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The Google Cash Pump System

The Google Cash Pump System eBook (.pdf file/97 pages).

Video 1. Course Introduction.
Video 2. Keyword Research Made Easy.
Video 3. How to Format Your Keywords Into Traffic Pumping Questions.
Video 4. How to Setup Your Gmail Account.
Video 5. How to Setup Your Google Alerts.
Video 6. How to Pump The Traffic to Your Websites.
Video 7. How to Increase Profits With Traffic Re-Pump Methods.

* Bonus Video:

21 Conversions Tips (.flv format)

Newbie Knockout

This is a great package if your list are really new to doing anything online - it goes through the basics of niche marketing, list building, product creation, email marketing, copywriting and setting things up for passive income.

It is delivered in report format - with companion videos covering all of the aspects in newbie friendly language.

Overnight Cash Pump

The overnight cash pump product has lots of appeal - since it is one of those products where you can make money by wishing on magic fairy-like midget/stripper creatures... where you can make money overnight with some kind of cash pumpage. (Can you tell I am not really sure about what it's about??? Download it if u wanna grab it.. lol

The 12 video series is a total of 120+ minutes of training - with accompanying pdf's

Super Affiliate Commissions

"Stuff Money Into Your Pocket Starting Today... Using Easy But Little Known Methods That Require Nothing More Than 4 Hours A Day Of Your Time! "

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