicator Mediterranean style total weighted, this indicator reflects the total market value of the 500 companies, so the value of each company is calculated by multiplying the price The stock number of shares outstanding.
- Comprehensive Nasdaq (NASDAQ Composite Index) includes many of the companies in the technology sector and measures the value of more than 5,000 companies
Get stock data
There is no doubt that you need to assess some of the shares they wish to purchase online through as much information as possible on those shares to collect, this is essential if they proceeded to step invest online, divided data to trade online stock into two parts. Mobile Binary Code Scam


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